Democracy Dies in Darkness

That darkness is found in the Washington swamp and their media confederates.  It is found in Democrat propaganda and progressive’s beliefs.  It is found in Republican weakness, misinformation, and RINO duplicity.  It is found in leftist deception and liberal ignorance, naiveté, and gullibility.  The darkness is found in Obama’s claim to being “transparent and scandal free.”  America’s Moslem socialist dictator wannabe kept his operations so completely opaque and ridden with scandal that hundreds of Americans died to Islamic terror for which he opened the way, and the fools still don’t understand.  Now they broadcast a two-faced message of violating the law for a leftist woman to destroy a righteous man.  When all arguments are examined and all the facts comes out it is only in Christian conservatism that Americans will find the righteous truth.

Tucker Carlson exposing Democrat deceptions

Tucker Carlson takes on liberal Democrat beliefs that white men are evil

Leftists and liberals both suffer from the same mental defect.  Both are born of ignorance and bred on immorality.  Leftism is founded in deception.  Liberal belief is based on believing lies by which they delude themselves.  Both engage in deception based on their mythomania of their pathological lies.  Both believe themselves to be without sin and above all others – including the Christ.

Liberals believe they are right even in the face of overwhelming proof they are wrong.  This includes not only the law, but also science, history, biology, culture, and is especially true when it comes to simple math.  Liberals cannot add two and two with the firm belief that there is only one correct result, nor do they understand the basic biology of male and female.  How do they believe they have the capacity to adjudicate law?

They can only do so in their erroneous belief that they are righteous.  Young people must be exposed to morally right-thinking people, so they can learn to understand that liberalism is founded on ignorance and lies.  Liberalism is not an ideology that can be debated.  How do you debate people who are irrational, dysfunctional thinkers?

Liberalism is the ideology of the young and ignorant

Since reaching the age of maturity I haven’t lost a single debate with a liberal Democrat on any subject.  It always devolves into them mocking, smearing, or slandering me personally rather than proving the validity of their argument.  That’s because their arguments are always devoid of truthful facts and logical reasoning.  That is why debating them is not the problem – exposing them is!  Too often they deflect the argument to bring it down to their level where they win through distraction and mockery by doing as George Carlin pointed out;

“Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.”

Democrats say of Kavanaugh that we’re having a “process debate” when we should be having a “morality debate.”  Do they really want to debate the morality of their pathological lies?  Or do they want to debate their delusional virtue?  Do they truly want to debate their two-faced ideological approach to crime when they convict a Republican without proof and exonerate a Democrat beneath a mountain of proof?  Democrats don’t want to debate morality.  Every time they do they lose.  Then they get angry and start calling people names.  They just want to bully Republicans and force them to submit to their will.

Two-faced leftism and their ideology of self-righteous hypocrisy

Two of Democrat’s most erroneous beliefs that they have been espousing in their self-righteous hypocrisy include declarations that;

  • Blacks cannot be racist because they are a minority without power
  • Women cannot lie when they say they have been sexually molested

Has anyone heard of Louis Farrakhan or Crystal Gail Mangum.  The ignorance, impudence, and impertinence of liberals to have such stupid beliefs, and think their beliefs should be taken seriously by adults, makes them unworthy to hold positions of authority.  They lack the moral intelligence or maturity to debate the quality of those who are eminently more qualified than any of them.  They irrationally demand acceptance of the unprovable as stated fact.  This is not surprising when they believe climate change is man-made and that they have evolved from monkeys.  Dr. Ben Carson related his story of debating about God and man with a liberal atheist;

“I remember a few years back I was engaged in a debate in Hollywood with a leading atheist. This guy thinks anybody who believes in God is a total moron. As we got to the end of the conversation, you know, he is denigrating anybody who could believe in Creation.  I said, ‘You know what?  You win.  I believe I came from God and you believe you came from a monkey, and you’ve convinced me you’re right.’”

Liberals argue that their fictions are facts, their concealment – transparency

There is a Sherlock Holmes quote;

“If you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”

Liberals say, “Anything is possible.”  This is only true if you believe in magic and accept lies as the truth.  There is also Occam’s Razor that essentially posits that;

“All things being equal the simplest answer tends to be correct.”

The simplest answer to liberal charges of unprovable sexual harassment is that the liberal is lying.

Democrats say SCOTUS appointments must start with an FBI background check.  Kavanaugh has already passed SIX such background checks!  Liberals demanded that Ford be heard, that Republicans must let her speak.  The door was thrown open wide to her and she is refusing to speak!  Now Democrats say these “predatory male” Republicans are trying to bully her into speaking.  Can you say TWO-FACED!  WTF is wrong with their brains?  As they do with all laws and rationality, Democrats damage the system through their corruption in their efforts to bring America down.

This all goes hand-in-hand with Democrats violating the law on every level; from immigration law allowing invaders to become illegal aliens in their sanctuary states, to screaming that Trump declassifying their fraudulent FISA warrant to spy on him during his campaign is damaging democracy with his transparency.  In their universe, exposing Democrat secrets is what “damages” democracy.  Democrats are saying Trump is releasing this classified information “to save his own butt.”  Funny, I thought releasing this information would expose him colluding with the Russians?  The reality is that releasing these documents will expose the Democrats for the liars, frauds, and criminals that they are!

The reality is that releasing these documents will expose the Democrats for the liars, frauds, and criminals that they are!  It’s the Obama regime that is undermining Trump, creating riots on our streets, and sabotaging Americans.  It is Obama’s intel agents who spied on Trump, targeting American patriots for destruction through the IRS, and surveilled news agencies through the NSA.  It is Obama’s operatives like John Kerry working with America’s enemies against this nation.  It is the Obamas and the Clintons who have led Democrats into the deepest part of the swamp of corruption in their efforts to fundamentally transform the greatest free Christian nation in history into another socialist dictatorship.  It is the left that corrupts democracy to bring the people down under their tyranny.

How forms of government become corrupt

The only righteous response to all of this leftist indignation over morally intelligent people refusing to accept their lies is –

“Y’all can go shove it where the sun don’t shine!”

Then their arguments will be lodged in the darkness of their minds where their “democracy” will die.

Brennan says deep state must obstruct Trump – assassination is next

Anatomy of Evil – the Demonization of Brett Kavanaugh and President Trump

Democrats Just Pile It Higher and Deeper

[Author’s Note: Now ask yourself what all this attempted character assassination of Kavanaugh is all about?  Is it just so the left can claim that two Republicans who were accused of sexual misconduct will decide abortion rights as if anyone who is not a rabid liberal lemming will believe them?  What else is happening from which the Democrat media desperately wants the people distracted?  Trump declassifying Obama’s FISA warrant to prove their messiah is a criminal ten thousand times worse than Nixon!  Good, decent people do not conduct themselves the way leftist liberals do in presenting lies, smears, and slanders to poison people’s minds and ruin good people.  Honest, honorable political leaders do not attempt to transform America from the greatest free Christian nation by managing its decline into a socialist toilet.  They do not undermine the nation’s leaders and sabotage the economy and foreign diplomacy.  All the leftwing media and their Democrat masters have done is prove theirs is the ideology of deception and totalitarianism.  There is no Democrat living or dead who deserves respect for what their party has become – the DNC is the Democratic Nazi Communist Party.]

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