Conservatives who say Trump shouldn’t be “punching down”

Some conservatives believe it is beneath the dignity of the President or any Republican to strike back at those who sling mud to smear them.

Cavuto says Trump is belittling himself responding to petty critics

Most of Trump’s critics are Democrats, establishment Republicans, and NeverTrumper conservatives.  Their objection to him is not his conservative Christian ideology which, though he says he is not an ideologue, he fully promotes the Right’s agenda of Constitutional liberty and Christian morality.  They object to his striking back against them when they denigrate his character, his office, and his dignity.  They say it is an example of a poor character, a selfish tyrant, to strike back at the “little people.”  They never said any such thing when Barack Obama actually did strike down at the people saying things like, “The Cambridge police acted stupidly” over something that was none of his business, or that the TEA Party are hateful people who cling to their guns and religion.  They expect a Republican president to behave with all grace and decorum.  What dignity was Bush 43 left with after years of leftists and their RINO allies smearing his every word and action in the media for six years?  He won the Iraq War and kept America safe, grew the economy and kept America prosperous even through two wars, but he lost both houses of Congress and the Presidency to America haters.  In the name of dignity he surrendered his good name and accomplishments to Democrats with the result being America torn apart and infected with socialist greed, reduced in the world to let freedom’s enemies run amok, and put a Moslem in the White House to orchestrate and manage her decline.

They say the Leader of the Free World shouldn’t be responding to insignificant little people back-biting him constantly with their fake news and character assassination.  The Left gives Trump 100% negative coverage 24/7/365 without respite.  They do not credit him with a single positive accomplishment despite the economy growing twice as fast as Obama said it ever would again as the new normal, crushing ISIS, and opening new energy and trade.  As Gaius Julius Caesar understood, a righteous man does not allow himself to be beaten repeatedly by insignificant little parasites and just stand there and take the blows “with dignity.”  That is not dignified but a destruction of dignity!  What dignity was bestowed on Trump when Time magazine selects an America hating racist bigot, an ultra-rich socialist baby who smears America’s noble police, our protectors from his not so lucky brothers, as pigs to be their “Citizen of the Year?”  What dignity has the Left afforded Trump in their bogus investigation into Russia while letting Hillary’s crimes skate?  What dignity has Hollywood given Trump when they condemn him for talking like any man while their sexual predators run rampant?  What dignity does Congress give the President the people selected when they obstruct him and call him a misogynist as they protect their members who molest women?

Is crushing parasites noble or depraved?

When a mosquito bites you do you let it suck your blood freely or do you swat it?  Mosquitos are insignificant little parasites that don’t even take a drop of blood.  So how petty of human beings to destroy them when all they are trying to do is feed?  But mosquitos carry diseases like Malaria and Lime that can be fatal.  Just as these parasites inject disease into the body, these leftist parasites inject poison into the minds of the people that can be fatal to a president’s legacy and disparage his accomplishments.  It is not undignified to swat mosquitos – it is required!  When the president makes the effort to save your son from a Chinese prison because the foolish boy committed a crime then his father should not smear his son’s rescuer as being a self-serving racist hater.  When the president calls on Republican congressmen to fulfill their campaign promises to the people they should not smear him as a psychotic tyrant.  Donald Trump is behaving righteously.  He is not acting tyrannically or bigoted, but acting rationally, reasonably, and morally.  It is the ungrateful wretches and the turncoats in Congress who are the ones with whom righteous people are vexed.

Have you ever heard of the torture, “Death by a thousand cuts?”  A little nick of your finger doesn’t really hurt you, but if you make a thousand of them all over your body you will eventually bleed to death.  If Trump did not respond to his unrighteous detractors then he, too, would suffer the demise of W and not accomplish the great things he set out to do.

Tweet Away, Donald!

Millennials are lost in the wilderness of Democrat media propaganda

It is a simple fact that 25% of people are dumb, mean, and petty a-holes who lie, cheat, steal, and will kill those who oppose them.  At the other end of the scale are the 25% who recognize those liars and thieves and try to stamp out their propaganda with the righteous truth.  It is the 50% in the middle who are being swayed by lies and petty attacks when no stands against them to point out how wickedly these people behave.  Ronald Reagan did and now, for the first time in this generation, Americans have another president in Donald Trump who is pointing out the lies, deceptions, and smears being visited on him by the lying liberal left.  So Tweet away, Mr. President!  Let them have it right between the eyes!

The Swamp Rats attempt to Drown Moore over False Allegations

End Corporate, Wall Street, AND Blue State Welfare

Hillary on Earth II would persecute Trump

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