Chelsea says Baby Sacrifice is Christian, Carrey says Yes to Socialism

Chelsea Clinton says it’s “unchristian” to protect innocent life by denying women a right to abort babies on demand.  She says killing babies in the womb is about health or protecting women’s rights.  No, it’s about denying the right to life of another human being to further one’s own selfish choices.  Surely there’s nothing satanic about sacrificing a baby’s life for one’s own benefit?  Likewise, ultra-rich Jim Carrey tells Americans they must say “yes to socialism.”  He’s not living the life of a socialist in his walled-in million-dollar mansion as he tells the rest of us to surrender our wealth to the government.  This is leftism the ideology of selfishness.

Chelsea Clinton says Christians must embrace abortion

Jim Carrey tells people to say yes to socialism – and he’s not joking

When atheists tell Christians what Jesus would do it is one thing and obviously to be ignored.  But when someone tells Christians that their “Christian faith” tells them to take sides with atheists then the red flags should pop up all over the place to warn you that there is deception taking place.  Where in God’s Law or the Bible does it say that killing babies is righteous?  That’s not a rodent or parasite growing in a woman’s womb.  It is a human being.  Why does anyone think that because it is a woman’s body in which that baby is nurtured that she has the right to decide if that baby should live or die?  Does that mean parents actually have the right to kill their children at any time if they become inconvenient to them?  Does that justify Islamic honor killing, because that’s exactly what that’s about.

Jesus warned his followers to “beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing,” that “you will know them by their fruits.”  That means be careful of believing people who say they are Christian yet tell you to act against God’s Law.  That there are people who are willing to lie pretending to be Christians should give anyone pause before accepting whatever anyone says.  “You will know them by their fruits” means you will know them by the results of what they say and do.  When someone speaks of doing evil or does evil deeds and declares them to be righteous deeds it is clear to any morally intelligent that they are lying deceivers.  Maybe they are deluding themselves, but just because they believe their own lies doesn’t mean they are being honest.

Telling Christians that it is Christian to embrace sacrificing babies under the guise of protecting the mother’s health, when 99.999% of abortions are done with no danger to the mother, is as evil as jihadis murdering innocent people.  Women who love their children will risk their lives to have their babies.  Abortion is not about protecting the mother’s health from the natural function of childbearing.  It’s about giving these people the right to legally kill babies for their beliefs.  Just because it is legal doesn’t make it right.  (Likewise, killing the doctors and mothers who commit abortions in defense of these babies is not right even if it weren’t illegal.  The moral dilemma this causes for the righteous can only be overcome through faith that, in the end, God will be the Judge.)

Islam, Satanism, Atheism – the faiths of anti-God

Does freedom of religion include allowing satanism to be practiced in America?  Does it mean Satanists can freely conduct infant sacrifices on the altars of their god?  Does it mean that Satanists should be invited into the church to pray on the altar of Christ?  Why would a Christian pastor invite Moslems to pray in his church while their mosque is being built?  The teachings of Muhammad do not venerate the Christ.   Muhammad teaches that Jesus was not the Messiah, that God has no son, but condemn Him as just another dead prophet, and exhort people to reject Christ and submit to Islam.  Why would you invite someone who would cast down Jesus to make prayers to their god at the altar of Christ?

Defeating the Ground Zero Mosque – 9-11’s Second Islamic Wave

Liberals are terminally confused about morality.  Some even believe that if you kill off people then the economy will improve.  Shades of Thanos!  This has always been leftist ideology from slavery to the Population Bomb – making one’s own life better at the expense of another.  They believe that God by any name is the same because they think all gods are God or that it’s all a fantasy.  This is patently false as there are many gods as God Himself attested.

It is written in His 1st Commandment:

“I Am the Lord thy God.  Thou shalt have no other gods before Me.”

Allah and God are NOT one in the same even though both are associated with the common ancestor of Jews and Arabs through Abraham.  Jews did not always worship God but embraced other gods even after Moses and Christ.  The defining difference between God and the anti-God is that God is forgiving, while the anti-God will destroy those who displease or reject him.  God takes the side of the righteous and helps them to help others.  He forgives us our sins as we all sin on a daily basis whether you can honestly recognize this in ourselves or not.  He sacrificed His Son to give us a way to embrace His love and forgiveness or reject it.  Hell is not God’s torture chamber but is separation from the Glory of God, and He doesn’t send anyone to Hell – they choose it.  The defining characteristic of satanism is selfishness believing oneself to be as good as God, while the defining characteristic of Christianity is loving others as yourself.

