Shame on Democrats and their psychology of hate

Misery loves company: What that means is that hateful people want others to suffer as they do.  They would rather have a negative relationship than no relationship.  This is the essence of leftist ideology.

Few soldiers are warriors.  Not all soldiers are part of the brotherhood of arms.  But all American soldiers do share the nobility of serving and sacrificing for their country.  As General Kelly said, to the Left absolutely nothing is sacred, nothing is virtuous, nothing is worthy of anything other than their contempt and scorn.  This Democrat congresswoman, who is using the grief of a war widow to spread her message of hate, did so for no other reason than to get her fifteen minutes of fame in the eyes of her America hating constituents.  What does it say about the kind of people who would elect such a psychotic hater to the United States Congress?  She’s not a rock star, but a rap star, and rap is crap.  Song is about lifting the human spirit and is always in praise to the Lord.  Rap is about spewing hate and filth upon the earth.  Her statement that this is Trump’s “Benghazi,” just like the Democrat claim that Puerto Rico is Trump’s “Katrina,” are statements designed purely for consumption by the most ignorant, hateful people.  Everything about this woman screams Fruit Loops to hear racism, hate, and servitude in the grief of Gen. Kelly.  Hers is the extremely dysfunctional thinking of a radical psychotic leftist.  It is a mentality born of another planet such that if men are from Mars and women from Venus then the righteous are from Jupiter and leftists of her variety are from Uranus.  This disgusting creature is an example of how a politician can be lower than whale sh*t and proud of it.  Leftists have no moral or intelligent argument to make.  Where a righteous person can make a valid argument based on provable facts, leftists make irrational arguments based on erroneous beliefs which, when proven untrue, always resort to name calling and mockery.  All they can do is resort to character assassination and name calling without reference to anything of substance.  People are what they eat, politicians are what they speak, and leftists are what they think, and when garbage goes in then garbage comes out.

General Kelly disgusted by Democrats congresswoman

Democrats, the NFL, Islamic jihad, and the hate of the Left

The right to protest is not a right to do so at your employer’s expense.  If you are working as a waiter or waitress try going into a diatribe to a customer about how they are white supremacists who support racist cops who are murdering your people and see how long you have a job.  If you choose to make a protest that spits in the faces of others then you do not have a right not to suffer the consequences.  The Left’s entire meme that Republicans led by Trump are white supremacists is such a bald-faced a lie that it’s a wonder no one has lost an eye being poked out by all their growing noses.  There is only one reason for all of this racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, bigotry bullsh*t and that is to keep small-minded people distracted from all the good that Trump is doing for America.  The leftist media has only one agenda – to detract from Trump’s great successes and distract from the obstructionism by RINOs to keep Trump from succeeding in making America great again, and especially to conceal the crimes of Democrats from the ignorant.  It’s about keeping people from seeing that Donald Trump is initiating programs and removing Obama’s onerous regulations to allow businesses to grow again.  It’s about keeping people from seeing that RINO Republicans of the swamp are obstructing the president from achieving the agenda on which he campaigned and is striving to keep his promises.  It’s about keeping people from seeing the crimes of Obama and Hillary and Holder and Lynch and all their fellow Democrats in their making deals to sell Russia America’s uranium and persecuting Americans through their many violations of Constitutional law and even the most basic ethical behavior.  It’s about keeping people focused on the speck of sawdust in Trump’s eye and ignoring the forest in their own.

Bring these Democrat traitors to trial for their crimes!

  • Bring Obama and Holder to trial for Fast and Furious giving illegal firearms to vicious Mexican drug lords
  • Bring Obama and Hillary to trial for Russian collusion taking bribes to sell America’s uranium to America’s enemies
  • Bring Obama and Lynch to trial for getting a FISA warrant to surveil Trump on the basis of a dossier they knew was phony
  • Bring Obama and every Democrat mayor and governor who violates American sovereignty by giving invaders sanctuary status with citizen’s benefits
  • Bring Obama and his cohorts to trial for using the IRS, EPA, and other government and private agencies along with his executive orders to persecute American businesses, Christians, and the TEA Party patriots.

The specious Russian collusion charge by Democrats that lacks any evidence by which to even begin to theorize how it might be possible falls flat on its face in the light of the truth that Hillary took hundreds of millions of dollars from Russians for her campaign.  Her saying that Trump is the colluder, while dismissing herself selling uranium to Russia as some kind of conspiracy theory when she bragged about it during her tenure as Secretary of State, is the stuff of a psychotic mythomaniac.  Russia is giving that uranium and technology to Iran with which to threaten America and Europe.  What kind of sh*t for brains politician sells his enemy the weapons with which to destroy him?  The answer is hateful Democrats because, like all hateful thieves, if they can’t have control of America’s wealth then no one can.

Islamic lustful hate is the leftist idiom that, “If I can’t have it then no one can.”  Moslems make women slaves as second class citizens.  The only reason a Moslem woman can speak as she does against America is because they consider infidels lower than women.  Moslems, like all leftists, project their own hate on the motives of others and blame victims for the actions of criminals.  That’s why women can be raped and that rape justified by Islam.  The entire sociopathy of Islam is in the power of men over women and non-Moslems.

Moslem cleric says women incite men to rape them

Leftist arguments are always vacuous incendiary rhetoric.  You can say a white man is black or a black man is white, but that doesn’t change the color of their skin.  Only their deeds will expose the color of their hearts.  You can say God is evil and Satan is good, but God’s forgiveness and Satan’s revenge are all the truth you need to recognize the lie.  Leftists deceive, distract, and demonize those who are good for the sole purpose of making themselves more appealing, but there is nothing appealing about the Left that offers only that which is negative.

Cognitive Dissonance – the master mentality of liberalism

The Liberal Code of Conduct

Where are the black athletes opposing black gangsters murdering black youths?

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