Democrat’s 2018 Slogan – A Better Deal to Demonize Success

Better freebies, better welfare, better drugs – Democrats offer more Obamaism to counter Trump’s MAGA.

For their next trick Democrats offer more Obamaism as if 2016 didn’t prove that the people reject what Democrats are peddling.  Leftists promise to steal more from the rich by forcing them to give people low skill jobs with high pay and high benefits.  The Democrat Party’s message for those who consider themselves to be victimized minorities is, “Don’t work for rich, white men because they stole your wealth.  Stay at home and collect benefits from the government who will steal from white people for you!”  They keep trying to rephrase and repackage the same failures of progressive liberalism – that socialist government takeover of business is an improvement of society when it has caused massive economic failure in every country in which it has been tried throughout history.  Venezuela is the latest example of the disaster that is socialism as it made Hugo Chavez ultra-rich while impoverishing the rest of the country.

“Capitalism makes the rich powerful, while socialism makes the powerful rich.” – Rush Limbaugh

Papa John’s wants their slogan back

Democrat’s idea of a “better deal” is like their New Deal and their reinvention of civil rights that for black America became the raw deal.  In the 1930s the black family was Republican and prospering except where they were being oppressed by Southern Democrats.  The out of wedlock childbirth rate was 8% until Democrats trashed the economy by raising taxes to confiscate wealth causing the Great Depression.  In the next thirty years that rate tripled to 25% and MLK led the civil rights movement to end oppression and reverse that trend.  The Republican reverend convinced congressional Republicans to pass the Civil Rights Bill in 1965 only to have LBJ usurp it, promoting the welfare state for blacks to live as parasites instead of as citizens, and now that rate is up to 75%!  The message to Democrat blacks is to live back on the plantation of their leftist masters as welfare voter slaves, who don’t need school or jobs from the hated rich white man, but to subsist on scraps from Democrat’s table and use drugs while the government steals from the white man for them.  While Democrats politicians prosper their constituents are left languishing and turn to crime because leftists promote stealing from others as a foundational principle of their ideology.  They then confuse them as to who the Democrats are because Democrats have taken over the North while Republicans moved south to escape them.

Left vs. Right

Democrats believe that taking away the people’s Bill of Rights, the portion of the Constitution that is the very foundation of American Exceptionalism keeping government from oppressing the people, and establishing their own bill of government rights to establish a tyranny via a gilded cage of “benefits,” will dupe the ignorant into giving them power.  Their entire premise is based on their promoting the myth that Republicans are only for rich corporations that keep the people from acquiring wealth, but only make a few rich white cronies wealthier.  They promote government ownership of all businesses to enforce “fairness.”  As history has proven, businesses do not become successful in socialism, but cronies do.  Socialism has more in common with feudalism wherein all the people and businesses in the country are the property of the crown, and the ruling monarch chooses his favorites to be his nobles.  Since the Founding Democrats have promoted a king rather than an elected president, or a communist oligarchy in which only those who serve the ruling party prosper, or now they see the benefit to their ideology of an Islamic theocracy in which the ruling class lords over the masses.  Leftist ideology is based on elites controlling the rabble with the peasants serving the lords.

Democrats whine about how the wealthy prosper and the masses labor, but not everyone can be the CEO of a successful company.  Businessmen produce products and services that people need and want, from farmers to truckers to packaging plants to grocery stores, from miners to manufacturing plants to store shelves, business creates jobs and jobs create wealth.  But wealth attracts the greedy and the heart of the Left is greed.  “Money is the root of all evil” is a leftist corruption of the truth that love of money is the root of evil.  Just as they warp morality by making it right to steal, they distract and divide the nation on the basis of morality.  Live and let live is a Christian philosophy along with love your neighbor as yourself.  Leftists corrupt that belief to create their demand that you embrace your neighbor’s immorality.  Christianity is the only ideology that benefits families, unlike Islamic theocracy or the Hindu caste system.  But when Christians prosper that prosperity again draws the greedy and power hungry.  When leftists get control of the church they use it to oppress others and force morality on them.  This is because leftists, regardless of where they are in society, want control over other people’s lives to force them to obey their will.  Righteous people would rather teach people right from wrong and convince them to freely choose morality.

D is for Democrat – Distract, Divide, Delude, and Destroy

Trump’s Promise

Tyranny vs. Liberty

Leftists have always believed that people are the problem, that the masses are rabble too ignorant and immoral to rule themselves.  They despise the Constitution because it was written for a moral people to do just that!  According to the Left the population must be controlled and, at times, culled to serve the “greater good.”  They try to convince the people to allow the government to choose who is worthy of saving and who should be destroyed.  This is the premise of many movies like “The Matrix,” “Kingsman,” and “Inferno,” in which freemen fight for liberty against evil that strives to destroy them believing mankind to be “like a virus.”  This is a leftist belief that people are overpopulating the Earth and must be controlled.  They began this fallacy over a century ago with the Population Bomb when they said the world couldn’t support more than a billion mouths to feed.  Now we have seven billion people and still going strong.  Today their ploy is climate change and how the population is going to suffocate the planet with CO2 unless the people revert control of society back to the government elites.  This is their idea of “progress” – to bring the world back to the days of lords and peasants with themselves as the ruling elites or the beneficiaries of them.  That socialism always devolves into murderous fascism like Communism and Nazism makes leftist belief that the heroes of those movies are somehow leftists a remarkable delusion.  They believe it is the righteous Christian conservatives of the Right who become the murdering Nazis because of their dysfunctional understanding of how the world works.

