Democrat Voter Fraud Goes Extreme as They Cry “Foul! Thief! Fascist!”

The Democrat cry that “Every vote must be counted” is their dog whistle for their zealots to cast more fraudulent votes until they win.

Just as Democrats conflate legal immigrants with illegal aliens, they are confusing legitimate votes with their fraudulent votes.  America needs to secure the vote through super strict voter laws.  Change the voting age to 25 except for 21-year olds with full time jobs and 18-year olds in military professions; armed forces, law enforcement, fire-rescue.  Require only and all legal citizens registered to vote to have Voter ID including picture and thumb print.  When ballots are cast the machine must recognize the thumbprint match and put thumbprints on the matching ballot.  No more voter fraud!

What do you do when you catch a thief in the act and he tells the police you are stealing from him?  This is how criminals think and how Democrats behave.  In how many ways and on how many levels are Democrats willing to attempt a coup?  Now they are corrupting America’s electoral system in the extreme by producing unregistered votes from their closets demanding they be counted.  Meanwhile, their propagandists cry “freedom of the press” to assault the president, while at the same time their media is attempting to force the nation to submit to their will as their thug militants of Antifa mobs terrorize the families of conservative journalists.  Democrats have figured out the winning formula to corrupt minds and defraud the vote.  All Americans can expect from their government the next two years is gridlock and endless investigations by Democrats to persecute Republicans.  Pray Trump turns the tables on them and investigates all of their tax returns to uncover all of their corruption.  Democrats find it easy to accuse Trump, Republicans, and the courts of corruption because that is their own foundation.

Democrat’s “Blue Wave” was a manufactured lie to conceal the massive voter fraud they’ve been planning for the last two years.  They thought they had their voter fraud scam worked out.  With felons and illegal aliens voting, plus Democrats doing extra ballot box stuffing, they believed the election was in the bag and they were guaranteed a greater tsunami against Trump than happened against Obama.  What they didn’t expect was that Republicans would become so incensed over Kavanaugh and the caravans that they would turn out in droves.  Now they’re pulling out tens of thousands of additional “provisional” ballots out of their butts demanding every fraudulent vote be counted lest Republicans “steal the election.”  Following the 2008 Minnesota model, multiple states have Democrats “discovering” tens of thousands of new Democrat votes to throw contests they lost into recounts where doubtlessly enough votes will be “found” to flip the elections they just lost.

America’s election system is as broken as the immigration system, gun control, and all of its laws because it is Democrats who are breaking those laws.  Democrats packed Republican districts in states they controlled and cities they dominate with felons and foreigners whom they allowed to vote to overthrow Republican citizens.  That’s why Republicans lost House seats but gained Senate seats.  Their fraud could overcome districts, but not entire states.  Every candidate Obama campaigned for went down while 9 of 10 candidates for whom Trump stumped won.  Those Republicans who rejected Trump lost giving up their seats to the swamp rats of the Democrat Party.  Democrats didn’t win anything.  RINOs gave it up.

President Trump’s post-election press conference

The Constitutional Crisis Is the Deep State Coup Against Trump!

Retiring RINOS Bought the Drive-By Media’s Blue Wave Scam

Like the sociopathic criminals they are they have the gall to call us thieves as they try to steal the election.  They call us racists as they perpetrate their bigotry against white people.  They call us fascist as their thugs and mobs attack innocent people.  There are no Republicans conducting riots, mass shootings, murdering police, assaulting innocent people, harassing journalists in their homes, or threatening anarchy.  The TEA Party never formed anything like the kinds of group composed of Antifa thugs or BLM criminals.  Leftism is founded by criminals to overthrow the righteous, not vice versa.

CNN’s Jim Acosta, who has repeatedly been abusive to Trump and his press secretaries, assaulted a Trump aide as she was trying to get back the president’s microphone during his diatribe against Trump at the post-election press conference.  The violator declared his innocence while slandering Trump as shutting down the “freedom of the press” as if he, personally, is the media.  His White House press pass has at long last been suspended but needs to be revoked permanently to keep this nasty propagandist away from decent people.  If his claims that Trump was a dictator shutting down the free press were true, then he would already be under the prison rotting as he deserves!

But he hasn’t even been charged with the crime he committed, so he is free to continue to peddle his Trump hating propaganda.  Meanwhile, Antifa terrorists threatened the family of a FOX News host almost breaking in the door of their home claiming they were “fighting racism.”  When satanists say they are fighting evil how do you respond?  These are the kind of of people that should be killed as they are a very real threat to the good people of America.  They have already murdered hundreds of police and many innocent people that are not reported by the media.

Democrats do this because they believe the law means nothing, that it only applies to citizens, not to themselves and their criminal base!  They so easily break immigration law, why would they respect any other?  American law says you are innocent until proven guilty and that anyone charged with a crime has a right to face his accuser.  That doesn’t mean little girls must have child predators face them down.  It means that the accuser must provide the details of the charge.  Liberals said Ford had no responsibility to explain her accusations against Kavanaugh, provide her evidence, or prove her case, but that he was guilty until proven innocent.

By their measure I declare Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton guilty of treason, of raping the American people, and it is up to them to prove they are innocent, or Democrats can take their charges against Republicans and shove them where the sun don’t shine!  Americans believe in the law and are sympathetic to legal immigrants and valid refugees, not to fraudulent claims for asylum by border crashers who got caught.  America is a nation of citizens descended from legal immigrants!  Democrats would make America a nation of criminals and liars.  The problem with leftists is they propose false narratives as the truth and then ask stupid questions as if their lies are truth.  President Trump is perfectly right to slap them for making their stupid assertions.

