Life imitates the artless lies of liberal television fictions

Liberal television shows like “Designated Survivor” and “Madam Secretary,” like their predecessors like “The West Wing” are nothing but liberal’s fantasy wish list of how Republicans are corrupt thieves while Democrats are the problem solvers who care about the people – i.e. the exact opposite of what exists in reality.  While Democrats continue pushing the fraud of investigating Trump stealing the election and giving tax cuts to the rich, Trump is making amazing strides toward solving real-world problems by undoing Obamaism and making America great again.

DNC files sham lawsuit against Trump, Russia, and Wikileaks

As FOX News reveals that Trump putting his boot on the neck of Kim Jong Un is having the opposite effect of what liberals all decried as Trump starting WWIII, the rest of the media is focusing their lemming’s attention on a porn star promoting the DNC’s lies.  After more than a year of their witch-hunter, Mueller, coming up empty despite conducting a bottomless anal probe of everything in Trump’s past, they have become so frustrated that the scum of the DNC are launching their own investigation to uncover the proof that exists only in their delusions.  These social justice warriors of the Left have invested their minds in their false reality and are incapable of accepting the truth – that Donald J. Trump is not a hateful, racist, sexist, mega-thief, Hitler, but a magnificent Christian conservative who fulfilling his campaign promises in making America great again gloriously!  The show, Designated Survivor, is attempting a mirror fiction of their Democrat president getting an anal probe by rabid liberal Michael J. Fox of how “righteous men” face the Left’s Star Chamber.  The joke is that they say only dictators fire their political enemies.  No, morons, dictators shoot their political enemies.  Righteous men fire those who are corrupt and prosecute the ones who betray the nation.

As the Democrats struggle to promote their propaganda that Trump is destroying America and the world, and that they can save America by returning to Obamaism high taxes, open borders, and America in decline submitting to their globalism, reality swamps their little boats.  Democrat governors are giving invading foreigners and criminals the right to vote in order to overcome their voters who are defecting to a real America leader.  Liberal fascists are granting pardons to criminals in blue states to keep their unruly subjects under their iron boot.  Virginia, California, and New York governors have all pardoned felons to give them a vote and access to firearms.  While they are pardoning criminals other Democrats are attempting to make it illegal for Trump to grant pardons.  Talk about usurping the power of the president by betraying the nation!  Obama encourages immigrants to vote illegally to overthrow American citizen’s votes.  If the people of the United States want to find real crimes and treason against themselves then let there be an anal probe of Obama and his minions as deeply as they went into Trump.  The world of sh*t that would flow out of their traitorous sphincters would so flood the media that even their most ardent sycophants would be buried in the morass of waste and choke to death.  Democrat’s attempted coup has unraveled and they must resort to overwhelming voter fraud to overcome the Americans they hate.

From the horse’s mouth – Obama encourages invading foreigner’s voter fraud

To the horror of global warming alarmists, global cooling is here

Wag the Donkey – How Democrats are Criminalizing Trump Republicans

They are Not Refugees and Immigrants, they are Raiders and Invaders

Addendum: Since publishing this article the HBO series “Homeland” has aired an episode in which the President of the United States, a fascist they created, was ousted, reflecting what they wish they could do to Trump.  These people, in their delusions having already turned Homeland from a series of America fighting the Jihad to joining with the Jihad against America, believe they are fighting Nazis.  It is the sickness of their liberal minds that they believe Christians to be Nazis.

Liberals Imagine that Christian Conservatives are Neo-Nazi KKK

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