CNN Democrats get Delusional over Antifa and Illegals

You can’t be a hypocrite if you’re a two-faced liar bent on deceiving people.  And if you play with fire you’re going to get burned.  The Lawless Left reaps what it sows.

Tucker – CNN’s Don Lemon says Antifa is a FOX fabrication

CNN’s Don Lemon and Whoopi Goldberg joined forces to blame Trump for violent Democrats.  Goldberg even claimed there was no violence until Trump was elected.  So where was she hiding the last four years as cities were torn apart by Democrats of Black Lives Matter as they rioted and assassinated police?  The Left not only abstains from stopping criminals, but encourages them!  Then they try to say these hoodlums are Trumpsters in hoodies and masks?  Every last one of them that has been arrested and exposed is a known avid Hillary supporter!  These wolves believe they can pull the wool over our eyes.  Who do they think they’re fooling?  They just expose themselves as liars, deceivers, charlatans, and haters.  The only people who believe them are liberal fools like the Follywood elitists who think they can continue to dupe the majority of people into believing Republicans are the racist oppressors and not the Democrats.  Hollywood leftists are going to find their paychecks dwindling just like the NFL as they slander patriots and smear America.  Their constant Republican bashing and propaganda plays are not fooling enough people to bring them back to power but driving people away.  These arrogant snobs with their seven figure salaries have no moral sense and no right to be castigating the good people of America.  Blacks who blame Republicans for their shattered lives are the worst kind of stupid.  Republicans didn’t do this to you, you did it to yourself by choosing to follow Democrats!  The former slavers have duped you into choosing to be their slaves again.

The New Deal was the Raw Deal.  In 1925 the black out of wedlock birthrate was the same as whites.  Since Democrats took them under their wing that figure rose to 25% by 1965 and Martin Luther King, Jr. led a movement to stop oppression.  He succeeded, but civil rights leaders like Jackson, Sharpton, and Rep. Lewis, instead of following his lead, betrayed his ideals and took up with the Democrats that assassinated him and beat them down in the streets.  Now that birthrate is 75% and Democrats are encouraging blacks to be part of the thug culture by glorifying gangsters and agitators, justifying criminality, while making certain they suffer from lack of employment and ability to advance through education.  They do this to encourage abortion and gang violence so that blacks kill themselves off.  Black culture will never be part of American culture so long as the Democrats can generate racial strife and keep them dumbed down and divided against whites.  They advocate denigrating blacks who work with whites in the Republican Party as “oreos” as if working with white people rather than against them is traitorous.  Along with encouraging criminals, Democrats condemn police for upholding laws to the point that their followers believe that all police are oppressors working for tyrants.  That’s how it is in socialist countries that they wish to emulate, but this is America!  Rather than standing up for the working man, this has become the Democrat Party platform (not that they ever actually stood for the little guy).  They duped greedy Americans into believing that stealing taxes from the rich would benefit them.  Instead it has always led to recessions and depressions and joblessness and strife.  Democrats say single-payer insurance is the best solution with government handling your health insurance.  They proved in 1968 what they will do with that money when they raided the Social Security Fund and laughed all the way to the bank!

Pelosi reaps what she sows

Those who invade America, sneak in to steal jobs and reap the benefits for which American citizens work, do not belong in America and should not profit from their actions.  Do you make a home invader a member of your family?  These people invaded our home and now demand we take care of them.  As for the so-called “Dreamers,” it is Republicans who have sympathy for their children who had no choice, but we don’t imagine they have a right to be made citizens.  Foreign ambassador’s children are raised in American schools, too, but they are not made citizens.  Citizenship for those not born in America is not a right unless you are born to an American citizen.  We may agree with giving them Green Cards if they are productive employees and not criminals, but for citizenship they go to the back of the line and must apply and pay for the privilege.  Those who violate laws by doing things like voting illegally or protesting violently, and especially those who commit felony crimes, get deported no questions asked!  If they are part of gangs, thieves, or commit rape or murder, then they should be punished to the maximum extent of the law and more since they not only lack citizenship but are foreign invaders!  Democrats promote them on the basis that rich people stole from them, and on the phony charge of racism against the righteous.  But it is Republicans who are generous to the needy, while it is Democrats who pay the needy lip service but are generous to criminals, who see them as victims of society rather than vice versa.  Criminals have rights and victims are to blame are the defining beliefs of the Left.

Balancing the Scales

The Left confuses the ignorant by declaring that Nazism is the “far right” of politics.  The fact is that Nazism is only the far right of the Left!  There are factions within factions and on the scales of politics of the Left, Right, and Center, the socialists are all leftists believing in government rule.  Each faction has internal factions that are on the left, center, and right within their ideologies.  This is why people are confused over who is who in politics and culture.

