Black Privilege: Deconstructing America and Literal Stupidity of Liberalism

Athletes, actors, and activists; is it just a coincidence that they all start with the same letter as a**holes?  Racism has exploded across America all on the basis of the lies Democrats tell about Ferguson, Michael Brown, Republicans, and Donald Trump.  The Left has glorified a thug who was shot while trying to murder a cop by lying about his innocence, and liberal fools have swallowed that lie hook, line, and sinker.

The primary leftist groups in America today are:

  • BLM – advocating for criminals under the pretense of fighting injustice
  • Antifa – committing violence against free speech
  • Alt-Right – not the far right of the Right, but the far right of the Left
  • Follywood – believing in their own delusions
  • Islam – Macron cursing Poland and Hungary for not importing terrorism

Justice for Michael Brown – the facts in black and white

When Flag Burners Become Flag Wavers

That these athletic entertainers believe they can claim ‘they is oppressed,’ spit in the faces of the people who pay their salaries, and say they are fighting for equality and justice is despicable.  Sports have always been a unifying force on the field of friendly competition.  Black athletes were welcomed and celebrated.  Race in America has improved so much over the last fifty years that there are now many more black athletes than white in professional sports where seventy years ago there were none.  Now it is becoming a liberal battlefield to destroy America’s social structure.  Democrats are making one of the means by which blacks have been escaping from the poverty of the Democrat plantation into another bastion of their twisted ideology.  Kids who are playing football in high school and college today, with the hopes of becoming professional athletes, are witnessing their dreams of achieving wealth and fame go up in smoke as these agitators flush their futures down the toilet of Democrat liberalism.  There is nothing so heinous as a person who will use your entertainment to escape from the stress of daily life than he who deliberately interjects his corrupt politics in your face.  This assault on people’s entertainment is the war by words is little different than ISIS terrorists assaulting a beach to murder sunbathers.  It is just another means by which to intimidate the people into compliance.  But this is America where the government doesn’t pay athletes, unlike Europe that is devolving into a leftist hellhole in which they are advocating for sharing Islamic jihadi terrorists.

“Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.”

“Don’t sh*t where you eat.”

Such words of wisdom are obviously lost on these dullards.  Their actions and demand for entitlements is what sickens me the most.  As a paramedic-firefighter I had to risk my life every day for twenty-five years to make as much money over the course of an entire career as they make in a few weeks playing a game.  The risk of injury in their profession is insignificant in comparison to the risk police and firefighters face every day.  For every policeman shot, for every fireman killed in a fire, another is killed on the road working car accidents.  During my time on the DFD a dozen firefighters and police were killed and twice that number critically injured.  How many footballs players were killed or crippled in the last twenty-five years?  CTE?  Please.  Firemen have a life expectancy ten years less than the national average because of inhaling toxins from burning buildings.  Same for police whose job is so psychologically traumatizing that for every cop killed in the line of duty six commit suicide.  The chief cause of burnout in police and fire are the very people for whom Democrats are now advocating – the dregs of society who would rather live as parasites demanding entitlements than get an education and a job.

Freedom of Speech is a right, but it is not an absolute right.  You are not free to go into a theater and yell fire.  You are not free to go to an elementary school and talk to little girls about sex.  You are not free to march onto a highway or burn and loot stores.  How would you feel if firefighters decided to wage a protest and take a knee while your house was burning down?  That President Trump is speaking out as the voice of the people is condemned by the Left as “unpresidential.”  He should not only be in this fight for the honor of our nation, but lead it, and he is!  Donald Trump is making me proud of my president once again, especially after Obama, who slandered police for doing what is right in upholding the law, who as Commander-in-Chief refused to uphold immigration law, who used profanities against the TEA Party, and who weaponized the IRS, EPA, FBI, and Homeland against patriotic Americans, this is extremely welcome.  Democrats want racial strife so they can keep blacks from integrating and working with white people.  Now they stir up racism among blacks by claiming they are victims of whites.  This is why the Left is the negative pole of the political spectrum because they subtract from the culture rather than add to it.  Democrat mayors and governors have been letting Obama’s Army run riot in the streets to loot and burn, block highways, and assault people who speak against their lawlessness.  Their cries of social justice against white supremacy all spit in the face of justice as they promote their own racist black supremacy against America.

