The Trump Bump, NeverTrump Obstructionists, and Congress’ “Hush Fund”

The economy is recovering from the Great Obama Depression as President Trump rolls back Obama’s hateful and illegal regulatory orders that drove America into decline and Republicans wouldn’t act against.  Instead there are Swamp Rats like McCain who are taking a stand against tax reform to keep ObamaCare and high Democrat taxes in place.  To expose the extent of corruption of Democrats and Republicans it was discovered that, along with giving themselves platinum pensions and Cadillac healthcare on the taxpayer’s dime, they are using taxpayer’s money, not their own, to pay off the women they molest while in office.

Congressional “Hush Fund”

Every Republican Must Be the Perfect Man

Liberal Democrats Grandstanding and Their Morality Play

RINOs want to keep the gravy train of milking the taxpayer for every penny they can get so they can continue to profit along with their liberal Democrat allies.  Taxation is how the economy is kept low and these faux conservatives who have infiltrated the Republican Party with their campaign lies are working with Democrats against Trump.  Tax reform may not tax place this year or for years to come until the swamp can be drained and good people elected in their places.  Democrats, RINOs, and NeverTrumpers say it’s Trump’s fault for not being a good leader.  First off, you don’t become a billionaire by not being a great leader who can bring people together to achieve great things.  Second, Congress has a long history of wasteful spending, cronyism, and being slaves to their donors.  They claim Trump would balloon the deficit, but since when have they ever been against borrowing money?  Democrats wouldn’t pass a budget for six years under Obama and constantly ran trillion dollar deficits.  Republicans even aided Obama’s Wall Street welfare program giving him $800 in the first budget passed in six years to assist Democrats in stealing taxpayer wealth to give to their rich donors.  Even under Ronald Reagan Democrats ran up huge deficits and then blamed them on the president.  Whenever a great president demands tax cuts, Congress demands their spending not be reduced.  If they are threatened with reductions they don’t cut out their slush funds, but want to reduce the military, Social Security and Medicare for which the working man pays.  It is not the nation’s rich who make the poor man suffer, it is congressional Democrats and their RINO allies who do!  It is always liberals who want government shut downs to hurt the people the most.  That’s why Obama shut down the government when Cruz refused to endorse his budget and barricaded national parks and monuments which had never been done before.

Politicians love to grandstand so they can go back to their constituents and claim they were the ones who stood on principle to force the president to acquiesce to the needs of their voters, but those are the claims of petty, ineffectual representatives.  Little men like McCain are more adept at surrendering to Democrat demands than working for the taxpayers that elected him.  It’s no wonder he surrendered the presidency to a Moslem demagogue without a fight.  America needs to undo what liberal socialists have wrought.  Their efforts to fundamentally unmake America so they could create a socialist banana republic toilet in its place with themselves as the dictatorial plutocrats must be defeated!  America could have another Reagan Recovery under Trump’s brilliant business leadership if only Americans could get the greedy, lying pigs in Congress out of the way.  Democrats are going to scream that tax cuts will steal from the poor and kill people, but everyone is seeing the economic turnaround from the decline into which Obama directed it so he and his cronies America-hating Democrats could profit.  Americans have an opportunity to turn this greatest of nations back from the darkness of submitting to global elites.  Don’t blow it.

Republican senators who may deny Americans tax reform

End Corporate, Wall Street, AND Blue State Welfare

Reaganomics – 1980 and now

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