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Recognizing Nazism in America

Overcoming the dysfunctional, brain dead mentality of liberalism Ignorant youths are programmed by leftists to believe the far right is evil Nazism while the far left is benevolent socialism.  Recognizing the truth that Nazism is another leftist socialist ideology, and … Continue reading

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Thank God This is Trump’s Economy Fighting the Washington Cesspool

If Hillary was president, the Democrats and their sycophantic media would be singing her praises for America’s booming economy.  Because it is a Republican that is president, they are trying to credit Obama.  Hillary, who accused Trump of suggesting he … Continue reading

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Left vs. Right – Democrat’s War on America

Liberal, Progressive, Socialist; they call themselves by many names, but their true nature is in what they do rather than what they say – Haters.  The Left hates America and everything for which it stands.  They despise American Exceptionalism that … Continue reading

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Trump Could Fire Mueller and it Wouldn’t be Obstruction

Liberals are so ignorant that they believe their opinion to be law.  They are the quintessential fools who, whenever they disagree with what someone else says or does, say, “There outta be a law against that!”  Before making such assumptions … Continue reading

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