Chris Pratt Proves Righteousness is Not Dead

Speaking in Sodom and Gomorrah – Hollywood, the Left’s platform of anti-Christian hate in the world – actor Chris Pratt spoke the Word of Jesus, praised God, and exhorted people to pray to the Lord.  His words drew applause from the small minority of Christians in the crowd, and snarls from the multitude of Hollywood’s Christian haters.  It is not surprising to hear him doing this after seeing photos of Chris on his front porch teaching his son to salute the flag in the midst of the NFL anti-America protests.

Chris Pratt speech at MTV Movie and TV Awards

Chris delivered his rules of life to the crowd at the awards with class and courage.  To stand in front of any Hollywood crowd and speak the name of Jesus Christ and encourage people to pray to God could be career ending in anti-Christian Hollywood.  Few Christians have survived and flourished in the leftist environment as Tom Selleck has, but even Hollywood cannot shed itself of the great ones.  Chris’s comedy certainly is never lacking through his faith even when he shared his rule of how to “poop at a party.”  Such good sense comes from experience.  Lol!  Others in Hollywood have shared good hygiene advice – such as using wet wipes or washing with water after pooping because dry wipes may get most of the matter, but not the smell.  (You certainly don’t want to have sex with someone when they may smell the opposite of pleasure and especially when you may be in a 69 and they see a dingleberry clinging to your butt.)  That may work for some in Hollywood who believe mankind is just a bunch of dirty animals, but not for human beings who see cleanliness as next to godliness.

Patriotic Christian Americans are disgusted with the leftist producers in Follywood, or Horrorwood or however you want to name them, slandering the righteous at every opportunity.  Their tv and film productions featuring American soldiers as rogue villains rather than using the true villains of the world has become sickening.  They pervert everything they do and say making words like gangster and pimp be positives and words like patriot and American be cursed and inject their propaganda into scripts.  They even corrupt some of America’s greatest superheroes with their leftist propaganda to the point that some of the world’s most ignorant simpletons believe the fantasy nation of Wakanda actually exists or that “The Day After Tomorrow” was a scientific documentary.

They may lie and punish Christians to try to force them to convert to their atheist agnosticism to reject Christ as their Savior, they may believe they have a right as atheists to tell Christians what Jesus would do.  But courageous men like Chris Pratt, Denzel Washington, Kevin Sorbo, Mel Gibson, and Chuck Norris, and women like Carrie Underwood and Angela Bassett who, like Charlton Heston and Sarah Palin, will always speak their minds and shout out the truth regardless of how the left smears them.  Such is the courage of Christians and such is required in these days when Democrats create a multitude of problems they obstruct Republicans from solving so they can smear Trump in their efforts to dupe people into returning them to power.

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