[Author’s Note: The 7 Deadly Sins are not just a set of individual sins to which humans may succumb.  We live they all each and every day.  Do you think you don’t suffer from greed, or lust, or anger, or pride?  It is prideful just for you to think that!  Do you think you’re not an angry person?  What about that last jerk you cussed out on the road?  Do you think you do not suffer from greed?  Why did you buy that lottery ticket?  Do you think you do not lust, or crave to be a glutton, or envy anyone else their possessions or their talents or their looks, or that you can’t ever be lazy?  There is no single sin of which we must beware, but we must be aware of which sin controls us the most.  I know my ranking of the seven deadly sins in myself.  Do you know which sins are your worst and which are least in your soul?]

Socialism is just another form of selfish satanism

Democrats say it is capitalism that fails because of greed and that it is socialism that is fair to all.  Socialism and its Road to Hell is identical to Satan’s Road.  Both are paved with good intentions.  Like the joke, “Yesterday we were campaigning, but today you voted,” socialism is made to sound awesome when they are campaigning, but after you vote for it you discover the reality.  Socialism is always sold as being like, but better than, capitalism.

The truth is that it is capitalism is what gives everyone equal opportunity to succeed.  Socialism guarantees everyone an equal outcome which is always much less than they could have achieved in capitalism.  Liberals are always fooled into thinking socialism is fair for everyone and capitalism is beneficial to a greedy few because they do not understand either success or thievery.  The truth is they are exactly the opposite.  Socialism is beneficial to the greedy elite wherein the masses do not rise, while capitalism benefits all people in general.  The proof of this is in America where the first Middle Class in history was created.  Every country that adopted socialism has destroyed their middle classes if they had any.

If these liberals all think socialism is so great, why don’t they go live in socialist countries?  Even the ones they say “successfully” implement socialism are frauds.  The problem with all socialism is that it requires elitist rule over the masses.  Even if they start out doing what they say to benefit people eventually they run out of other people’s money.  The one truth you can always count on in any country is that there will eventually be a corrupt ruler elected or who seizes power and he will then greedily suck up the wealth and squander it leaving the population destitute.

Case in point – Venezuela as the most recent in a long line with every single socialist nation in history.  The glory of the American system of government is that even when it happens that a greedy, lying socialist dictator is elected, (case in point; Barack Hussein Obama, Moslem socialist), they can still be unseated, and their corruption dug out of the nation.  Each successive generation that is duped by Democrats eventually learns from their mistakes.  But it may come to pass at some time in the near future that they do not because their children are indoctrinated and corrupted into the satanic cult of socialism becoming too brainwashed to escape, just like the people of Islam in the Middle East who are brainwashed five times a day to obey their rulers.

Democrats must lie about everything to dupe people into believing in them

The problem with liberals is that they are so easily duped.  People who are ignorant are easily misled, and when they lack a moral compass or have no understanding of morality it is a simple matter to redirect them.  This is because adults who remain liberal never got past their petty childish egos.  Older, wiser people don’t put up with their adolescent egos vying for popularity, which is why the foolish young resent the experienced old.  They think that wisdom can become obsolete from age.

The fact is that capitalism only fails when leftists corrupt the system with their greed.  When socialists like Obama are given power to take control to steal wealth and reduce everyone to the same mediocre existence is when Democrats claim it was capitalism, not their socialist policies, that failed.  Capitalism is what allowed a commoner like Bill Gates to become the richest man in the world.  In socialism such a man can prosper only to the extent allowed by the ruling elites who will be the ones who prosper.  That’s why Obama is struggling to take credit for Trump’s economy because no Democrat has ever fostered the environment in which the economy could boom.  (No, Bill Clinton took credit for Republican Newt Gingrich’s reducing taxes and balancing the budget.  He didn’t create the boom that continued Reaganism in the 90s.)

