The 1st Amendment Does NOT Protect Fake News and Heckling

President Trump ousted CNN’s Jim Acosta from a White House briefing yesterday for heckling him again.  The last time Acosta heckled him to answer a bogus question to which Trump responded, “You’re fake news.”  Liberals believe their lies and abuses are protected by the 1st Amendment guaranteeing freedom of the press.  That doesn’t mean they are free to lie and slander as they please.  Flake and Acosta, et al, accuse Trump of being a Stalinist.  If that were true then Acosta would be hanging from a tree right now.

President Trump tosses Acosta

The Left always smears the Right with accusations of being what the Left actually is and actually does and they think they can fool the entire nation into believing their lies.  They accuse Trump of being a Nazi thug when they are the ones acting as Nazi thugs.  They accuse him of shutting down their reporting when they are the ones trying to silence the righteous Moral Majority.  The Left is the heart and home of greed, bigotry, totalitarian socialism, ignorance, and hate.  Democrats, who are the Left, and Republicans like Flake, a leftist that fooled the people of Arizona into electing him, wholeheartedly endorse liberal fascism while trying to cast the righteous as Nazis and Communists.  Anyone with a functioning brain knows that Nazis and Communists are born of socialism and are the ideologies into which socialism, with its totalitarian rule, always devolves.  They think their sh*t don’t stink.  They believe they are pure of spirit and without sin, that they are incapable of racism when they are racists in their hearts and souls.  Democrats, the party of slavery and segregation and abortion has never stopped being racist.  They’ve only succeeded in duping the ignorant into believing that Lincoln was a Democrat and Republicans are the KKK.  It is psychotic to believe that white people are all racist against blacks and Hispanics, and that blacks and Hispanics are incapable of being racist against whites when it is spoken in the public forum every day.  Jesus would be hard pressed to convince these hypocrites to stop throwing stones.  There is only one viable response to a liberal who cries racism at the righteous in the face of truth – Go F*** Yourselves!

Trump’s Best Response to Charge of Racism – Go F*** Yourselves!

Playing the Trump Card Against the Race Card

Liberal Journalism is the Sh*thole of American Media

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