Liberals Imagine Christian Conservatives to be Neo-Nazi KKK

Haters have to hate and, like thieves who see dishonesty in honest people, Democrats see hate in Republicans who bear no one malice.  Liberals do not see Christians as being patriotic, forgiving, considerate, selfless givers of America who only lock their doors because they want to protect their families from foreign invaders and socialist fascism.  They see them as dictatorial racist Nazis that want to keep the brown race oppressed and steal from the poor.  This psychotic delusion was indoctrinated into their psyche in American schools by radical leftist activists.  The Left has used America’s naïveté and guilting the gullible into allowing them to infiltrate our educational system to corrupt the young.  That’s why they want the voting age lowered to 16 to enable naïve kids to tell adults how to run things when they don’t understand how the world works.  They believe the scam that taking guns away from law-abiding citizens will stop the school shootings that liberalism has fostered.  If they want the age of gun ownership to be raised to 21 because the young are too immature to handle firearms then the voting age should likewise be raised to 21 because the young are too irresponsible to handle the vote.  Only those who serve in the military should be enabled to buy firearms and vote from age 18.

Democrats are the party that have always been for the opposite of liberty.  They balkanize American society into conflicting dysfunctional groups all with animosity toward Christian white men.  They are the party that insisted slavery be instated in the Constitution.  They are the people who wanted a king rather than a president.  They are the party of racism, segregation, and the KKK.  They are the party that promotes welfare voter slaves to live as indigents off of working taxpayers.  They are the party that endorsed socialism in the 20th century and now champion Islam in the 21st century.  Islam, of all things!  The death cult of Muhammad dedicated to the anti-Christian god Allah.  (For atheists, no, Allah is not the Father of Jesus as any Muslim will attest, though they do claim he is the God of Abraham, hence the confusion.)  The ideology that has spent the last fourteen centuries waging war against all the governments and religions of the world to establish itself by force as the one all-powerful creed through the radically violent fanaticism of Jihad.  A populace brainwashed five times a day to all behave exactly the same way is easy for an elite rulership to control which is what makes it so attractive to socialists.  If you want to know why the Spanish developed the Inquisition and the Sicilians developed the Mafia both can be traced back to their centuries of control under Moslem conquerors.  If you wonder where Marx got his ideas of how a socialist society should be operated wherein the masses are ruled by the elites he, too, learned from Muhammadism.  His flaw is that he thought he could enforce such control without religious fanaticism of a “fantasy god” by making people fanatic slaves to the state.  But the old pagan ways like the Egyptian Pharaohs who ruled as deities wouldn’t fly with modern peoples.  However, keeping people ignorant and enthralled as is done in Moslem countries still works very well.  Islam, contrary to what propagandists try to teach, did not bring civilization to the West, but sucked it out of the Middle East and North Africa.  It was the Romans that were the advanced civilization that Islamic and Arian brutality stomped out.  Not surprisingly, it is these two cultures that developed the most socialist and brutal dictatorships the world has known.  In the 21st century the only governments that have used poison chemical weapons to exterminate people have been the Communists, Nazis, and Islamists.  It is the descendants of the Romans who embraced Christianity that abhorred and refrained from the use of poison gas on innocent peoples while the Left has always embraced genocides as a means of controlling populations.

How liberals demonize Christians in their minds to justify genocide

Democrats are conducting a persecution witch-hunt to destroy Trump and his supporters.  They will take any information from the Cohen raid and leak it out of context in order to poison the public’s perception of President Trump.  There was no legal right to do this, but liberals always justify their crimes by the propaganda they can produce.  Disgraced FBI Director Comey says the American people are “duty bound” to vote Trump out of office based on his accusations, not proof, just the opinion of a deeply flawed self-righteous hypocrite, that Donald Trump “immoral.”  When the people do not then Comey will pronounce those people to be Nazi fascists endorsing the new Hitler, and that is how Democrats will condemn the Christian Right to justify their genocide.

