Liberal Democrats are #MeTwoFaced

Fool Me Once, Twice, Three Times I’m Out!

Liberal are out of touch with reality choosing to believe what they are told and adhering to it even when it is proven a lie.  Young people tend to believe the first thing they hear, glomming onto it emotionally, and are slow to change their opinion even against a mountain of proof.  That’s why Democrats want to lower the voting age to 16.  And that’s precisely why it should be raised to 25.  They would only be two exceptions; being 21 with a job or being 18 in the military.  That’s because both of those conditions require people to be adult and responsible, while kids in school live in a pretentious social environment in which they do not really learn how the world works.

Democrats didn’t expect Kavanaugh to fight back

Sexual Assault

Liberals punish good and decent people by firing them from responsible jobs like teachers in order to keep up their indoctrination of the young.  Thank God President Trump is firing liberals who are in it is administration sabotaging his efforts to undo the damage they have done.  Righteous people like Trump use their power to make the world a better place for everyone.  People like Obama use their power to punish those who oppose them.  That’s why Christian businesses were boycotted and shutdown, why the TEA Party was penalized by the IRS, and why America declined.  The left uses power to destroy good people, while the right uses power to improve everyone’s lives.

Unfortunately, evil people use what is to their benefit to try to take more from others out of their sense of greed and envy.  Trump stopping liberal leftist Democrats from corrupting and destroying good people is not the same as Obama destroying decent people.  The ideologies of left and right are polar opposites with the right promoting positive morality and the left promoting what is negative.  The only way for them to succeed is to tear down what is good and right in the world.

“Decent people do not wallow in muck. Decent people do not sit around and try to anticipate what’s gonna come next from the indecent among us. They live their lives. They try to do the best they can. Everybody faces obstacles in life. They do their best at overcoming them. Some do well; some don’t. But decent people are not obsessed with what’s coming next week from the indecent side, and the indecent side is devoted to nothing but shock and awe as a means of forcing their indecency and perversion and all on society and having it accepted as normal.” – Rush Limbaugh

When it comes to their #MeToo movement, liberals are deluded by leftists to be completely two-faced and corrupt.  They slander Judge Kavanaugh with unprovable allegations from three decades ago and declare that the accuser must be believed.  Why must people believe lies?  It’s not like these lies are not obvious.  At the same time, they exonerate DNC Vice-Chairman Ellison who has physical and material evidence to prove his abuses of two women who have spoken out against him.

Instead of declaring “me, too,” Democrats are telling these women to “shut up” just like they did for Bill Clinton who was impeached for lying under oath about his fling with an intern.  Liberals foolishly believe he was impeached for having sex.  That’s the same as their belief that Original Sin is Adam and Eve having sex in the Garden of Eden.  Their ignorance is compounded by their denial of their own sins.

What happened to their stories must be believed?  These women have evidence proving their allegations, yet they are given short shrift by the left.  Some have had their day in court but most never will because Democrats believe they have a right to violate laws.  At the same time, they believe they have a right to hold Republicans accountable outside the law.  What does this mean?  The only conclusion is that Democrats willfully slander Republicans with lies as destroying women, while at the same time destroying their own women for telling the truth!  We call that evil.

They declare the righteous to be guilty until proven innocent, and their lunatic base is applauding them.  These are not the actions of good and decent moral people.  These are the actions of criminals, of pathological liars, of evil minions.  These Demonrats and their minions need to be taken under oath and made to prove their allegations or face prosecution for perjury and false accusations.  The left cannot be stopped merely by confirming Kavanaugh.  They must face the consequences of their heinous lies.

