Wag the Donkey – How Democrats are Criminalizing Trump Republicans

Liberals prove once again they suffer from backwards thinking deliberately misrepresenting Trump’s Syria response as being tied to their rape of his attorney client privilege when their raid came after Trump’s announcement to retaliate again against Syria’s chemical attack on civilians.  These same people believe conservative good moral sense to be “hate speech” and that Democrats are concerned about jobs, taxes, and the National Debt.

Special Prosecutor Mueller raided Trump’s personal attorney for all correspondence between them.  He claims that it was to discover a “possible campaign finance violation” in regard to the Stormy Daniels case.  This action, and all those taken by these Democrats conducting a witch-hunt, are violations of the 4th Amendment in extremis, and persecution of Trump and his associates over a fraud.  The charges he has brought against Trump associates all have nothing to do with Russia but were dug up with illegal search and seizure.  Most every “crime” was manufactured by Mueller such as Gen. Flynn “lying to the FBI” when his federal interviewers said he did not.  Trying to apply Trump’s hush contract with Daniels with campaign contributions is not even a tenuous stretch of a wisp.  Mueller is already known for creating crimes where none exists.  An associate revealed that he fired an agent for saying a car was red rather than the manufacturer color designation of scarlet.  This is a crime by Mueller in and of itself.  His is trying to do the same striving to find some way to create a crime committed by Trump by committing crimes against Trump through his deep anal probe, and daring him to take action to stop him so he can then blame him as the perpetrator of obstruction.  It is all a twisted leftist plot of lies and fraud to convince the ignorant liberal haters of America to support Democrats in the Midterms to steal back control of government.

Rush Limbaugh rips apart Mueller and Democrat’s coup over phony charges

The contrast between how Democrats investigated Hillary and how their operatives working with RINOs are investigating Trump is stark.  Hillary was exonerated before being interviewed.  Hillary destroyed subpoenaed evidence and was not charged with obstruction.  Her lawyers were not raided, but given immunity so none of them had to flip to save themselves.  If Trump and his lawyer Cohen made an “illegal campaign contribution” to Stormy Daniels then Hillary and her lawyers made a thousand times that in selling her presidency to the Russians and every despot around the world!  Hillary says Trump cannot charge her with any crimes because “America does not persecute political losers as despotic dictators do,” but Democrats ARE PERSECUTING Republicans as political winners trying to make them losers!  Since when are crimes not charged against political opponents whether they win or lose?  Only when it is Democrats whose corruption and crimes are uncovered do Democrats demand amnesty.  Trump shouldn’t just fire Mueller as that wouldn’t end the investigation, but just give Democrats ammo to use in propaganda against him.  He should arrest him and charge him with violations of the 4th Amendment rights of everyone whom he is investigating, especially when Mueller gave all Trump’s attorney’s data to a third party of New York liberal lawyers.  But more amusing would be if Trump neutered Mueller by granting pardons to everyone he is investigating, including himself, which would end this witch hunt farce and stick it down their craw so deep all they could do is gag on it impotently.  In leftist’s world the righteous are guilty until proven innocent, but their own are innocent even when proven guilty.  Trump needs to turn this investigation back on the Democrats and Sessions needs to get his little butt in gear and get with the program.  All of this is nothing less than a coup attempt by Democrats to overthrow the election by criminalizing Donald Trump and, by extension, Republican voters whom they already slanderously label racists promoting hate speech.

DeFaced Book – Liberal Fascist Censorship of Righteous Thought

Conservatism has been designated “hate speech” by the Left and deemed “unsafe” by Facebook censors directed by Mark Zuckerberg to silence Trump supporters.  Democrats are incensed that Republicans were able to use Facebook to gather personal data the same way the Obama campaign did.  Liberalism cannot stand in the light and debate conservatism to open-minded people because then their lies will be glaringly obvious.  Leftists are incensed that Zuck allowed Trump to use Facebook to gather data the same way he allowed Obama to do it.  Zuckerberg wants federal regulation of Facebook to be done by Democrats to make his censorship legal and make conservative Republican use a crime.  Let him who has eyes to see and ears to hear examine the proof in how Democrats are censoring righteous opinion as hate speech and believe in Democrats who campaign for reversing tax reform over the federal debt.