Cardinal Comey the Two-Faced Liberal Saint

Compared to Carter, Clinton, and Obama, Donald Trump is a sainted paragon of virtue.  The men that leftists hold up as models of morality and intelligence have all been the most warped, twisted, lying, scheming frauds ever foisted on an unwitting people.  Carter fostered an American decline at home and abroad that was a precursor to Obama who forced America’s economy into decline while siphoning off America’s wealth to empower a renewal of the Jihad.  Now Democrats are saying women and blacks and Hispanics are dying because they are not the ones in power due to losing elections.  No, they’re dying because Democrats are still living under Obamaism in Democrat controlled cities and states.  All they want to do is undo all of Trump’s advances and damage control over the past year that is making America great again and go back to Obama’s decline.  Democrats have nothing to offer to make America better as Trump is doing.  They only offer a path backwards through their hate and anger.

There have been waves of sweeping political reform when the people believe the party in power is abusing them.  In 1994 Gingrich led America to the first Republican Congress since the 50s and a balanced budget for which Clinton, who fought against it, took credit.  In 2006 Bush failed to contest Democrat smears and enabled the Left to seize control of Congress.  This huge error led to the economic crash created by Democrats and blamed on Bush resulting in the election of Obama with a Supermajority.  They inflicted debilitating taxes and regulations on the nation so critical that in 2010 Republicans were inspired by righteous wrath of an anti-American Moslem socialist tearing down their country to bring a red wave sweeping back into Washington.  It took another six years to oust the usurper and bring back a Constitutional leader to the White House.  Now it is liberals are incensed with anger and hate at Christians undoing the damage they have wrought.  It is they who are sabotaging America at every turn and warping the media to again poison the people’s minds.  Unlike Bush, Trump fights back against the lies of the Left and all they can do is lamely call him a liar devoid of facts.  Bush enjoyed one of the rarest of surges in 2002 when Republicans won seats contrary to Democrat prattle.  Being a righteous war leader outweighed the leftist smears in the months after 9-11.  But Bush fell for failure to stand against liberalism, which Trump is having none of.  The facts are obvious to those with eyes to see and ears to hear.  Leftists offer nothing but bile and poison against Trump trying to smear him as only representing white Christian males.  But his followers include all patriotic Americans regardless of race or creed.  It is Democrats that balkanize the nation into separate hate groups pretending to be the oppressed minorities.  Those among Democrats who say they are Christians but supporting atheists and Islamists are like taxpayers who support Democrats taking their money to give to deadbeat welfare voter slaves.  They’re all chickens voting for Col. Sanders. Democrats try to make their sanctuary city/state laws a human rights issue about racism and immigration, so they can smear those that stand against them as racists and xenophobes.  But their lies are as plain as the nose on their face.  The anti-sanctuary movement is about stopping government renegades from forcing citizens to be responsible for the welfare of criminals.  Mayors and governors do not have a right to force citizens to take care of indigents who break into their homes by providing for them.  The Left’s war against Trump and Republicanism has reached a fever pitch in their witch-hunt to persecute Trumpsters.  These governors and mayors are in open rebellion against the nation believing they can make and overrule federal law and impose their laws on all other states.  It is time for Jeff Sessions to step aside since he has done nothing to take down these confederates or take control of his out-of-control assistant AG Rosenstein and Mueller’s 4th Amendment violations.  Their fraud has long ago left any pretense of investigating Russian collusion in the dirt behind them, and Session’s recusal is leaving him impotent in the face of a critical threat to the Constitution.

Session’s Recusal is now in conflict with justice

The poisoned minds of liberals are not something with which Americans must compromise or even contend.  They must simply be defeated and deconstructed so that they have no power in America.  America is rising and the world is rising because of it.  Only ignorant, warped liberals thoroughly duped by ludicrous leftwing propaganda believe America is the source of evil in the world rather than the source of prosperity and salvation.

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