When Flag Burners Become Flag Wavers

Liberals that burn the American flag now want to wrap themselves in it and declare themselves patriots fighting racist oppression.  Next time you want to burn the flag try wrapping yourself in it and then set it afire!

The so-called “Alt-Right” does not exist.  It is a fiction created by liberal Democrats to smear Trump and Republicans and try to hang the chains of racism around their necks to get it off their own.  What is left of the Democrat’s former militant arms is what they now claim is the base of the Republican Party consisting of racists, haters, and “nationalist populists” that they call popular Nazism.

Clue #1 is that populism has nothing to do with Trump being popular, nor does nationalism have anything to do with patriotism.  Try looking up definitions.  Words have meanings and liberals love to warp the meanings of words to hide their true nature and intent.  That is why things like global warming have undergone so many name changes as has modern liberalism, which used to be called communism, but is now called progressive social justice.  No matter what name changes they make, by any other name they are still a stench devoted to totalitarian fascist socialism of the communist/Nazi variety.

Clue #2 is that racism begins and ends with Democrats.  The KKK and neo-Nazis are not part of the rightwing, but are the orphans of the Left.  Leftists are trying to rewrite history to make the KKK and Nazis into Republicans because they were booted out of the Democrat Party as they adopted blacks and Jews.  Pandering leftists sucked blacks back onto the Democrat Plantation with promises of making them welfare voter slaves under the guise of caring for them after a century of oppressing them.  Now their new militant arms are liberal fascists and Moslem terrorists who may soon be driving out the Jews.  (Some Democrat Jews suggested Moslems should become Republicans, but that won’t be happening because Islamo-Nazis would never join freedom party.)

Clue #3 is that their attempt to use their anti-racism façade to mask their open fascism is going to get them more of what they got this last election – unless they can actually shut down free speech on the Internet.  They are striving stridently to do so by Democrat’s arm twisting of Google, Facebook, and other avenues of information by pronouncing anyone who speaks out against liberal lies is “hate speech” and racism.  Democrats have also now thrown white working men aside in favor of their new base of foreigners, homosexual activists, feminazis, black criminals, and fascist welfare hogs.  That is why they want to silence the Right so that people remain dumb sheep who will follow rather than informed citizens who see them for what they are – lying propagandist fascists.

White Supremacy vs. Black Supremacy

Blacks invaded and enslaved Europeans long before Europeans enslaved Africans

This leftist propaganda only works on the galactically ignorant who know nothing of history which, unfortunately, is over half of the population.  Leftists want to destroy all of America’s monuments in the name of redressing their grievance of the past.  Their true intent is to erase their own history so they can dupe future generations.  Just like Moslem terrorists attacks that continue throughout the world with the latest in Barcelona.  CNN’s Wolf Blitzer postulated that perhaps Islamic jihadis are copying the neo-Nazis in Charlottesville?  Is Blitzer such a freaking retard that he believes he can pull enough wool over the eyes of leftist fools that they would believe that?  WTF is WRONG with his brain?  Meanwhile, President Trump showed the world how to face down evil as he forced Kim Jong Un to back down from his threats of launching missiles at U.S. territories and allies in the Pacific.

The World Needs American Leadership, the Left Needs a Backlash!

Give the Left an inch and they take a mile and keep running!  They continuous cries of alt-right racism is meant to follow Hitler’s Big Lie model of telling a lie often enough that it eventually becomes the truth.  It doesn’t help the Republican cause when RINOs go out to the leftist media and confess to the lie!

Rush Limbaugh excoriates the Left for the racism lie:

“Black people and white people who were never slaves are fighting white people and others who were never Nazis over Confederate statues erected by Democrats — and somehow it’s all Donald Trump’s fault. That would be one brief summary. Now, that summary, if uttered to a CNN info babe would be met with a meltdown. I watched a meltdown today. You know what happens? You know what CNN is? CNN goes out and they find some sucker Republican to accept an invitation to appear. The sucker Republican shows up and here’s the interview, ‘Do you condemn, do you condemn the white racists?’

‘Yeah, I do. But I also condemn the violence on the left.’

‘You think there’s violence on the left? You’re a racist! You think there’s violence on the left? You’re a pig. Do you condemn the white nationalists? Do you condemn the Nazis?’

‘Yeah, yeah, I condemn it all. I condemn violence by everybody committing it, including the Antifa.’

‘You think there’s violence on the left? That’s outrageous. That’s racist. Do you condemn?’  That’s what it’s become, folks, do you condemn, will you condemn. What underlies that is for way, way too long there has been this assumption that has been allowed to settle in, that conservatives and Republicans are racists. It’s an insulting question. It ought to be met with derision. ‘Do you condemn racist violence?’ What kind of question is that? Who do you know that supports it, folks? And yet by virtue of asking the question, the intention is to brand and characterize whoever it is you’re asking that question, ‘do you condemn,’ as though we don’t know.”

Leftists Are Tearing America Apart While the GOP Stands Aside

The solution

To stop this hypocrisy the Right must learn to demand the same from the Left!  They wholeheartedly support Black Lives Matter which is a criminal advocacy group that has been assassinating police.  Demand the Left answer for their crimes!

“Do you condemn assassinations of police?”

If they say yes then demand they condemn BLM for chanting, “What do we want?  Dead cops!”

“Do you condemn glorification of murderous criminals?”

