Vote Democrat to Restore ObamaCare taxes on the lower class

Never AgainWill Americans vote to keep making America great again or restore Obammunism?  Will Americans stand for law and order or endorse foreign invaders and criminals?  Will Americans vote for righteousness or vote stupidly to allow the rule of the mob?

Democrats would reverse all of the gains President Trump has made in jobs, trade, and deregulation.  They would destroy all the advances he has made in diplomacy to bring our allies back into the fold and beat down our enemies.  They would restore Nancy Pelosi to the speakership again and, as she did after gaining power in 2006, she will again reduce the economy and nuke it two years later to blame Trump like they blamed Bush to get a Democrat elected president.  Democrats wrongly predicted that the Stock Market would crash if Trump were elected.  The opposite is true.  It skyrocketed on Trump’s election.  But if Democrats take back the House you can expect it to take a plunge.

As I’ve explained, it is Congress, not presidents, that run the economy.  Obama saying, “I produced more jobs my last 21 months than this guy has done his first 21 months because of me,” is bogus because Republicans ran Congress his last two years.  Trying to take credit for this boom when all he did was manage America’s decline is a galactic joke on liberal lemmings who believe anything he says.  Democrats have been working to sabotage Trump’s economy and have largely failed, but they’re more than willing to take credit for what they have been deliberately ignoring for the past two years.  Democrats always damage the economy because they always take the people’s wealth in taxes to give to their welfare voter slaves.

American nightmareTax cuts and deregulation did not inspire people to invest in America’s future because they believed that Trump would take money from the poor and give it to the rich.  The ousting of Hillary and Obama brought Americans hope once again to achieve the American Dream without having the government steal it out from under them.  The result is the lowest unemployment rates in fifty years and job growth opposite of what Obama declared to be the new normal.  This is an economy that Democrats could never have because of their policy to steal wealth through higher taxes.

Liberals add the word “justice” to their causes to conceal their injustices.  Social Justice and Environmental Justice are euphemisms for leftist racism promoting criminals and their economic policy promoting socialist communism.  Liberals want to hold conservatives criminally responsible for their words.  The only words that are criminal are words advocating physical violence which is what liberals have been doing in promoting their own racist fascist hate of Republicans and white Christian men.  There are no words to describe Democrat’s Healthcare Justice in which they inflicted high taxes on the middle and lower classes while saying the rich would pay for it.  They put illegal aliens on ObamaCare at the cost to working taxpayers and demand the borders be opened to millions more of them.

“Democrats are openly encouraging millions of illegal aliens to break our laws.  A Republican Congress means more jobs and less crime.  A Democrat Congress means more crime and less jobs.  It’s that simple.” – President Trump

Keep making America great!

“We’re deciding between two very disparate viewpoints of what America should be.  It’s either going to be run by the left who believes in mob rule, radicalized feminism, chasing congressmen and conservatives out of restaurants, or we’re going to vote for the founding principles and Constitution and what our Founding Fathers laid out for this country.” – Candace Owens

ObamaImmigrationPolicyCartoonDemocrats are pulling out all the stops in their voter fraud campaign including allowing felons and foreigners to vote at Democrat polling stations.  This cannot be allowed to make the rules in America.  A liberal wrote on my blog that all I do is spread propaganda.  He said this right after declaring that my description of Democrat budget policy math is incomprehensible, and then described Trump as a racist “sending 15,000,000 troops to the border to stop a few thousand women and children seeking refuge.”  If this is the extent of liberal’s understanding of math and the situation on the border where tens of thousands of men are trying to invade our country, it is no wonder they are so easily duped by Democrats.

Real Democrat Propaganda

Leftist Media Gaslights America

Democrats are saying, “He’s [Trump] energized the radical right in our country.”

“At the center an unapologetically incendiary President untrammeled by the traditional norms of civility.” – George Stephanopoulos

The “radical right” of which they speak are the American people who stand for law and order over Democrat’s mobs and their foreign invaders.  Trump’s “incivility” is speaking truth to Democrat power exposing their lies to take away their power to deceive and refusing to concede to their threats.  American patriot’s hearts are swollen with pride at the first Republican since Ronaldus Magnus to stand up against the Democrat propaganda machine and declare the truth openly and boldly and without apology.  Donald Trump bows to no liars.

Obama built

Democrats are now running to the microphones to declare how they support President Trump defending our borders and covering up the fact that they have been declaring our borders should be open to all.  Their only intent is to dupe the ignorant with their lies that their only policy is to hate Trump, impeach Trump, destroy what he has built in the last two years restoring America’s greatness, and turn America back to the economic malaise of Obammunism.  No one is running on the disaster that was ObamaCare’s largest tax increase on the middle and lower classes in history.  They are producing their age-old propaganda that Republicans will take away Social Security and Medicare to leave people to die in the streets.  Who still falls for this?