CO2 the global warming lies

Capitalism vs. Socialism

Everyone has their place in society to which they rise and contribute in different ways.  In capitalism people can rise on their own merits, but in socialism they rise by the grace of the elites.  In capitalist business people who produce, whether they’re a leader who starts his own business or one of the people whom that leader hires to promote that business, reap the rewards of their labors.  There are also those who entertain like musicians, artists, actors, and athletes.  Reporters are supposed to be those who inform people of what the leaders and producers are doing.  But today’s reporters of the leftist media spend their time propagandizing people to indoctrinate them into leftist ideology rather than informing them.  The media war on Trump is not to inform the people of what President Trump is doing to promote the agenda on which he ran his campaign, but to smear him for doing it!  It’s like their climate change scam in which these elites believe they can tell Americans what to think and how to act, that they must do without gas and electricity because America is destroying the Earth.  [Don’t tell me to stop using my car because it’s “killing the planet” until you stop using your private jet and travel by horse and buggy yourself.  Of course, then they’ll complain that horse poop is killing the planet and only they can have a team of horses.]  Democrats and their media animals have proven they are the Islamic jihadi extremist haters of America who have nothing to offer except slavery to the state.

The progressivism of the Left does not envision mankind freed from the constraints of labor by machines so that people can improve themselves.  They envision mankind serving the nobles as pampered peasants, which is the fallacy by which their voters are duped.  Society comes in two flavors; primitive or civilized.  In primitive societies the warriors rule and the shamans corrupt through false religious teachings.  Civilized cultures go through cycles.  The military establishes power, merchants improve the culture and create wealth, wealth attracts the greedy who become thieves, and lawyers corrupt the culture until the system breaks down resulting in the military taking charge once again.  American government has devolved into control by lawyers who want power for themselves to impose their will on the people.  A second revolution is needed, but the problem here is that 99% of the time military leaders establish a leftist dictatorship.  Only America in the history of the world has established liberty by the people’s rule.  But America has been corrupted by leftist lawyers for the last century and their corruption is what has made Washington the dysfunctional elitist establishment of today.  Americans elected Republicans to stop the Democrat’s leftist takeover of the nation, but they laid down for them instead.  President Trump was selected by the people as the man who will fight them to restore the people’s will.  Trump was nominated and elected because he proved he would fight tooth and nail against the corruption in Washington.

Socialism, capitalism, and the American Way

Now the entire Washington establishment is battling Trump trying to drive him from office by keeping him from accomplishing the agenda on which he was elected.  From the phony Russian collusion accusation that is being used to do an anal probe of Trump, his family, and their associates in an effort to destroy them, to Republicans holding Congress hostage from advancing his agenda to restore American prosperity, Washington is broken and needs the voters to replace those self-serving elitists with people who will work with Trump to make America great again.  Despite the best efforts of the leftist media to distract and conceal this fact, the people see what is happening.  In response to Trump tweeting about Republicans not standing up for him, especially when they won because of him, Speaker Ryan had the gall to say they were not elected to defend Trump.  No?  They were elected to advance his agenda, the agenda that thirty out of fifty states and 3000 out of 3100 counties want, an agenda that they have not been advancing for the past eight years despite being handed the House and Senate!  The only question is will Donald Trump be able to overcome Washington inertia to lower taxes so that the people can prosper once again, or will the establishment stymie him until they can reassert they control over the populace?  Propaganda that is meant for consumption by the weak-minded is based on half-truths and innuendo that informed educated conservatives reject.  The leftist media does not understand that conservatives are above them, so they resort to mockery to dismiss them, which is typical of the weak-minded who mock what they do not understand.  Socialist liberalism can only succeed with the ignorant who believe what they are told rather than examining the facts critically.  That lifelong liberals believe they are enlightened and the Right is stupid is how dysfunctional they become.  Democrats are the people of whom Lincoln spoke when he said, “You can fool some of the people all of the time,” but conservative ranks are swelling as people get sick of the liberal media’s smear campaign.  When you tell lies over and over and are exposed over and over then the people’s eyes are opened.  Democrats recognize that their beliefs never stand up in debate which is why they resort to lies, mockery, and violence.  Trump may need the people’s vote in 2018 to start draining the swamp of Washington snakes who are more invested in working with Democrats than in working for the American people.  The question Americans must answer is; will enough of them see this and take action at the voting booths, or will they be fooled into believing that Democrats offer an improvement?  In other words, will Americans break some eggs to make an omelet, or will they jump out of the frying pan back into the fire?

Democrat coup attempt continues as GOP lies down

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