NFL’s Black Slaves, Denial of Constitutional Rights

Slavery in America has hit an all-time low.  Black players in the NFL have all been reduced to slaves forced to serve their white masters in silence with their Constitutional rights being denied them.  And they are being forced into submission by the leader of the white supremacist Republicans – Donald Trump!

Cognitive dissonance: This has been the theme for this week in dealing with the mayhem caused by liberals.  Leftist Democrats have been slandering President Trump and American law enforcement as a bunch of racist pigs who oppress people of color.  In the Democrat Party you are a white devil unless you bow and scrape in servitude to black men to make up for the sins of your ancestors.  The Left is promoting a fallacious narrative to slander Trump and his supporters.

  • Leftist Democrats say professional sports athletes are slaves
    • This stupidity is costing the NFL billions and tearing America apart
  • Liberals say police stopping thieves is unfair, unjust, and racist
    • This basis of the NFL protest, hands up don’t shoot, is a lie

This isn’t about police being racists.  It’s about blacks being criminals and not wanting to face the consequences.  Police are not lynching innocent black men.  To the Left police are the KKK.  To the righteous they are protectors of the people.  This is how warped and twisted the left’s morality has become.  Sports athletes are worshipped as heroes by many.  While I honor the talent they have in their respective fields, I have never seen any athlete as a hero.  These winners of life’s lottery who have been blessed with great talents do not serve for the good of humanity, they do not make anyone’s life better except their own, and they do not help those in need by playing their game  and being paid millions of dollars.  These cretins declaring America is racist and they are slaves are doing more damage to this nation and her culture than they can comprehend.  They are entertainers and they are employees who are disparaging their customers while stealing the stage from their employers.  The police who risk their lives every day for low pay to help others being attacked by vicious monsters are the heroes.

NFL Links Arms against Police; Fans should shout, ‘BACK the BLUE!’

Where are the black athletes opposing black gangsters murdering black youths?

These primadonnas of the NFL need to decide if they want to play football or be social justice warriors.  If they don’t want to serve whitey then QUIT you pussy bitches!  QUIT YOUR JOB or QUIT YOUR WHINING!  How stupid do these people have to be to believe they can be elevated to hero status and paid more for playing a game just one season than most people will make in their lifetimes to believe that “they is ohpressed?”  How much of a dumbass moron does someone have to be to believe he has the right to say anything he wants and spit in the faces of his employer and customers?  Do you think the hamburger flipper at McDonalds has such a right to free speech that he can tell a customer to “go f*** yourself, whitey?”  Try that and see what happens!  This is not about free speech.  This is about angry political activism and their unrighteous hateful behavior.  This is not about having their rights violated, or protecting the rights of others, this is about advocating for criminals and violating the rights of ticket buyers.

None of these petty little hateful piglets in the NFL who have been protesting America, condemning cops, and pissing on fans should have a job!  The NFL should have fired every last one of them!  Until they do most of the people who boycotted the NFL will continue to do so!  What’s worse is that there are some of these scum who are now deliberately injuring players who oppose them.  This is war and these Nazi chumps must not be allowed to prevail!  The NFL owners have proven that having billions of dollars does not make you smart or moral.  They should have taken down Kaepernick like the cockroach he is from the start instead of giving the stage to his cohorts advocating for his racist rants.  Were they afraid of being called racists by a bunch of degenerate racists?  That the President of the United States had to call them out for their anti-Americanism is disgraceful.  These NFL billionaire owners deserve to lose trillions of dollars for pissing on their fans when they should have been sh*tcanning and blackballing these black supremacists raising their fists against America.  Not only will the racist KKK not be tolerated in America, but neither will the racist Black Panthers!  As for you advertisers out there, if you pay even a tenth of what you have been for Super Bowl time then you are playing the fools and being robbed!

It’s NFL Owners’ Job — Not the President’s — to Control Their Employees

One last thing; most of these racist fools believe they have a right to mouth off at the cops.  No, you don’t!  Police represent the law and are entrusted by the people to uphold the law.  If you don’t like being pulled over to be given a ticket, or if you don’t like being held for suspicion, you don’t have a right to mouth off and go free!  Even Chris Rock knows you treat those with the legal authority to take you to jail with respect whether they deserve it or not!  Everyone can learn from him.

Chris Rock’s educational video – How to not get your ass kicked by police!

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4 Responses to NFL’s Black Slaves, Denial of Constitutional Rights

  1. Eileen says:

    The leftists are wrong – as long as the players wear their team’s uniform, they represent the team; in corporate America, there is no free speech.

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  2. Kiowah says:

    Piglets! Good one …heh …heh …heh

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  3. guidvce4 says:

    It’s all part of the marxist plan. Denigrate all the symbols of America’s exceptionalism until there is no expression of same. Then start on the founding documents and principles which made possible the greatness of this nation. The end goal is the overturning of the America as we have come to know it.
    The NFL players are nothing more than pawns for the progressive/marxist/communist in the quest to establish a tyrannical government lead by the leftist elites over the common folk. The players are, apparently, too ignorant to realize what is going on and how they are being used. I guess an affirmative action education might make one rich it just doesn’t make one smarter.


  4. gbat2017 says:

    Thanks to Barry, a community agitator who was ushered into 8 years as president, we see how bigoted America is. There are no Black/Hispanic mayors, police chiefs, senators, congressmen, sports players, news casters, actors, or policemen. There are no Black/Hispanic organizations and the Civil Rights Div. of the Justice Dept. take care of only white privilege people.
    That’s the BS take away I get from the media and I’m really tired of it.


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