Schumer Keeps Government Shutdown to Prevent Border Security

Democrats are proving that they not only will not work with President Trump to secure the border any more than they will work with him toward the betterment of the nation.  The people who cried “danger” when President Trump emplaced generals within his staff are now crying “danger” that they are resigning.  The Democrat base believes both things to be true, which is proof of their two-faced dysfunctional thinking.  Rather than ask them why, Democrats are creating their own fictional narratives that they are leaving because Trump is deranged.  Likewise, they think Trump is lying and going back on his word when he said he would take responsibility for the shutdown and now is saying Schumer owns it.

Liberals do not recognize or understand any changes in circumstances because they can’t see beyond their own noses.  President Trump initiated the shutdown to force Democrats to negotiate on building the wall, but Democrats are taking a stand declaring there will be no negotiating unless than can give Trump the shaft.  Pelosi says Trump will not win this fight to close the border.  So, the continuation of the shutdown lies entirely in Schumer’s and Pelosi’s lap.  President Trump has the power to close the border to ALL traffic which will send Democrats screaming in hysterics to the microphones about how he is killing the Baby Jesus.

Democrats are trying to mock, guilt, or shame Trump in any way they can to divert him from his course to do what is right for America rather than what benefits Democrats.  They are mocking his manhood by saying he is “taking orders” from Rush Limbaugh.  They have no regard for the 80% of American citizens that are all for border security.  (That means half of Democrats support border security, but how do they expect to get it voting for Democrats?  This is the dysfunctional thinking that divides the nation.)  The fact is that this shutdown could easily have been avoided if RINOs hadn’t prevented Republicans from doing what they campaigned to do.

Timeline to Shutdown

  • President Trump urges Congress to fund the wall for border security to “stop bad people and drugs from illegally entering our country.”
  • Schumer and Pelosi say that Trump is only doing this to stop “brown people” from entering the USA because he is a Nazi racist xenophobe.
  • Trump points out that illegal aliens commit twice as much crime as citizens and that he is married to an immigrant, so all of this is about security, not Democrat lies.
  • Democrats mock Melania and declare that immigrants only commit half as much crime as citizens conflating illegal aliens with legal immigrants.
  • Republicans fail to pass wall legislation and Democrats win the House in the Midterms.
  • Pelosi once again will become Speaker of the House despite young upstarts like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez demanding younger leadership – like herself.
  • Outgoing Republicans sit on their hands and push for a Continuing Resolution to fund the government rather than have a budget battle with the President.
  • Pelosi mocks Republicans for failing Trump.
  • Trump twists Ryan’s arm to pass a budget funding the wall.
  • Schumer refuses to allow wall funding to pass the Senate and filibusters.
  • Trump is left with a bill containing no wall funding that he won’t sign.
  • Democrats mock him and report he is defeated and will sign it.
  • Rush Limbaugh begs him not to declaring it’s a major mistake.
  • Trump informs Rush he’s not signing.
  • Leftist media reports Trump taking orders from Rush.
  • President Trump responded to them from the Oval Office on Christmas Day that the shutdown would continue until Democrats relent.
  • Democrats responded by declaring that Trump’s “anti-refugee” policies would kill the baby Jesus.
  • Rush Limbaugh laughed.

Solution – there is only one resolution that will be acceptable at this point and that will be Democrats yielding.  So long as Schumer holds out then Trump will hold out and the country will see how well it can get on without Democrats running the show.  Trump was ready to accept $1.6B for the wall until Pelosi and Schumer reneged on it.  Now he is demanding $5B and they scoff at him saying he won’t get a penny.  President Trump should demand $50B and be open to negotiation down from there so that Schumer and Pelosi will have no choice but to submit at least $5B in the budget.  Then they will declare victory as Trump gets what he should have gotten in the first place.  How twisted are Democrats in their lies?

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