This campaign saw Trump vs. Obama again compete head to head and the stark difference between them was glaring.  Obama wishes he could do what Trump has done.  Both inspired people with their speeches at their initial elections.  But where Obama spoke high rhetoric making rainbow promises he had no intention to keep, Trump spoke of substance and leadership and has kept every promise he made.  Obama fanatics worshipped him despite his signature legislation of ObamaCare being a complete fraud costing them dearly.  But now they are revealed to be only a few deluded followers as his policies wrecked the nation and they are willing to perpetrate any violence necessary to re-establish Democrat rule.  The number of Trump’s admirers have grown as he proved himself to be a great leader.  That’s why the leftwing media slanders him at every turn.

Democrats cannot make their own case.  They must misrepresent themselves and Republicans.  They take them out of context, editing what they say in audio and video so that they can fit them into their false narratives.  That or they must create a false premise and try to force Republicans to fit into it by demanding they respond to their lies as if they are the truth such as their declaration that Trump is a white nationalist racist Nazi.  Liberals have no understanding of nationalism, patriotism, Nazism, fascism, communism, or socialism.  This is all endemic of their lack of education in all things from their poor quality of the three Rs to college mal-education.

A symptom of this is the left demanding America become a democracy rather than a republic.  They are saying the Senate elections are bogus because there were 12 million more Democrat votes over Republicans.  Despite the stupidity of women on The View who think gerrymandering is the culprit, were it up to Democrats there would be no state borders so that their majority could rule all through voter fraud ballot box stuffing.  They want the same for the world with no borders.  To that effect, France’s foolish President Macron attempted to cast Trump’s “America First” nationalism as not being patriotism but nationalist socialism.  Like Democrats attempting to recast Republicans as the party of racism, just because they say it doesn’t make it so.  It is just dogpiling their lies to slander the party of anti-racism and anti-socialism as being the evil in the world.

Democrats whine that Senate race not decided by popular vote

Broward County Democrat confronted for committing voter fraud again

Gorka crushes Macron saying, “Nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism” (min 18:45)

We are watching Democrats commit massive voter fraud attempting to steal more multiple state elections before our eyes.  Broward County’s Democrat pollsters are being so blatant in refusing to even give a ballot count a week after the election as they strive to create enough ballots to overturn Florida’s election in their favor.  This is what is ultimately frustrating to Americans about Republicans.  When they have a woman, who has already been convicted of voter fraud and tampering, refusing to give ballot tallies or allow anyone into the room where they are clearly committing voter fraud, how is it that they do not send the FBI through those doors, seize everything, and arrest everyone?  This entire proceeding is disgusting and why half of Americans don’t bother to vote.  And it is with this kind of corruption that Democrats want to convert America into a democracy.

Democracy is just like socialism in that it always fails and always devolves due to corruption into tyranny and that’s what the left wants!  That’s why they endorse criminals against American law.  Their only goal since the Founding has been to overthrow the Constitution and have themselves rule as the elites over the masses.  Unless Americans are educated to that reality they will corrupt themselves until that is the result.  The ONLY Constitutional Crisis is the left’s continuing coup attempting to overthrow the government to establish themselves as rulers.

[Author’s Note – I was compelled to continue writing until the election to expose Democrats.  But that was for naught as Americans proved they still fall for Democrat propaganda and endorse their voter fraud.  People need a real education.  Blogging about the news is helpful, but most liberals close their minds, cover their ears, and turn a blind eye to the truth.  While it is satisfying for me to share my opinions and insights, I am mostly just preaching to the choir.

As I watched Democrat voter fraud prevail with my own representatives being taken down by an idiot football player, and the redoubtable Ted Cruz almost overcome by Hollywood honey Beto, I realize America is still falling.  Democrats break our laws and cry foul claiming to be justified.  These mass shootings and election scams are proof that we don’t just need gun control of leftists, immigration reform, or tamper proof elections – we need educational Democrat control.

So, I am going to turn my efforts into other pursuits and start an educational site titled, “The Left is Never Right” after my Facebook page.  Here, rather than blog about the news, I am going to post more educational articles in the hopes of reaching young liberals before they sink too far into Democrat corruption.  With sixty years of corrupting American education and indoctrination, Democrats in the era of Obama believe they can openly declare themselves one world communists.  Wish me luck in helping to teach the next generations the truth lest they vote away their own liberty, or Democrats succeed in concealing their nature and duping them again, or the next elections may see America fall into darkness forever.]

Communist Victory as Democrat Voter Fraud Regains the House

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4 Responses to Democrat Voter Fraud Goes Extreme as They Cry “Foul! Thief! Fascist!”

  1. Roy says:

    I understand that Rick Scott could have fired Snipes but he never did. Republican’s allowed the Democrats to control the narrative and Leftist judges to rule against the American people. Time for us to stop taking the ‘high road’ losing legal battles, and fight in the mud.
    This whole FL. AZ. and GA election sham is a disgrace. The voter ID protections should never have been lost in the courts. Repub’s lose the PR case all too often.
    Reagan used to speak from the Oval office and explain why he wanted certain outcomes for his policies. We could use some of that type of persuasion again. Exchanging ‘Barbs’ on Twitter doesn’t help to convince the ignorant.

    Liked by 2 people

    • dustyk103 says:

      “Exchanging barbs” may not convince the ignorant, but at least it informs them. Too many of them believe whatever they are spoon fed by the leftist media without question.


  2. Chicago Gal says:

    Rick Scott may have allowed Snipes and Co. to stay in power to give them enough rope to hang themselves. We all know the only way a demoncrat wins is by cheating. Trump also know this. But they needed more proof of their constant cheating and now the world sees!

    Liked by 1 person

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