The many (non)crimes of Donald Trump

The leftwing media 24/7 hit squad continues to smear Trump as acting criminally and treasonously with their every rabid breath in hopes of turning the people against him.

The leftist media is slandering Trump for saying “flipping should be outlawed.”  He was referring to people charged with crimes who are being put under such duress that they are willing to make up crimes of others.  This is reminiscent of the Inquisition.  Furthermore, it is proof that torture works!  Leftists say it doesn’t, but the fact is that it does if you don’t care about the outcome.  If you want the truth, then torture only works when you have the guilty party.  But if you just want a conviction, then you can persecute anyone and break them.

Cohen Pled Guilty to Things That Aren’t Crimes

That is the situation under which Michael Cohen is being subjected to flip against Trump and just make up whatever he can to get the boulders taken off his back.  Same thing for Omarosa who willingly flipped after twenty years of working with Trump to call him a racist.  Now she’s making money for doing so.  In all things the left acts exactly as mobsters in coercing cooperation from their victims.  The United States Justice Department is not supposed to be acting like the Gestapo.

So, of what crimes is Donald Trump guilty?

  • Collusion with Russia to steal the election despite not a single vote being changed by anything any Russians did.
  • Obstruction of Justice by actually firing Comey and threatening to fire Mueller despite his conducting a fraudulent investigation.
  • Conspiracy by Donald Trump, Jr. meeting with a Russian woman who said she had dirt on Hillary but just wanted his endorsement.
  • Campaign funding misuse because Trump paid troublesome women to shut up and go away with his own money while funding his own campaign.

Everything Trump has done has been perfectly legal, perfectly legitimate, and perfectly right.  Leftist Democrats and NeverTrumpers are desperately trying to slander him for having sex with beautiful women who are complaining they weren’t paid enough to keep quiet.  Unlike Bill Clinton, whom they lauded when his victims complained of being raped, there is no crime in having sex or in paying off a whiny slut.  There is no crime involving campaign finances when even Obama paid off his mentor, rabid racist Rev. Wright, to stop telling people he’s associated with Obama.  Obama’s campaign was fined $375,000 for more than $1.8 million in campaign violations.  Remember, this is the same guy that had Dinesh D’Souza railroaded and sent to jail over a $25,000 campaign donation.

Obama’s bribe

Liberals complain that Trump “lies about everything and is always being petty responding to critics on Twitter.”  George W. Bush didn’t respond to lies and attacks on him, and the media succeeded in assassinating his character to the point that he ended his presidency with less than 20% approval despite winning the Iraq War and the Iraq Insurgency and avenging 9-11.  If you think Trump is lying then point out what you consider to be lies rather than just making erroneous blanket statements, and I’ll bet you dollars to donuts that those of us who are not dysfunctional thinkers will find your beliefs are fictitious.  Every Republican who loves what Trump is doing to make America great again is sick to death of the farce of leftist outrage over every petty little thing they can dig up.  Nobody cares if Trump told the exact truth about any of it.  The Russian fraud and all it has generated is just a load of crap to distract hate-filled fools from Trump’s great accomplishments in the hopes of putting Democrats back in power to destroy them and make America a socialist banana republic with them as the monkeys in charge.

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