Trump gives Kavanaugh 100% support

Democrats destroy the rule of law in their quest for revenge

Democrats know Kavanaugh is guilty without evidence

Censure Feinstein for her hoaxing the committee

Kavanaugh tells Feinstein he will not be intimidated by her lies

Democrats reject Ellison’s girlfriend’s proof of his abuse – #MeTwoFaced

Economic Foolery

In the fall of 2016, Democrats predicted that Hillary would win in a Reaganesque landslide, but if Trump was elected then the stock market would crash as only Hillary would continue Obama’s policies.  The stock market didn’t crash after Trump’s election.  Nor did it boom.  It rocketed for the Moon.  In November 2016 the stock market skyrocketed, not because Obama’s policies would be continued, but because everyone knew Trump would abolish them, and that America would once again be open for business.  To Democrat’s twisted thinking this is just a way to make the rich wealthy and impoverish the people.

The people are not now dying of poverty in the streets because business is booming under Republicans and sucking up all the wealth.  Unemployment is at record lows across the board and pay is rising.  When Democrats are running the show, they could never have an economic boom like this.  When Obama was in charge, Wall Street was crashing under Democrat congressional policies that were blamed on Bush.  Upon his election, Obama immediately began taking trillions of borrowed taxpayer’s dollars that would make America’s grandchildren debt slaves, and that, too, he blamed on Bush.  He used that money to pay off his rich donors on Wall Street for the losses they suffered when Democrats nuked the economy through crashing their mortgage banks.

Obama paid them back for six years calling it “quantitative easing” without producing a single budget by which to track that money.  Wall Street profited while Middle Class income went down for the first time since the Great Depression.  The welfare rolls rose by over 50%!  Which of these two presidents made the rich richer and made the working person poorer?  The USA has two hundred and fifty years of economic history that always has depressions and recessions under Democrats, and always has booms under Republicans.

The Great Obama Depression; 2008 – 2016

The Great Trump Depression

I challenge anyone to name one time in American history that wasn’t true.  I dare you to try.  I double dare you and I’ll happily humiliate you in public with the truth.  Kennedy was the only Democrat ever to lower taxes and he was assassinated by the left.  They credit Clinton with the economic boom of the 90s that was the doing of Republican Speaker Newt Gingrich.  But that is as false as blaming Bush for the crash of 2008 that was engineered by the Democrat Speaker Pelosi.  What most people don’t understand because the vast majority of people do not know is that it is Congress that makes economic policy just as it is Congress that makes the budget.  But the media convinces them to blindly blame the Republican president who has limited power over that Congress, while they blindly praise Democrat presidents in the same situation.

Demonizing Trump, Republicans, Conservatives, and the TEA Party

“Trump is a racist!  Trump is a fascist!”  The Democrat’s Big Lie lives!  Joseph Goebbels learned the Big Lie from Wilsonian Democrats.  That leftist Democrats continue to dupe their liberal lemmings to this day is thanks to mass media.  McCarthy was right to censure Communists in the fifties to keep them out of school and entertainment.  Today, America’s children are indoctrinated through leftist propaganda in school and in media with lie upon lie.  The left uses innuendo, implication, and assumption to further their bogus science, rewrite history, advance immoral culture values, and create a dysfunctional society.

Liberals are taught to be racist against white men as if it’s not racism.  They are taught to use fascist thuggery to further their cause under the delusion that they are fighting fascism.  The degree of self-delusion and denial in liberals is what is found in Islam with their brainwashing of the people five times a day.  How can anyone not see that forcing such a habit is mind altering?  (Hell, I don’t jack off five times a day and psychologists have told me I’m a sex addict!)

Fortunately for America, Trump already knows this game and how to play it.  He used dirty tricks to defeat Ted Cruz and taught him the lesson that moral intellectualism is not how you win against liars.  It’s easier to smear with a lie than to clear a lie.  And, unlike McCain and Romney who surrendered to leftist political correctness and bowed to media slanders, Trump fights fire with fire.  This is how you use the weapons of social war.  It’s no more wrong than soldiers using the same tanks, guns, and bombs against the enemy.