Hillary Clinton’s demagogic racism

President Trump would fire football players who spit on the flag

The defining characteristics of leftists are founded in what they believe;

  • Ignorance – they are arrogant in their lack of knowledge
    1. They believe the lies of politicians and are easily duped
    2. They believe Democrat demagogues who promise to provide for them
    3. They believe global warming is caused by man and will destroy the planet
  • Immorality – they justify their immoral behavior as normal
    1. They believe others stole from them and that justifies stealing from others
    2. They believe criminals are cool and glorify gangsters
    3. They believe they can force their sexual deviancy on others
  • Blame – they blame others for the problems they create for themselves
    1. They believe they are poor because successful people steal from them
    2. They believe they are society’s victims and forced into lives of crime
    3. They believe they would prosper if it weren’t for white people

White supremacy vs. black supremacy

There is no “white supremacy” in fans expecting players to show them respect.  The people pay these athletes mega bucks to play a game for their entertainment.  To spit in their faces and claim righteousness is not social justice.  These cretins of the NFL believe they can smear police as pigs?  It is they who are the pigs – greedy pigs slopping at the public trough.  And like pigs they have no problem sh*tting where they eat.  These swine are going to discover that they will be the ones eating excrement sandwiches when the public stops supporting them.  Don’t be surprised when the NFL demands that Democrats take charge of the government and pay them through forced taxation.  Leftists have been trying to tear America apart and they are succeeding in dividing the nation through her national recreational pastimes.  (I have always refused to support these filthy rich babies who are lauded as celebrities and lavished with gold when they are nothing more than brainless entertainers.)  The percentage of them that are criminals, drug addicts, and wife beaters is disgusting.  A paltry few ever amount to anything as human beings, good fathers, and patriotic Americans, and many of them are drummed out of the league (Tim Tebow).  NFL owners who are afraid of being called racists are singing their praise as benefitting society and poor communities.  But those who are out there taking a knee are more likely to be found on a rap sheet or a drugged orgy than at a charity event.

You want freedom of speech?  You’ve got it, but it must be on your time and not on my dime!  These thugs are blackmailing and cheating every person who pays for a ticket to see a game.  Why doesn’t the NFL have a Code of Conduct like police and fire departments and any decent business?  Why are they harboring all these criminals with no recourse to terminate them?  Do owners fear that their black athletes won’t want to play and earn millions of dollars anymore?  Why do they give them contracts allowing them to behave as criminals without consequence?  How stupid!  How pathetic!  How petty!  How leftist!  In contrast, NASCAR, that Democrats hate because they’re a bunch of white country boys, (which is so funny because fifty years ago they were their constituents), stood tall and proud for the anthem and the flag and wage their protests on their own.  What does America think of this?  NASCAR stadiums are filled, while the NFL is deserted.  If these black players think this is such a racist nation then let these lying racist thugs leave and go play sports in Africa.  The only sport they’ll find there is dodging warlords and chucking spears at rabbits.  (Though it’s obvious they would prefer to be serving those warlords killing Christians and white people.)  If that’s what they wish they’d been born to it’s there for the taking.  But you won’t find leftists who want to live among leftists, only those who want to steal from others rather than earn it.

The Left is blaming Trump as if he is the cause of their hatred for America, as if he intensified it, and as if he is to blame for the rise of racism and division.  They’re not doing this because of Donald Trump any more than KJU is developing nuclear weapons because the U.S. is threatening him.  Just as Kim is being threatened because of his own actions by developing nuclear weapons, which he uses to threaten his neighbors and is shooting missiles over their countries, these “social justice warriors” are not protesting racism, but threatening citizens if they don’t bow to these thugs.  This didn’t begin with America, the Founding, slavery, or racism.  This began under Obama whose racist rants against white America sparked a revolution by gangsters and street activists rioting and assassinating police over the killing of a thug who was trying to murder a policeman.  The Big Lie of Ferguson is that a murderous gangster was shot dead by the policeman he was trying to murder, and this has been corrupted by the Left who glorify him as a heroic innocent black boy who was murdered by a racist cop while surrendering.  This Obama invention is what has sparked the Democrats to riot in the streets and assassinate cops around the country.  Blaming white people for black people dropping out of school, doing drugs, and turning to crime is the left’s MO.  The people responsible for the deterioration of the black family are the Democrats for whom they vote on the basis of offering them a free ride!  Now they are trying to guilt trip the guiltless.  Democrats can call me a racist bigot until they’re blue in the face.  This white boy knows that the racist bigots are the two-faced liars of the Left projecting their hate and bigotry on others, and the proof is born out in their actions.

Newt Gingrich illuminates the NFL

A white supremacist climate change denier confesses the truth

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