If they say yes then demand they support punishing those who glorified their “gentle giant,” Michael Brown of Ferguson infamy, and demand they take down their memorial to him.

Democrats took him and made him a victim, a martyr, and a hero – a hero – out of a criminal thug who was shot dead while trying to murder a policeman!  But no, they won’t.  Instead they justify his actions and curse the policeman for defending himself.  These people must be reading the Koran because this is Muhammadism.  Damning all people who do not stand with your radicalism, cursing all those who are in any way associated with anyone whom you deem wronged you in some way is what Muhammad taught.  That’s the foundational justification of Jihad – their holy war against all others.

This is the difference between the soul of the righteous and the soul of a leftist.  The Left glorifies evil and condemns the righteous over fictions they create.  They believe criminals have a right to their crimes because they are aggrieved over something that never happened to them like slavery.  Except that slavery didn’t happen to them.  Oppression didn’t even happen to them.  Blacks today have more hand ups and handouts than any other group, yet most do not take advantage of that because it might mean “working for whitey.”  Instead they become welfare voter slaves who use crime to supplement the meager handouts of their Democrat masters, and Democrats approve of their attacking white Republicans.  Seeing what Democrats have wrought must have Abraham Lincoln spinning in his grave.

Republicans who say they fear Trump will damage their brand are MORONS!  Their brand has been dragged through the sewer for the last century by Democrats!  Their brand is now being racists who steal from the poor to give to the rich rather than the Grand Old Party that stands for freedom!  WTF is wrong with these RINOs who accept this libelous Democrat label!?!  Donald Trump is the first leader since Ronaldus Magnus who is fighting back against leftist lies!!!  The problem with Americans is their woeful ignorance of history and foreign cultures.  Believing that the South is the heart of racism because of geography rather than the ideology of Democrats who demanded that slavery be kept in the Constitution is at the heart of this lie.  It’s the same as believing Islam is a religion of peace despite fourteen centuries of war, oppression, and slavery.

Dan Bongino on Fox & Friends said ‘thank God that Moslems can freely practice their religion in America, but they have no right to practice radical Islamic terrorism.’  Well the bad news, Dan, is that all of Islam teaches that ideology from the Koran.  It is the M.O. of Muhammad from his first days as a prophet!  He began by chastising and extorting his tribal leaders to make him their leader, and when they refused he waged war on them by attracting the worst kinds of people to his cause.  It is not just a shame, but a sociological crime against humanity that Americans are so galactically ignorant of Islam and Muhammad, yet they accept the left’s definition of this brainwashed hateful death cult for what they say they are rather than examining them for what they actually do and believe!

Mohammad – The First Terrorist and his death cult of self-imposed brainwashing

Liberals do not believe in American Exceptionalism.  They want government to rule the people rather than be ruled by the people.  They want government to make laws rather than administer the laws the people want made.  Liberals say that comparing the KKK with the likes of BLM is a moral equivalency that doesn’t fit in with a culture war.  They talk about “American culture,” as if that is what they represent.  Liberals, don’t you dare talk about American culture!  You are trying to destroy American culture, America’s heritage.  You don’t have a right to talk about being a part of American culture.  You are the people who burn the American flag as “free speech” and then violently attack the free speech of patriots.  You ignore the part of black culture that teaches thug culture of drugs and sex, and gang culture of crime wherein they promote being ‘gangster’ as good.  Leftist culture teaches revenge.  If someone does you wrong then you go out and do wrong to someone else.  This is Muhammadism, which explains why Islam is the fastest growing belief in America among blacks.

Christianity teaches forgiveness and justice, which means bringing the criminal to justice one way or another.  Islam teaches that if someone wrongs you then doing the same to a member of their group makes it right.  So if a man rapes your daughter you make it right by going out and killing a random man.  That’s the reasoning behind an Afghan murdering a U.S. soldier when they hear that some unknown person in the U.S. burns a Koran.  That is the unrighteous heart of the Left.  They are doing the same today trying to condemn Republicans as the guilty party for allowing Democrats to keep slavery in the Constitution while holding Democrats blameless.  It is self-righteous hypocrisy built on lies founded in deception and perpetrated by the liberal media.

The week of liberal psychotic dysfunctional thinking

Liberals say Moslems are the real victims of Islamist jihadi terrorism

Democrat senator calls for assassination of the President

This is why I have absolute contempt for the mainstream media.  They are not journalists.  They are not even Yellow Journalists.  They are the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party!  Just as the KKK used to be the militant arm of the Democrats, but have been replaced by Antifa fascist communists, the liberal media that has been botching their propaganda mission is being supplanted by Democrats arm twisting their corporate dogs.  Google and Facebook and others are being extorted to delete free speech that exposes the truth about the Left.  The wicked heart of the Left is exposed for all with a righteous heart to see.  Don’t let the wool be pulled over your eyes any longer!

The Left has exposed themselves

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1 Response to When Flag Burners Become Flag Wavers

  1. DB says:

    This pc culture of the left is being used by the radical islamists to advance their jihadist agenda. Like your post states Islam is a hateful death cult and people need to wake up. When ever have you heard “Christianity is a religion of peace.” Never because it is a given. You dont have to say that because it is blatantly obvious. But how many times have we heard the complete and utter lie that “Islam is a religion of peace.” Enough times that people actually believe this absurdity! Wake up people.


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