Democrats want Zuckerberg punished for letting Republicans use his site

Zuckerberg testimony to Congress

Zuckerberg lies – Diamond & Silk still censored despite assertions

Democrats vs. Republicans – the War for America’s Soul

Democrats and Republicans keep saying they want to work together, but they don’t.  They don’t have the same agenda to make America great.  Democrats want high taxes, massive regulation, and rulership by their government, while Republicans want low taxes, oversight, and service by their government.  Their members in Congress cannot find compromise because they are working toward opposite goals.  Democrats want to abolish the Constitution despite all their words denying this, the proof being that all of their actions have been oriented to do just that, plus they secretly explain that is their intent to their liberal friends who occasionally slip up in public.

Liberals are so ignorant they believe they can impeach Trump for having sex like the Republicans impeached Clinton for having sex with an intern in the Oval Office – except that he wasn’t impeached for that.  Liberals to this day stupidly believe Clinton was impeached for having sex just like there are liberals to this day who believe Sarah Palin said she can see Russia from her house.  They believe Democrats like Pelosi and Corey Booker who talk about the tax cuts being “crumbs” and “come at the cost of increasing the National Debt” when they are obviously the typical Democrat a$$ clowns of liberalism.  When Obama gave people a phony tax cut to get $40 extra a paycheck, but then took away $100 a paycheck in ObamaCare taxes he patted himself on the back and they cheered him.  Now that Trump obtained substantive tax reform they slander him as being a debt hog only benefiting his rich friends.  For eight years Democrats gave hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars to Wall Street as “Quantitative Easing to save jobs.”  They increased the National Debt by $10 TRILLION dollars when Obama campaigned against the $5 trillion that Bush added by fighting wars, and they did it without passing and publishing a budget so we wouldn’t know where that money went.  The “wars that were not paid for” we paid for by the national debt, so what did Obama pay for while putting America’s grandchildren into generational debt?  He paid to redistribute Middle Class prosperity to his buddies on Wall Street and to third world sh*tholes to send their derelicts to the USA to live off of taxpayers as punishment for American’s creating the greatest nation in history.  Why would anyone who has a job and pays taxes want to give it to Democrats?  It’s like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders.  Liberals don’t understand anything that is going on.  All they know is what they are told to believe that they just parrot mindlessly at conservatives.  And when they are faced with conservative good moral sense they call it “hate speech” and close their minds.

Rush – How to end this fraudulent investigation

Democrat Coup – The “Nothing Burger” Democrats are Desperate to Suppress

Trump the True and Righteous Man

Democrats or Republicans, only one is the party of lies, slavery, and death

Sex, Lies, and Redacting-Gate

Make America Great Again – Burn Stupid Snowflakes

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2 Responses to Wag the Donkey – How Democrats are Criminalizing Trump Republicans

  1. Joanne Gyure says:

    I always enjoy reading your articles. I agree with everything you say and it’s obvious you are very knowledgeable and intelligent. I’ve always been a Republican my entire life and I do not remember the Democrats ever being this evil. We are supposed to support our President for the good of our country, even if we did not vote for him, not destroy him. It’s impossible to reason with a Liberal. I’ve tried many times. I don’t know what we can do other than make sure we go out and vote. Even that’s futile, because I live in a Democratic state. Keep up the good work you do.

    Liked by 2 people

    • dustyk103 says:

      You should be proud to have always been wise enough to be Republican. I was foolishly taken in by Democrats when I was young, but I learned from the best – Ronaldus Magnus, who exposed Democrats for what they are. I then spent time studying history and learned that Democrats have always been as they are today, only they have made a greater effort to disguise their true nature. But Obama’s regime has brought them out of the shadows and now they are in the light and burning in public, and they intend to either take over or take down the rest of the country. The Left’s heartfelt attitude is that if they can’t have it then no one can.

      Liked by 1 person

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