Dems declare Republicans guilty of sex assault over baseless accusations

In the American republic people are innocent until proven guilty.  But in the land of liberal Democrat leftists people are always guilty until proven innocent.  Loads of leftists have been outed for their serial sexual abuse of women, men, girls, and boys in the last few weeks.    Democrats always protect their sex offenders, but when an unsubstantiated allegation is made against a Republican there are even those in the Republican Party who join with Democrats to call for his head.  While Democrats protect their vermin, Republicans like Herman Cain, Roger Ailes, and Bill O’Reilly have often been destroyed by mere accusations of impropriety.

Liberal leftists mocked VP Mike Pence for saying he will not take a meeting with a women without his wife being present.  Is it any wonder when Democrats would use any such meeting as a vehicle to accuse a Republican of sexual molestation?  Sexual Assault is the new accusation that leftists are using to assassinate Republicans and the GOP establishment is happy to join hands with these lying, self-righteous hypocrites of the Demonrats and their lying leftist media!  With the Left it is always circle the wagons around their sexual predators and protect them from judgment.  But when it comes to conservatives their motto is, “guilty unless proven innocent,” and burn them at the stake!  Judge Roy Moore, Alabama’s candidate to take the Senate seat of Jeff Sessions, has been accused by women who work for Democrats of having sexually molested them forty years ago.  While there is no statute of limitations on murder there is on everything else.  Making accusations of sexual molestation ten, twenty, thirty and more years down the line is absolute BS!  If it meant so much to these women then they would have come forward years, decades ago when there would have been actual evidence that could be found to substantiate their claims.  Now it’s just hearsay and as such is just casting aspersions thru innuendo in an attempt to smear a person’s character in the eyes of the ignorant.  Moore denounces their accusations as baseless lies, but Democrats and their RINO allies like McCain are declaring that the allegations alone are enough to disqualify him from serving in Congress.  They do this because they want a Republican Senator who will work with Democrats against Trump, not one who will work with him.

Moore denies knowing woman accusing him of molestation

Moore’s accusers are Democrat operatives

President Trump understands slander

If everyone were convicted of any slander thrown at them then every stinking member of Congress would be in prison!  Has anyone heard the story told by McCain’s associate how the former POW joined his good friend Bill Clinton to go with him to Epstein’s “Pedophile Isle,” and how he raped little Vietnamese girls in revenge for his captivity?  Have they heard of a friend of Barack Obama’s telling how the ex-President got so high on cocaine in college that he raped two white junior high school boys?  Do they know about Michelle Obama’s girlfriend tell the story of the former 1st Lady filling in for her as a babysitter while at Princeton and being caught sexually abusing babies?  These allegations are deeply disturbing and disqualifying, so why should they be allowed to hold office or draw a government pension when they have not disproved them?  This is a critically serious matter that needs to be addressed by these sexual predators and serial sex criminals!

Every Democrat and every Republican has been accused of alleged sex crimes at some point in their careers.  This two-faced form of justice should bring out the righteous wrath of the good people of the Republican Party.  Moore should be elected to spite the leftist liars and the GOP turncoats who would slander and smear good people.  Falling for these accusations as having any basis in truth takes the lowliest of dupes to be so fooled.  The leftist media does nothing but slander and smear Trump despite all the great things he is doing to undo the destruction wrought by Democrats.  As proven by their treatment of his stupendous Asia trip they leave no clump of mud unslung.  That half the Republican Party needs to be flushed out of office is evidenced by their willingness to join with and promote Democrats over anyone who would be helpful to the president who was selected by the people to clean out their corruption!  It is ALWAYS the Left making false accusations against the Right and calling for their immediate execution, while it is always leftists who are discovered and proven to be guilty of the very crimes of which they accuse others.

Good Republicans say there must be proof to convict Moore

Leftists say allegations are proof against Trump, but proof is false against Obama

Why should Trump let yapping dogs bite?

Democratic National Committee head confirms Hillary-Obama conspiracy

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1 Response to Dems declare Republicans guilty of sex assault over baseless accusations

  1. radman414 says:

    With liberals, IT’S NEVER ABOUT THE VERACITY OF THE ACCUSATION, JUST THE SERIOUSNESS OF THE CHARGE…and how many of their useful idiots in the media and their base that they can get to “push it.”

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