Right vs. Left: Propaganda, Alternative Facts, and the Weapons of War

Democrats, like Islamists and socialists always have, use the same tactics as gangsters of the mob.  This is the same Democrat Party that fought to keep slavery in the Constitution, make the president a king, and make subjugation of the people institutional.  They control the media through coercion and threat of shutdown if they don’t comply and most of the media goes along with them.  The hippie generation that was corrupted is in charge today and they are wrecking the greatest Christian nation in history with their ideology.

The Gangsterization of Democrats

“Sit down,” Michelle, is Tomi Lahren’s response to Obama was a great president


Liberals think backwards in everything, especially economics and law.  Here is proof;

  • They believe white men are guilty until proven innocent.

This is backwards from American law in which you are innocent until proven guilty.

  • They believe that their accusers have a right to be heard.

They have a right to speak, but no right to force people to listen to them let alone believe what they say or accept it as the truth.

  • They believe lies must be believed.

In America you must prove what you say is true.  The barrel of monkeys Democrats unleashed on Kavanaugh have no basis in fact.

Liberal’s backwards think is why the left is filled with false facts and lives in denial.  They are the dysfunctional thinkers of society and have no place in government.  Unfortunately, politics does not rely on voters having good sense, morality, or even brains.  That’s how blithering idiots like Maxine Waters, sexual predators like Bill Clinton, and corrupt people like Barack Obama gain power.  That’s also why I believe the voting age should be raised to 25 with the two exceptions.  It takes a responsible adult to recognize that “politics is the art of lying” and have a chance to recognize the liars.

Kavanaugh’s accusers have become a circus of lies and this should enrage every Republican official and voter.  RINOs like Jeff Flake, McCain’s cohort and fellow NeverTrumper, should be tarred and feathered if they block Kavanaugh’s appointment.  That leftist lies, slanders, and corruption should ever win the day should not be tolerated in the least by the righteous patriots of the Republican Party.

Leftist threats to the Kavanaugh family

Rush Limbaugh correctly predicted these attacks as always


Kavanaugh’s letter to the GOP

America teeters on the brink of the precipice.  Electing Trump was the first step in wrestling back control from the vile socialists of the left that would transform America into another failing banana republic.  He has been beset from all sides by leftist Democrats, RINO NeverTrumpers, the MSM slandering and smearing his every word and deed, and leftist comedians warping the thinking of liberal lemmings.  Most liberals have no clue about Trump’s great accomplishments, and if they do they are twisted into believing they somehow belong to Democrats.  Americans need to be awoken to the lies of the left and be educated to the greatness that is American Exceptionalism if they want to actually live the American Dream.

Republicans had better not cave to leftist lies against Kavanaugh.  Obammunism is what Americans voted against in 2016 and Trumpism is what they will vote for in 2018.  Only RINO saboteurs would side with America hating leftists and if they do there will be hell to pay!

Raise the Voting Age to 25

Trumpism vs. Obamaism: Restoring American Prosperity vs. Managing America’s Decline

America was Never Great – the new Democrat Ideal

Democrats are the Party of Hate Poisoning America

Obama’s 2nd Coming

Democracy Dies in Darkness

Two Americas: Americanism or Socialism, Right vs. Left

Shades of Sharia – Democrat Socialists Embrace Islamic Evil

Are Democrats Obvious or Oblivious?

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2 Responses to Liberal Democrats are #MeTwoFaced

  1. Roy says:

    It appears that YALE law professors are giving their students the day off to protest Judge Kavanaugh. The outcome will show age and maturity vs. ignorance and indoctrination. My gut tells me that we will see many over 25 should not be allowed to vote either.

    A civics test rather than age may be a another way to test if a person is smart enough to vote.


  2. Hatman1793 says:

    The Demonrats will try anything & everything to derail the Kavannaugh appointment to the SCOTUS. Senatoe Feinstein’s last minute scurrilous actions demontrate that she has NO place on the Senate Intelligence committee. She must be thrown off the SIC immediately & her security clearance revoked.


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