California Democrats Ready to War Again to Keep Their Slaves

Liberal fascist Democrats are trying to portray Republicans as white supremacist Nazi bigots intent on destroying the race of “brown people” whom California Democrats are now championing against the American people.  The Golden State is becoming a satellite of foreign powers by importing millions of illegals.   Democrats, by giving them the right to vote, essentially make California sovereign over the federal government with the power to inflict its corrupt laws on the nation.  The fools think they are America’s “economic engine” when they have become America’s toilet.

Liberals are trying to portray America as Nazi Germany and Republicans as the Nationalist Socialist Party of Hitler with Trump as Adolf.  They call American patriots “white supremacists” as if they were southern Democrats of the 1850s.  Their efforts would be comical were it not for the millions of Millennial boobs who believe them!  Democrats have created a race of “brown people” who are being oppressed by “white privilege” which applies to anyone who prospers in America including “oreos” who are blacks that work alongside whites.  The “brown people race” includes Mexicans, Hispanics, and Moslems who are all Caucasians, but who all want to destroy Christian America.  (Makes the “brown people” an aptly named race because they are all as full of sh*t as the Democrats when it comes to truth, justice, and righteousness.)  By saying they are “helping people” they pull the wool over the eyes of the ignorant who do not know history and do not understand that Democrats are everything they slander Republicans as being.  They are the pathological lying criminals who say that’s not them in the video robbing a 7-11, but project their guilt on the righteous because they have the hearts of thieves.

Governor Brown threatens “war against ‘white supremacists’”

California has made it law that anyone to whom they issue a driver’s license, that includes all illegals, can vote in national elections for candidates for Congress and the presidency.  This is an outright betrayal of ALL American citizens!  That half of Democrats are so completely duped by the corrupt deceptions of the other half is why America has been in decline.  Republicans must REFUSE to seat any and all California representatives or senators elected via this flagrant fraudulent violation of American election law.  To seat them when elected by such blatant fraud is to unmake Constitutional law and give them credibility and the right to be the overlords of the United States.  The last time states did this was in 1860 when the South seceded to keep their slaves.  Now it is the Blue State Insurgency.

California repeating southern Democrat’s rebellion

Congress must reject California’s illegally elected representatives

California public school caught working with Islamists front group

Democrats cite Republican Texas as their model when they threatened to secede under Obama’s rule.  But that was to maintain freedom from a socialist dictator that wanted to impose Sharia on the nation.  (Yes, that was Obama’s proven agenda that, thank God, he was unable to fully realize.  He did, however, manage to thoroughly corrupt and weaken America while empowering the Jihad.)  Unlike Texas, California is threatening to secede to keep their illegally imported cheap labor welfare voter slaves.  Deluded Californians claim they are America’s economic engine with their big economy.  but their economy is declining thanks to Democrat policies bankrupting the state.  Without the Democrats in control in Washington to give tax break for blue states to deduct state taxes from federal taxes, Democrats are fleeing.  Texas is the state that kept America in the black during the Obama years by growing under free enterprise, while California’s economy generated more waste and loss of income to the nation than any other of the blue welfare states by their importation of cheap, illegal labor and taking more in tax benefits for their welfare voter slaves.  The Golden State has become the Sh*t State with their population of parasites making them the state with the poorest people surpassing even Mississippi.  Perhaps dividing the state in two to separate the good Americans from the liberal whacko coast would be best and let the ultra-rich liberals live alone with their slaves in squalor.  Meanwhile, the rest of the nation (except the deep blue states) is recovering from the Great Obama Depression and rising once again to greatness.

What is making America great again?  You mean who:

  • Tax
  • Reform
  • Undocumented
  • Migration
  • Prevention

If you know any history at all then you know that invading foreigners who do not want to be part of the culture they infiltrate always overthrow that culture.  Even mighty Rome fell to migrants invading their territory until they amassed enough power to conquer Rome.  Democrats who love to import foreigners illegally that do not want to become Americans, but want to benefit off Americans, proudly say America was built on immigration.  These are the same people who slander Europeans who came to America as committing genocide of the indigenous peoples.  So, what is their purpose in allowing the next wave of invaders?

When the Liberal Fascist Wolves Cry ‘Wolf’

America is not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel of the phony Mueller probe who intends to use whatever ruse they can manufacture as an October Surprise.  Unless Democrats can mount a massive voter fraud to retake Congress expect Republicans will gain seats hopefully getting a Supermajority in the Senate.  If that happens then the liberal media will go the last ten yards in their insanity and slander the entire nation as not only electing Hitler, but in giving him ultimate power by which to corrupt!  The best way to stop Democrats is to unleash justice on them.  But Americans cannot see the light at the end of this tunnel either because AG Sessions has yet to enter it!!!

AG Jeff Sessions the Legal Mouse

You can never convince the Left that they are wrong regardless of all proof.  You can never convince them that they are endorsing evil despite the results of their agenda always advancing the cause of the wicked.  You can never prove the truth to the Left that lives in denial of righteousness any more than you can convince Satan, the Prince of Lies determined to turn people from God, that he should stop deceiving people of the truth of God’s Glory.  The Left will never change, never surrender, and never relent.  All you can do is remain eternally vigilant, eternally steadfast, and eternally embattled to bring those who can be out of darkness.  There is always the next generation that can be warped and failure to beat back the Left will always result in your children being corrupted by them.  They cannot be compromised with or allowed to make gains because their end game is always clear – the destruction of all who are good and righteous.  You cannot work with them as some Christians believe they should invite Islamists into their churches.  Jesus never said to love Satan and invite him into the House of God.  Your only choices are to either submit to evil or defeat them because choosing to do nothing is surrendering your children to the leftist ideology of hateful selfish deceivers.

Jeff Sessions vilified by Democrats has no effective response

[Author’s Note: The nation does not have time to wait to stop Democrat voter fraud and invasion.  We cannot have leftists subvert the vote and fight it out in court over years that will never see a result.  The Left is corrupting all it touches with activist judges making law from the bench and the federal government of establishment Republicans is more content to go along to get along than to get into the fight.  Liberalism relies on people’s weakness, complacency, and good nature to undo them with deceit.  They don’t need to be “challenged intellectually” so that they see they are wrong.  They need to be stopped, beaten down, and defeated!

If you would like to see liberalism and conservatism compared side-by-side then watch “The Five” on FOX News.  It takes four conservatives to even begin to thwart the warping of the truth by one liberal and it’s a tough job.  That’s how insidious the Left is in trying to find the weak link in the conservative argument to exploit with their deceptions and dysfunctional arguments.  Juan Williams does an excellent job of espousing the truly twisted ideology of the leftists and is a shining example of the deception of useful idiots.]

Two Americas: Americanism or Socialism, Right vs. Left

Dear Young People, We Know You are Scared

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2 Responses to California Democrats Ready to War Again to Keep Their Slaves

  1. A Reader says:

    Great article that tells pretty much how things are in California. The CA ruling clique is driving this state to the ground, just like their many ancestor drove Russia-and-then-Soviet-Union to the ground. According to USN&WR, CA has the lowers life quality in the U.S. now. Political parasitism (metastatic cancer is an instance of which) is taking its toll.


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