Democrat Myths vs. the Legend of Trump’s Success

Myths: Obama Regime vs. Trump Administration

Obama’s administration was –

  • scandal free, yet there was a major scandal every year and a minor one every month, just like terrorist attacks.
  • transparent, yet the Democrat controlled Congress passed legislation without allowing it to be read, and Obama passed dictates from the Oval Office.
  • helped minorities, yet more blacks and Hispanics were out of work, more foreigners flooded over the borders to take jobs, they got taxpayer benefits, and far more murders were committed in cities.
  • made healthcare affordable, yet medical insurance costs doubled, tripled, and more, and more people lost the coverage they had than new people got covered making ObamaCare a swap from private to government insurance.
  • good for the planet, yet leftist scientists now say nothing can be done to reverse climate change, but Obama shut down America coal and oil as much as possible making America more dependent on foreign sources.
  • made America respected, yet ISIS rose and the Muslim Brotherhood lit the Middle East on fire as America’s military was hobbled, and allies took cover and submitted to an invasion by Moslem subversives.
  • made a stagnant economy the new normal, yet managing America’s decline was only the new normal so long as Democrats ran the economy and milked businesses, plus kept them under an iron boot of illegitimate regulations.
  • Constitutional, yet Obama refused to control immigration, made deals with foreign enemies, and even his AG was held in Contempt of Congress for refusing to answer questions regarding his operations.


Obama was “the smartest, wisest man ever to hold the presidency.”  More like he was the best demagogue, fear-mongering snake charmer ever to win a popularity contest by playing the race card and promoting class warfare.  Now his liberal fascist army assaults Republicans and murders police.

Hillary was “the smartest woman ever to run for president.”  Yet she lost because she campaigned like an old woman who offered nothing intelligent.  Her campaign was only hatred of white working people and contempt of Trump and all he stood for to make America great rather than follow her down the road to Hell.  Even Democrat voter fraud wasn’t sufficient to pull her through.

Donald Trump was “a misogynist reprobate molesting women, conspiring with Russians to steal the election, encouraging violence and bigotry, and now wanders the halls of the White House talking to paintings and tweeting insanities because he doesn’t know how to be President.”  The reality is that Trump’s genius and good moral sense has turned the country around from the decline of Democrats and is proving to be as great a president as Reagan beating back the dark forces of the Left.  Economically, militarily, and diplomatically he is soaring while Obama & Co. try to take credit for his great successes.

The leftwing media is trying to say that Democrats are poised for a wave election in 2018 to take back Congress and impeach Trump.  With America recovering from the Obama Stealth Depression and prospering once again it can only be assumed they are repeating their 2016 polling that said Hillary would win the nation in a landslide.  But then, they may also be working night and day to sabotage the election through voter fraud and false accusations like they did in the Alabama senatorial special election.  But nothing is going to mitigate the great legacy that Donald Trump has already built.  Try as the media might to smear him as a secretive megalomaniac, his tweets reveal him to be the most transparent president ever and his campaign to make America great again and lead the world is causing them to fall on their faces.

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