Democrat’s fake news that tax cuts must be paid for

Tax cuts do not “need to be paid for” by any group of taxpayers.  This is a leftist lie!  Tax cuts are required for America’s economy to truly grow because trade requires investment and government doesn’t create jobs or grow businesses.  All they can do is take the wealth that is made by successful companies and give it to someone else.  Typical liberal Democrats have as little understanding of economics as they do of science or religion.  To accomplish Reaganesque tax reform and kick start America’s true economic growth potential once again, Trump must convince Republicans to do what is necessary to remove tax boondoggles from the backs of the people.  Things like the energy tax, the welfare without work tax, the illegal immigrant benefits tax, and the ObamaCare health insurance industry takeover tax must be eliminated.  But RINOs who work with Democrats want to keep the money coming into D.C. that has made it the richest and most corrupt region in the country.  It is up to the voters to make the change by primarying every Republican who fights against Trump and for Democrats.

Cognitive Dissonance – In the field of psychology, cognitive dissonance is the mental discomfort (psychological stress) experienced by a person who simultaneously holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values. The occurrence of cognitive dissonance is a consequence of a person’s performing an action that contradicts personal beliefs, ideals, and values; and also occurs when confronted with new information that contradicts said beliefs, ideals, and values.

Liberalism is founded in cognitive dissonance rooted in their dysfunctional comprehension of life and morality due to their ignorance.  Leftists say it is FOX News, Rush Limbaugh, conservative Christians, and TEA Party bloggers like myself who serve up daily doses of fake news.  Yet once you investigate the facts behind the façade you always find that is the liberal leftists who are telling lies, who warp the truth and twist the facts to create a narrative that has no semblance to the truth, piling on the fecal matter to the sandwich they are to serving to the public.  This list of erroneous liberal beliefs runs long and deep as this quick synopsis reveals:

  • Tax cuts must be paid for
    • Reducing taxes for the rich does not require increasing taxes on the poor.  Government can spend less by reducing how much to give to people who don’t bother to get a job and by eliminating government subsidies for the buddy’s businesses (so-called “corporate welfare”).  The extra money that rich people have they use to grow their companies which create more jobs which creates more tax revenue.  The more businessmen have money the more their companies grow.  The more people have jobs and the more taxes the government collects.  THAT is Reagaonomics and it worked fantastically through the 80s and 90s.  Democrats have no grasp or understanding of how this works.  They believe that the Democrat Congress borrowing and spending far beyond tax revenue, despite it doubling under Reagan, is how America grew.  That’s like believing plucking apples from trees makes the trees grow.  Most leftists have a worker mentality and believe supervising means standing there watching others work and that business owners are bums rather than people who work 80 hour weeks to succeed.  Liberals do not know how business, economics, or profits function.  They just think that rich sit on their gold and people like Bill Gates have $100 billion dollars stuffed in his mattresses.  Democrat leaders only know that the money they take from successful businesses that they give to their cronies circulates back into their campaign war chests.  Liberal Democrat voters believe they are stealing from the rich to give to them, never realizing that they are staying poor because of their own votes.
  • Foreign invaders taking jobs is beneficial
    • The foundation of liberal’s charges of racism against Trump and Republicans is their rejection of Mexicans sneaking across the border to take jobs that Democrats think Americans believe themselves to be too good to do, and Moslems coming under the guise of refugees but actually attempting to colonize the West and bringing their terrorists with them. Neither group constitutes a race, but leftists think anyone who does not have pale skin constitutes a race hated by their designated so-called “white people.” Democrat leaders have actually made the insane statement that for every dollar spent in unemployment insurance two dollars are added to the economy.  That’s like saying for every dollar you spend on groceries you save two dollars in your bank account.  It’s stupidity like this that governs Democrat economics and why the country has always gone into recessions and depressions under Democrat leadership.  This is a secret liberals don’t know because they never bother to learn history so they never learn from their mistakes.  Foreigners invading America, evading taxes, and sending money they make to other countries does not benefit America, and Democrats giving them citizen’s rights and benefits is not a symbiotic relationship with the American people.  It is parasitic and it is killing the host.  Democrats have been struggling to keep or regain their power to steal from the people and are just foolish enough that they would kill the Golden Goose in order to advance their leftist cause.

Liberals always blame others for their troubles, their sins, and their crimes

Liberal’s so-called righteous stand against racism for social justice is in itself racism against white people.  This is the cognitive dissonance by which liberals suffer in their campaign to bring down the white man – especially those liberals who are themselves white.  These leftist fools, who are so eager to ally with leftist racists against other white people to help cut their throats don’t seem to realize that after their leftist buddies are done with their enemies that it is their own throats that will be cut.  Leftists never take responsibility for their actions but, like Hillary Clinton blaming everyone but herself for her defeat, only mouth the words they are responsible then continue to blame all others.  You never hear Hillary talk about how she failed to campaign in places or failed to have a message in which people could believe, but only made a few small venues and based her campaign on being a woman declaring herself more qualified to be president as the former 1st Lady of a sex offender than Trump whom she claimed to be an idiot reprobate.