“Obama is the only Democrat we can find who likes the Trump economy because he’s trying to take credit for it.” – Kellyanne Conway

Obama nuked economy in 2008 wants credit for Trump’s boom

“If you’re black and vote Republican, you’re a traitor to your race!” – Black Democrats

Democrat ScumI don’t know what to think of the leftist bigots who believe voting for the former slave masters of their ancestors is somehow endorsing their race.  As for me, I can’t betray my race unless space aliens attack and I join with them because I belong to the human race.  I don’t take sides with anyone because of their race, creed, or sex.  Like the Founders, my ideology is founded in Jesus the Christ.  I’m not a traitor to anything unless I take sides with evil, in which case I would be a traitor to God and myself.  I am an opponent of the lies and bigotry that rule the left in their anti-God, racist, gender hatred of Christian white men.  Christian white men are the people who founded this great nation.  Christian white men are the ones who fought and died to eliminate slavery.  Christian white men are the ones who fought and died to end socialist tyranny.  Christian white men are the ones who fight for the people’s rights, not for criminal’s rights.  In the war between good and evil it is always Christian white men who fight on the ride of righteousness.

Christians crushed the Inquisition, Moslems endorse the Jihad

President Trump has put America first and he has the Midas touch to restore American greatness that Obama said was unrightfully taken and that he tried to put in the past.  Putting America first is a requirement of our government.  Not putting those in the world who would come to America to steal and transform her as Democrats do.  America is the hope of the world only if she remains the strong shining city on the hill.  Putting America second is like a rescuer becoming a victim.  The rescuer’s motto is to think before you act so as not to become a victim because victims don’t rescue anyone.  America cannot defend the liberty of other nations if she doesn’t defend her own.

Modern slaveryWant to talk about traitors to their race?  Try confronting the descendants of African slaves who now fight to oppress minorities, to coerce them to be racist themselves, and to vote only for the descendants of their ancestor’s masters.  The Democrat Party has not changed since the Founding.  They still lie, cheat, steal, and kill to get their way.  The only vote for liberty, to keep the money you earn, and to be able to live the American Dream is as it has always been – to vote Republican.  Vote Democrat if you want high taxes, fewer jobs, more welfare, open borders, importing foreign invaders, and mob rule by criminals.  The choice is obvious to people of good morals.

There is no Leftist Media Bias!

The Immigrant Crisis is a Creation of the Democrats

Toxic Two-Faced Democrats

Jobs not mobs2Democrats cannot tell the truth.  “Arctic ice will be gone forever by 2013.”  “Hillary will win a 97% chance landslide presidency.”  “Donald Trump colluded with Russians and is a racist fascist.”  Democrat polls say they will win back control of Congress because of the “Obama economy” and open borders.  Democrat polls are so bogus.  The only poll that counts is that made on Election Day.  Go vote Republican.  Repeat 2002 and 2016 and make liberals cry again.

Rush on Campaign at MAGA rally with President Trump

Why are felons Democrats?

Hysterical leftwing media Trump hate – when Satan calls you the Devil

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obama bs[Author’s Note – Like always, Democrats are out excoriating Trump for promoting “fear and hate” with his anti-illegal alien campaigning, while they promote their fear and hate of Americanism under their own halos.  They poured millions of California and New York dollars into the Texas senatorial campaign for Beto, and trotted out “the Oprah” to endorse a black woman for governor of Georgia.  The only measure by which anyone should be kept deserves to be the truth they speak and the good deeds they do.  Liberals who say they want to “rescue refugees” have no right to do so by taking from others.  Stealing is not charity.  Democrats justify their crimes through their racist scorn of white Christian men as evil.  President Trump isn’t for white men as Obama is for black men in his endorsements of Islam and socialism.  President Trump isn’t for fascist people as Democrats are who promote their own fascism falsely accuse him to be.  President Donald J. Trump is for GOOD people.  May the good people of America reign this day!]

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  1. gueppebarre says:

    Adding the word “Justice” to something virtually assures that it has nothing to do with justice, just like adding the word “Science,” “Studies” or “Education” to another word virtually assures that they are anything but that.

    We have Social “Studies,” Women’s “Studies,” Political “Science,” Transgender “Studies,” African-American “Studies,” Sex “Education,” and so forth, but we don’t have Math “Studies,” Physics “Science,” or Geography “Education,” now, do we? QED.


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