Fool Me Once, Twice, Three Times I’m Out!

“Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.”  But when someone is fooled three times and more you just have to ask, wtf is wrong with their brain?  By the time I turned 30, between watching President Reagan and listening to the media, I realized that correspondents were either trying to warp my opinion by injecting their constant negativism into their reports, or outright lying.  Prior to Reagan I only paid attention to what I was told on the news.  The result was that I stupidly voted for Carter twice!

“If Kavanaugh’s accuser had no political agenda, why did she bring her complaint to politicians instead of the police?” – anonymous

Because I started listening to what Reagan said and watching what he did I knew the truth before the leftist media pundits colored it their way to what they wanted me to think of events.  It became obvious to me that the media could not be trusted to relay a story objectively let alone tell the truth.  Having gone through journalism school in college and learned how journalism, yellow journalism, and propaganda all work, I found that propaganda only works if you listen to only one side of a story and reject whatever the other side says without considering both in context.

Obama fooled all Democrats and some Republicans once about his intentions to manage America’s decline.  Most he fooled twice – enough to get re-elected.  But when they voted for Hillary to continue managing the decline of America they proved to be the “some of the people you can fool all the time” of whom Lincoln spoke.  Thank God that the majority of the nation did not remain fooled.  Donald Trump pulled back the Reagan Democrats who finally woke to the nature of the Obamas and Clintons.

Liberalism has become the hippie generation’s religion of lies, sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll, and, worst of all, the home of the Green Movement with their bogus man-made global warming, and the headquarters of the anti-American socialist Left.  Dysfunctional thinking is their dogma and abortion is their sacrament.  The MSM is their propaganda arm, state run schools their indoctrination centers, and the DNC (Democratic Nazi Communist Party) their front.  Everything they say is false or misleading and everything they do is corrupt and destructive.  Theirs is the two-faced ideology that slanders and corrupts others to believe as they do by smearing, impugning, and scapegoating others.

The people who say they are fighting against “rightwing genocides” have tallied up over fifty million dead babies to their credit.  In their latest example of two-faced actions, Democrats demand that Christine Ford’s tale of sexual assault against Kavanaugh be heard, and when Republicans repeatedly open the door for her to speak they are slandered as bullies.  This is the sickness of two-faced dysfunctional liberal minds.  This is nothing but a distraction and delay tactic over a barrel of monkey sh*t.  How many more times will Sen. Grassley extend the deadline for Ford to testify?  How many more times will he play the fool?

How Democrats have made a farce of Kavanaugh proceedings

If Kavanaugh not confirmed, we are all one accusation away from destruction

Juanita Broaderrick teaches Democrats a lesson over their #MeTwoFaced

This entire episode is as frustrating, aggravating, and exacerbating as everything else in which Democrats believe.  Man-made climate change, illegal immigration, socialism, high taxes, sex crimes, and violence.  All the things that Democrats endorse by breaking American law and then praise themselves as being the upholders of the law.  They impose crushing regulations on businesses they claim are “killing the planet” so they can force them to pay protection money to them.  They invite foreigners to invade and then claim they are fighting for refugee rights.  They endorse stealing from the rich as if it is morally right.

Meet the Democrat Party of Barack Hussein Obama

The two-faced delusions of liberals are only made worse by the two-faced ideology of leftism, and it becomes exponentially degenerate by the lack of counter action by Republicans.  There is only one way to describe what Democrats say and do – slimy like a snake.  Today’s Democrats are not America loving patriots who just want to try a different path to a better life.  They are the America haters who want to tear this country down and remake it as their socialist tyranny.  They will lie, cheat, steal, or kill, and blame their victims while smearing them as Nazis when they fight back.  They are leftist deceivers and their liberal dupes who don’t know how to produce and build, only how to take and destroy.  Dealing with these nasty lying liberals is infuriating, but righteous wrath doesn’t always win in our society when they succeed in dragging us down to their level and beat us with experience.

They’re the kind of people who stop at the top of a crowded escalator and think they have a right to stand there.  Then when they get shoved they blame the other people.  They are like women who deliberately brush up against a man and then turn and make a scene declaring to unknowing onlookers that they are being molested.  There are many more nasty liars out there than you can imagine who want to start fights and commit crimes against others then accuse their victims of being the perpetrators.

Like President Trump counting on Sessions to hire good people and who instead hires turncoat saboteurs like Rosenstein.  Democrats say if Trump doesn’t like it then he should “put on his big boy pants and take responsibility.”  Being responsible would be firing them both for undermining him.  When he threatens that, Democrats say he’s acting like a spoiled child.  Well which is it?  You two-faced, pea-brained, duplicitous fraudsters can’t have it both ways, and we’re not dumb enough to be duped by conflicting accusations.