Other liberal cognitive dissonances are;

  • Republicans are for the rich
  • Democrats are for the poor
  • Higher taxes benefit the people
  • Businessmen didn’t build their businesses
  • More money in Washington improves the economy
  • Unemployment benefits put more money into the economy than jobs
  • Capitalism benefits only the rich
  • Socialism is fair for all making everyone prosperous
  • Stealing from the rich is righteous
  • Criminals are victims of society
  • Abortion is not killing a baby
  • Man causes climate change via industrial pollution
  • Making guns illegal makes good people safe from criminals
  • Islam is a religion of peace
  • Terrorists must be understood and appeased
  • Jihadis are not Islamists
  • North Korea is not a threat to other countries
  • Christianity is oppressive
  • TEA Party patriots are more dangerous than ISIS
  • Conservatives are a greater threat than mass shooters
  • BLM is not the same as the KKK
  • Criminals have a right not to be shot by police
  • Taking guns from citizens make them safer
  • Trump is a Hitler wannabe
  • Obama was a benevolent messiah
  • NFL players are not protesting the flag, the anthem, and America
  • NFL players are protesting against racist police brutality
  • One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter
  • Jesus was a radical
  • Giving Iran, the financiers of global jihadi terrorism working toward having nuclear missiles, a hundred and fifty billion dollars insures peace
    • The Ultimate Liberal Cognitive Dissonance – Liberals flee from blue states and the collapsing Democrat economies for which they voted to go to prosperous red states where they vote for the same thieving Democrat policies that destroyed the sh*thole states that they left!

Iran a terrorist nation

The list goes on and on and all of it is grounded in the foundation of the leftist’s lack of a moral compass creating their cognitive dissonance fostering their warped and delusional world view.  Without understanding right from wrong, in seeing good and evil as simply opposing points of view that are both correct, in thinking that morality is gray rather than black and white all stems from their not understanding righteous moral ethics.  The diversity of each individual in not being perfectly good is confusing to them.  They believe one sin makes a person 100% evil and readily see the sins of others but not themselves.  Their lack of faith that they are inheritors of a divine spark rather than just random animals created by accident leads them to erroneous conclusions based on ignorance through their lack of understanding and misinformation by deceivers.  It is easier to fool people than to convince people they are being fooled.  That is the fundamental job description of professional politicians and those who perpetrate fraud for the purposes of shakedowns and extortion.  Democrats have worked for decades to set up the tax code so that their opposition can be punished while their crony friends can reap the benefits.  They call those codes “loopholes” when they are exploited by their Republican enemies, but they are “beneficial to America” when their own people use them.  The two-faced ideology of leftism is consumed by stealing from the makers and giving to the takers.  President Trump is trying to give Americans the tax relief they so desperately need.  Washington has been taking more and more from the people since the beginning of the 20th century when taxes were 7% of income and are now over 40%!  While at the same time they have been building a mountain of debt to force taxpayers into debt slavery to the state.  Democrats have led the way as the party that created and built the debt with only a modicum of help from Republicans during the Iraq/Afghan wars.  Republican’s overspending during those wars that Democrats say were not paid for accounting for 5% of the National Debt, while the other 95% has been solely accumulated by Democrats.  The only balanced budgets in the last century have been at the hands of Republicans.  Obama alone doubled the debt in his eight years to the tune of $10 TRILLION!  Democrats built the first trillion dollar debt under Reagan when they insisted that his tax cuts be paid for with borrowed spending.  But even when tax revenues doubled thanks to the Reagan economic revolution Democrats continued deficit spending to waste taxpayer dollars and fill the pockets of their rich friends.

Democrats went on from there to smear trickle-down as the economics of how the rich get richer while the poor get poorer.  This fallacy that somehow the rich are stealing wealth from the poor is a large part of the cognitive dissonance of the dysfunctional liberal mind.  It demonstrates an absolute ignorance of how business works that is based on capitalism rather than socialism.  In socialism government owns and runs the business and takes the profits to spend as they will.  Trickle down is capitalism and it has worked so well in the past two centuries that modern America developed the first Middle Class in history and has the largest population of people who are much more well off than peasants despite Democrats stealing much of that wealth in the 20th century.  People in America own property and send their kids to college, and it is only due to failed leftist policies that their stealing wealth from the people is making college unaffordable and devaluing homes.  Democrats have always taken so much in taxes that it has kept people from acquiring wealth.  That’s why the Reagan tax revolution resulted in two decades of superior economic growth.  All that revenue kept in the economy to build businesses resulted in the greatest boom since the 1950s, which itself was only the result of WWII and all other industrialized nations blowing each to bits.

Leftists say it is the Right that is immoral.  They don’t understand that the word describing high moral standards is righteous, not lefteous, for a reason.  The word left was developed from the word sinister.  Adopting the ideology of the Left is not to promote righteousness through good morals, but to advance wickedness through deception.  There are not opposing ways to do what is correct, there are not two truths, and there are not proper morals that are opposites.  There is only right and wrong.  Democrats are united only in the diversity of hateful ignorance provoked by their two-faced ideology due to their cognitive dissonance founded in their lack of morality.  That’s a mouthful, but not as much as the sh*t sandwich being served by the liberal media and the Democratic Nazi Communist Party.

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Trump on tax reform:

“Revising our tax code is not just a policy discussion – it is a moral one, because we are not talking about the government’s money – we are talking about your money, about your hard work.”

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