The Left, Center, and Right each have internal factions that are the left, center, and right of their ideologies:

  • Left: Communism, Islamism, Nazism
  • Center: Democrat, Libertarian, Republican
  • Right: Conservatism, Christianity, TEA Party




I put conservatives on the leftwing of the Right because of NeverTrumpers.  These ideological purists, who detest Trump because he is less than outstanding and above reproach, would rather lose to liberalism than fight fire with fire.  Christianity will stand for morality, but again will not take up the fight as necessary in the ideological war with the Left to defeat evil.  Surrendering moral authority to the immoral Left is not morally upright, it is wrong!  The TEA Party are the far right of the Right in that they alone are willing to take charge in the battle between good and evil.  On the Left, Antifa are the far left Communists of the Democrat Party who are fighting the far right Neo-Nazis of the Democrat Party.  Likewise, BLM is the far left of the leftwing Democrats fighting the KKK that is the far right of the Democrats.  Both Antifa and the KKK are the militant arms created by the Democrats to sow strife, wage violent conflicts, and disrupt American society to strike fear in the hearts of the people.  Attempting to smear Republicans as the KKK only works with the most ignorant of their indoctrinated foolish followers.  Leftists have come to understand that the best way to conquer a people is to manipulate them to believe what they are doing is right.  The best way to do that is to demonize the opposition.  Trying to label the Right as racist because they want immigration law upheld is pure fraud.  There is a fine line between condemning criminals for their violent behavior and condemning righteous people for the violence required to defend against those criminals.  The Left deceives those who lack the moral compass to differentiate between killing in self-defense and murder.  They teach that socialism is fair and make it sound like a wonderful ideal in which all people work together for mutual benefit, but the reality is that all people are equally subjugated under the elites.  Venezuela is just the latest example proving that capitalism leads to prosperity for those willing to work for it, while socialism steals wealth from the people.  Socialists learned after the debacles of 20th century socialists of Nazi Germany, Communist Russia, Fascist Italy, and Imperialist Japan destroying half the world that it is better to pretend to be republics and democracies.

Left vs. Right – The true paradigm

“Capitalism makes the rich powerful, while socialism makes the powerful rich.” – Rush Limbaugh

“Socialism only works in two places; Heaven where they don’t need it and Hell where they already have it.” – Ronaldus Magnus

The ideologies of Left, Right, and Center are not competing ideologies of doing good.  The Center is not the place where things are made right.

  • Left – negative, false, wicked, immoral, atheist, slavery, tyranny
  • Center – neutral, confused, fickle, amoral, agnostic, ignorant, followers
  • Right – positive, true, righteous, moral, gnostic, liberty, leadership

We all start out in life as leftists and must learn morality and righteousness.  All men are sinners and all fall short of the Glory of God.  Children know how to be selfish and must be taught to share.  We all develop righteous qualities, but even the best of us always retains some leftist qualities.  People grow up to either choose to be part of the Righteous Right or the Lawless Left.  America has a legal system for immigration and an established nation of citizens, not immigrants.  The Light of Lady Liberty is for America to bring to the world and make the world free, not to invite the world to America to feed off that liberty as parasites.  Criminals, greedy thieves, envious cretins, and hateful bigots now make up the Democrat Party – the DNC: Democratic Nazi Communists.  Democrat mayors and governors allowing them to wage their war on the streets against the righteous must be put down with whatever force is necessary.  California does not have a right to bring in foreign invaders and foist them on the rest of the nation any more than your children can invite street people into your home and force you to provide for them.  The frauds of the Left; socialism, immigration, Islam, and global warming are, pure and simple, scams by which to convince Americans to subjugate themselves.  Learn the truth and don’t give in to guilt trips by manipulators.  You either believe in something true or you fall for anything.

Two Americas: Americanism or Socialism, Right vs. Left

The Psychology of the Left

A prime example of leftist’s failure of knowledge, logic, and moral good sense is exhibited by Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin:

Hillary or Palin – which is the real stateswoman?  The conflicting claims between the Right and Left of whose media pundit’s listeners are the “brainwashed fools” is settled by listening to these two women.  Hillary is reputed by Democrats to be the “smartest woman in the world” while Palin is considered to be a ditz.  All the propaganda that Gov. Sarah Palin is a dolt who said she can see Russia from her house, but that Hillary is the intelligent beyond reproach is on full display in these two clips that prove the truth:

Can Palin see Russia from her house?

“I can see Russia from my house!”

Hillary says South Korea is within miles of North Korea

If Hillary is so smart why doesn’t she know that they share a border?  If she is so smart why does she think threatening Kim is insulting North Korea?  This is the former Secretary of State whose job it was to know everything about the world with which America must deal.  Palin knows that Russia and Alaska are within sight of each other, which most Americans do not.  They share the last two islands in the Aleutian Island chain that are two miles apart.  And Russian planes constantly intrude on U.S. airspace in Alaska, so Gov. Palin has had to conduct foreign policy in her state dealing with Russia just as California, Nevada, New Mexico, and Texas must deal with Mexico sending invaders and drugs over their southern borders.  Lawless leftist Democrats who want to abolish America’s borders and let all manner of criminals, parasites, and America haters into this great nation makes them the choice of criminals, terrorists, and thieves.  Why any taxpayer would elect a Democrat to steal from them is a wonder.  How easily are they duped?  How guilty are they of doing wrong against their fellow man that they so easily succumb to lies?  When will they learn that the Left is never right?

They can’t be LIbEralS without telling LIES!

A white supremacist climate change denier confesses the truth

Which came first – the dysfunctional thinker or the liberal fool?

Killing America with Compassion

Democrazis – the neo-Fascists of the modern Democrat Party

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