What did Donald Trump do to liberals that they hate him so viscerally?  For the rich ones he’s taking their slaves away.  He’s taking away their corrupt patrons in government who give them tax breaks over their competitors.  For the poor he is taking away their free meal tickets and telling them to get jobs.  They are angry because he is actually making the economy a fair playing field for all, which is what they claim socialism does.

But socialism makes the playing field level by taking from those who succeed and giving to those who cheat.  Liberals are deluded by socialist fictions of Utopia and they blame conservatives as evil for busting their bubble and raining on their parade.  In order to understand what is good and bad in politics the answer is to believe none of what liberal Democrats say and only half of what Republicans say because they’re not all conservatives.  And even when it comes to conservatives you have to maintain that 10% of doubt because everyone can be fooled or make mistakes.

Liberal Democrats are not the reasonable ones trying to do good for the citizens.  They are not decent people trying to help others.  They are the ones always looking for a way to damage good people like Brett Kavanaugh.  They are the insidious ones aiding the criminals.  They do it both overtly by giving felons the vote and covertly by allowing illegal aliens to vote.  They are stealing from patriotic citizens.  They are stealing power, so they have the power to steal wealth.  Liberals are the takers who steal from the makers by hook or by crook and understanding their nature is the key to understanding humanity.

Democrats convict Kavanaugh with zero evidence let alone proof

Take a vacation and don’t dwell in their misery

Liberals judge people on one event, which is them exercising their bigotry.  Everyone gets angry and makes mistakes, so don’t be too quick to judge someone over one instant of their lives.  Lies are found out by repetition.  Like Kavanaugh, who they want to condemn on one woman’s erroneous claim, no one instance is the definition of our lives.  Kavanaugh has a lifetime of honorable conduct.  Liberals would say that does not excuse a single act whether it’s true or not.  By their measure they would, and did, crucify even Jesus on the word of a liar.

But liberals repeatedly lying and rioting show exactly who they are.  Mockery and lies are how the wicked tear down the righteous and it is constant, requiring us to constantly be vigilant.  All of this has a very negative effect on the psyche of Americans leading to an unhealthy anger with no outlet.  It is a relentless assault on the conscience and good-nature of the righteous.  Much of it is minor distractions that are insignificant.  The key to overcoming life is; Rule 1, don’t sweat the small stuff, and Rule 2, it’s all small stuff.

It’s just the same crap on a different day.  Fighting evil is like cleaning.  If we don’t keep doing it every day, then everything becomes filthy.  This is the insidiousness of evil, that it never relents until it wears you down and you break.  It happens all the time to all of us, which is why we are all guilty of sins.  We are only human, and we can stand the strain to keep up the battle for only so long.  For that reason, it is necessary to unplug for a time and recharge one’s batteries by taking a vacation.

That is why I’m taking a break to dial it back reducing my contribution to the defense of American liberty.  My writing will be much more limited, so that I can engage in other pursuits that are more productive than trying to beat some sense into dense, dysfunctional liberal minds.  After all, I don’t work at FOX and get paid a six-figure salary for what I do.  I will produce what projects I have near completion and then relax.  Perhaps I’ll learn to be a better teacher.  Perhaps the nation is already on the right path.  We shall see come this November if the left is being beaten back or if the right has squandered their recovery.

The one thing that everyone can rely on is that I will continue writing, I will continue teaching, and I will continue voting for good Christian conservative Republicans to displace the RINOs and stomp out Democrats and their socialism.  Never pass up a chance to put good Republicans in office and kick the bad ones to the curb along with their Democrat buddies.  Thank God for President Trump being a great man to lead this nation back from the brink to which Democrats had taken us.  Good luck to us and God bless America!

The SCOTUS Witch Trials

Democracy Dies in Darkness

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5 Responses to Fool Me Once, Twice, Three Times I’m Out!

  1. Richard Roffino says:

    I never tire of reading your articles. Your common sense & on spot analysis are sooo refreshing. Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Roy says:

    Dustyk103 – you do deserve a break to recharge you batteries. It’s unlikely Liberal morons read your material but your writings are concise, with humorous cynicism, and an inspiration to all who do read your material. You are an encouragement and validation, that those of us who read your material are not crazy. Many are waking up to the fact that the media, school system and politician’s have been pulling the wool over our eyes and it’s time to fight back. Global businesses who owe everything to America have abandoned any loyalty to America and so many politicians are content with removing statues and history from our rich culture. Citizens elected president Trump and that enforces the knowledge that you and others have made a positive impact.
    We aren’t fooled by politicians telling us ‘not to believe our lying eyes’.
    God bless you and your efforts.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Kiowah says:

    You will be missed.

    I wish too that more liberals would read you and learn but then again, they only see what they want to see.

    Liked by 1 person

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