Democrats expand definition of “hate crime” to include being a Republican

Democrats are now labelling the words “illegal aliens,” “illegal immigrants,” (or even the words illegal or foreigner or non-American) as “hate speech.”  What’s next?  Declaring the words “criminal” and “leftist” to be “hate speech?”  Next thing they’ll do is say that being a Republican is a crime.  Oh, wait, they already do!  Shades of Nazi Germany!  Democrat’s use of the term “hate speech” is hate speech.

Democrats are criminalizing words that describe Democrats and their ideology.  This is what criminals do when they are in charge of the government.  This is how criminals take charge by making all citizens criminals and persecuting them.  They have declared President Trump to be a criminal despite Mueller giving him an anal probe so deep he can see his tonsils and finding nothing.  Democrats don’t care about the law.  Law is for their victims to obey.

How many crimes have Democrat politicians committed in the last two years that have gone, not only unpunished, but uninvestigated and unprosecuted?  They have manufactured Republican racism slandering the entire party and their voters as Nazis of the KKK.  The #MeToo movement found a home in the Democrat Party where the vast majority of sexual predators reside.  Hillary and Obama successfully defrauded the FISA court to illegally spy on the Trump campaign.  Democrats have been encouraging riots at free speech events and the assassination of police.  Has anyone been hanged for these acts of treason?

The swamp is wide and deep, and the deep state is keeping the law at bay by threatening Trump with impeachment should he dig too deep.  Just because Republicans have the majority doesn’t mean righteous conservatives do.  NeverTrumper Republican’s careers need to be buried alongside McCain.  There are still far too many senators and representatives who stand with Democrats against the right.  President Trump is doing what Republicans have been begging the GOP to do since Reagan and he needs a Congress that will work with him rather than with the Democrats.

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Proverbs 1:7, KJV: “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.”

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