Democrats must lie in order to elevate themselves above others.  For instance, they lie about immigration being broken when the only thing being broken is American immigration law and they are the ones breaking it.  They lie saying Republicans are separating families of immigrants at the border then claiming it is akin to slavery separating families on the plantations.  This is NOT done to legal immigrants that Democrats deliberately conflate with those who enter the country illegally to steal from Americans.  Democrats deliberately refuse to recognize the law.

Democrats say “Republicans are separating immigrant families”

Those people sneaking into the country are criminals and criminals are always separated from their families.  It is the only legal form of slavery remaining in America and it is to take away the rights and punish those who take away the rights of the innocent.  Democrats change words and their meaning to make lawbreakers innocent just as they make killing babies legal.  When you make committing a crime against others legal it does not make them righteous, it makes them all corrupt criminals.  It is only corruption in our government that allows this to continue, just as they allowed senators to invite protesters to the SCOTUS hearings.  Unless the nation upholds its laws and holds these people to account then their corruption will rule.

Upholding America law and people’s rights

The republican Constitutional says people have a right to defend themselves.  Democrats say people do not have any right to exercise the law but must call the government and request police to protect them.  When a criminal is in your home intent on robbery, rape, or murder, would you rather have a gun in your hand or police on the phone?  Liberals believe citizens do not have a right to stop criminals because they don’t know why the criminal is stealing or what he might actually do until after he’s done it.

What do they think criminals are?  Do they think they are just out to make money like it’s a job?  Only a Democrat would believe a criminal seeking to steal from citizens who work for what they earn has a right to protection from the citizen rather than the citizens having a right to protection from the criminal.  Cleaning up mess after the crime is NOT protection!  The righteous are willing to give charity, but it is leftists who are the immoral half of society that believe taking from those who would give is “charity.”

Free speech is another bone of contention between left and right.  Christians are being imprisoned in Europe and America for saying Islam is bad and Jihad is evil, while Moslems are freely calling for violence and murder of those who speak against them.  The former is declared “hate speech” while the latter is called “protected free speech” by leftists.  This backwards liberal thinking has infected American culture.  It is Constitutionally legal to say Islam is evil.  It is Constitutionally illegal to call for a Jihad to murder Americans.

And it is Constitutionally illegal for leftist judges to imprison Americans for free speech under their false accusations of hate speech.  That’s why Democrats want to abolish the Constitution and adopt Sharia Law.  By Sharia, Americans can be legally put to death for speaking against Islamic/socialist slavery or about their Prophet who is a minion of his god Allah who is merely Satan by another name.

The Big Lie of leftism is that it claims to be better than righteousness.  The tragedy of leftism is that even people who grow up in the prosperity and protection of Christian America will turn to embrace it.  Communists, Nazis, and fascists of socialism have been striving to overthrow America for a century.  Now Islamists are invading attempting to colonize America and subvert the Constitution under the claim they are a religion rather than a theocracy.

America has been at war with Islam since its founding and Islam has been at war with the world since its founding.  The future of civilization will either flourish by keeping the forces of leftism at bay or succumb to their tyranny and fall into darkness.  Why are there no Moslems in Star Trek?  Because humanity would not become advanced under the boot of Islam as they have proven in their home countries.  Even in Star Trek the creators know that Jesus is the Way.

Why are there no Muslims in Star Trek?


Making a crime legal does not make it right just as making abortion legal does not make it righteous.  Don’t be fooled by the words right and wrong, good and bad, legal and illegal, fair and unfair, because they do not all mean the same thing.  Ignorance is no excuse for breaking the law, nor is it an excuse for immorality.  You should know in your heart that sneaking into someone else’s home and taking from them is morally wrong.  Sneaking into this country to take jobs and money from Americans and not paying taxes can never be an acceptable or justifiable crime just as killing babies in the womb can never be a godly act.

In liberal fantasy; atheists are righteous, Christians are Nazis, vampires are sexy, man can control the climate of the planet, and being a slave to the state is utopia.  Their morality is a result of backwards thinking and delusional misrepresentations of reality.  The history of the 20th century screams the evils of socialism as the socialist powers of Imperial Japan, Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, Communist Russia, and Middle Eastern Islam all plunged the world into war against the free nations of the West.  The ignorance of today’s students of WWII and American history is what is leading them to all their wrong conclusions.  These people look into the mirror and believe they are seeing the righteous on the other side of the glass.

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