Obama’s 2nd Coming

Barack Hussein Obama, the man who led the Democrat Party down the toilet of leftism, has resurfaced to declare Republicans to be evil and President Donald Trump to be Satan!  Obama said that Trump’s election would tank Wall Street, sink the economy, and bring racism to the White House.  Had he been describing himself he would have nailed it!  Now he declares the economy he said would never be great again is great because of him.  What is the definition of a pathological lying narcissist?  In Webster’s Dictionary accompanying the definition there is a picture of America’s first Moslem socialist president looking constipated.

The second coming of Barack Hussein Obama

Democrat monkeys, clowns, and pathological lies at SCOTUS hearing

White Guilt is a myth

Dan Bongino rips Obama a new one

“What’s so hard about criticizing Nazis?”  Obama asks this as if Trump never did.  Liberals like to pretend in their delusions that Trump praises Nazis.  They imagine Republicans to be Nazis and themselves to be righteous.  These delusions are founded in the lies that is the Church of Liberalism.  Liberalism is their religion of lies and abortion is their sacrament.

Liberals are walking in darkness blinded by the light of the righteous.  They think they represent goodness in the world and that Christianity, Americanism, and Republicans are the evil.  Then they enlist the aid of those who hate God and hate America.  They ally with America’s enemies and seek to overthrow the Constitution and transform America into a God hating socialist toilet.

Does Obama condemn Antifa Nazis?  Has Obama ever condemned Islamo-Nazis?  No and never!  Antifa is his fascist organization.  He is a Moslem as proven by his own declarations of loyalty to Islam and condemnations of Christianity.  His dictatorship shut down American coal mining.  Republicans of Congress only allowed this to happen because American voters were too blind and too stupid to recognize how Obama was managing America’s decline and foolishly re-elected him to continue the process.

Obammunism was twelve years of media poison indoctrinating the young and turning adults against Republicans, ten years of Democrats monkeying with the economy to steal what they could while making people dependent on them, and eight years of Obama weaponizing the government against Republicans.  The result was the election of an American son, a great patriot, and a Christian conservative to repair the vast damage done to America by a socialist Moslem intent on managing America’s decline.  The last two years has seen a civil war being waged in our government, in the media, on our streets, and in our homes as Democrats battle for the soul of our country.

Leftists are teaching Americans to hate America and embrace foreign invaders who want to colonize and transform America into the same socialist toilets they left.  Corporations like Nike joins social justice warriors by engaging in corporate hate for police, signing on as their spokesman a man who portrays them as pigs.  What kind of message do they send to young people to disrespect and hold in contempt those who protect them and uphold American law?

What kind of country are Democrats forging by importing Mexicans and Moslems to subsume American citizens?  Democrats even go so far as to say it is Republicans, Republicans, the party of Lincoln, who want to put blacks back in chains!  What kind of stupid people believe such things!!  It is Democrats that have always been the party of slavery luring the ignorant black onto their plantation.

Imagine how former black slaves felt in the 1930s watching their grandchildren run back into the arms of their former Democrat masters!  Imagine how MLK felt as he watched black culture become the welfare voter slaves of gangster culture.  Imagine how Jesus feels watching blacks turn to the hateful ideology of Islam.  Democrats have warped their minds to embrace the evils of the world and the lemmings imagine God and Christ to be that evil.

Socialism is a cancer that says capitalism, the ideology that enriched America, is the cancer.  Their cure is to go backwards to the feudal serfdom of socialism in which the elites once again rule over the masses.  Liberals believe it is racist to refer to them as being dumb as monkeys when they really are just as dumb as monkeys.  Why would they find this insulting when they believe they are descended from monkeys and prove on a daily basis to make us believe they are right?

They embrace ridiculous frauds like the NYT op-ed that says Trump is a moron, that Mueller is a noble man investigating real Russian tampering in the election, and that global warming is man-made!  Liberals are pathological lying mythomaniacs that believe their own lies!  Democrat states are passing laws to give illegal aliens and felons in prison the vote, so they can “legally” override citizen’s votes without fear of prosecution for violating citizen’s rights.

In 2008, the TEA Party was born of American patriots against Obama’s massive spending and taxation.  During his two terms Democrats lost a thousand seats under Obamaism.  Now that Americans have grown enough brains to elect a true blue American to make the nation great again they think they are righteously taking to the streets to battle oppression!  When Republicans get angry with their sedition and rioting they believe Republicans are acting like Nazis.

Liberals cannot tell the difference between irrational hate and righteous wrath.  They believe they are righteous in their dysfunctional immorality.  The violate the law declaring they are fighting for freedom because they lack a moral compass.  When they believe right and wrong are grey rather than black and white they can’t tell the difference between right and wrong.  Such people don’t just need an education.  They need a good butt kicking!

Brennan says deep state must obstruct Trump – assassination is next

Liberal Democrats should adopt the moniker that truly represents them and make hats that say;

Make America Suck Again

Their logo will be MASA, so they can say, “Yes, MASA, we do your bidding,” to their Democrat masters.  You hear that giant sucking sound?  That’s Obamaism working at sucking up America’s prosperity again by sucking in all the foreign parasites that want to suck the life out of America.  They believe they can do it by suckering all their liberal lemming dupes to vote for them again this November.

Democrats hope to overwhelm citizens with the illegal votes of criminals both foreign and domestic.  If this isn’t civil war to decide America’s future, then what is?  America will either continue its economic rise back to greatness or Democrats will seize power, derail the Trump Train, and return America back to socialist Obammunism and make America suck again.

Obama’s Legacy of Hope and Blame

Democracy Dies in Darkness

What America’s Next Civil War Could Look Like

Democrats expand definition of “hate crime” to include being a Republican

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“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thorn bushes or figs from thistles? Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Therefore, by their fruits you will know them.” – Matthew 7:15-20 NKJV




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2 Responses to Obama’s 2nd Coming

  1. Roy says:

    Thanks to Obama for awakening the Silent Majority and thanks to their hatred of president Trump we get a glimpse of just how deep the Deep State is. Career employees in the State Department and Judicial Department, who really run this country, aren’t much better than those who run Venezuela or Mexico. Global companies and Leftist media never give up their fight for subjugation but the Silent Majority tends to go back to sleep.
    The fate of Judge Kavanaugh and the November midterm elections will determine the direction of our country. I pray that the Silent Majority didn’t go back to sleep again. We can’t afford it.


  2. ForHisGlory52 says:

    Reblogged this on For ♥ of God ✞ and Country .


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