CNN fears Democrats are losing the moral high ground

THEY NEVER HAD IT!  They have only claimed to be morally superior.  The people who have striven to make sexual perversion mainstream morality never held the high ground!  Only their media monkeys made it so and those are the ones they are throwing under the bus.  All Democrats have done is drag the rest of the country into the gutter so they could be closer to the sewer of liberalism.  They just blame others for what they are doing themselves.

Dana Bash: Some Democrats fear they are losing the moral high ground

Gloria Borger sound bites – curse you, Trump!

What Went Through Matt Lauer’s Mind When He Asked These Questions?

Leave it to the indisputable King of Media, America’s Anchorman, Truth Detector, and Doctor of Democracy – Rush Limbaugh, to dissect, analyze, and righteously categorize the Left’s perpetual hate campaign to bring down President Trump and blame him for their own moral defects.  Lying liberals fool even themselves with their deceits and misrepresentations of the facts.  Their morality campaign they were using to destroy good men like Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly has turned about to bite them on the ass as their perverted, lecherous brood fall like dominos to the Karma they deserve.  This hasn’t happened in a lifetime, not since McCarthy rooted out the Communists in the 1950s and was demonized for his power overreach.  Bill Clinton came away with no more than a slap on the wrist.  Now the likes of Al Franken blacken the Senate with their presence and charlatans like Elizabeth Warren darken their doors.  These frauds cast a pall over the halls of power in America along with their fellow Democrats and RINO Republicans who all believe government is to rule the people rather than govern.

As the leftist, liberal, democratic socialists and their propaganda machine are imploding in a cacophony of lunatic ravings against Trump they tell tales of how Trump is the delusional one unable to function in reality.  There are stories that Trump walks around the White House at night talking to the paintings and statues of past presidents.  This is fascinating!  I’ve read about this before.  Yes, it’s from my history books!  It’s from the writings of authors who smeared Caesars in ancient Rome!!  Holy crap!  Is this how pathetic these losers have become that they resort to ploys so antiquated that they are ancient history?  This just proves that history has a million life lessons from which people can learn because, while technology has become more advance to make old things obsolete, people remain the same which makes old ways as relevant today as yesterday.  The wisdom of the righteous and lies of leftists are documented throughout history.  They are even in our modern cartoons that liberals hate.  They think this is how they are going to dupe the people into believing Donald Trump is anything other than a brilliant businessman who is running circles around them?  Do they not understand that we see them as Wile E. Coyote who think they are suuuuper geeeniuses that are going to entrap the Road Runner with their Acme bag of tricks?  It took Obama to run down America, decay the economy, corrupt our culture, and grow government debt into a mountain for most Americans to wake up to the debacle that is leftist socialism.  This is why liberalism stands for LOSERS!

Trump’s Agenda Triumphs as the Opposition Implodes and Calls Him Delusional

Democrats fall as Trump is standing tall

Why Trump survives and thrives against all character assassination attempts

Righteous wrath vs leftist rage

Justice vs. Hate is the divide between Right vs. Left.  Nowhere is this more proven than in the liberal media’s shameless scorn, derision, and ridicule of 1st Lady Melania Trump and conservative women.  This woman has been nothing but elegant and demure, yet they treat her worse than they treat their prostitutes.  Meanwhile, they heap praises on Crooked Hillary, Fauxcahontas Warren, and Moochelle Obama for the frauds and hate they have perpetrated on America.  Groups like the NFL offer to fund leftist hate groups to appease their America-hating players, and rather than lower ticket prices for those foolish fans that remain loyal, they’ll raise them and make them pay for it.  The Left is importing, and making taxpayers fund, criminals and terrorists who murder Americans.  Democrats love their corrupt politicians who are invading America under the façade of compassion in order to bring down their hated enemies, Christians of European descent, and make America a socialist toilet in the global dictatorship they wish to create.  The moral high ground of a Democrat is rising to the gutter from the sewers of humanity they inhabit.

Insane liberal politicians want gangs afforded benefits of soldiers

Steinle verdict is liberal’s message – we can get away with murder

Every Republican Must Be the Perfect Man

Undoing Obamaism

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2 Responses to CNN fears Democrats are losing the moral high ground

  1. MarchePasSurMon says:

    Watch for it, though – liable to be a whole lot of corpses with missing thumbs… stay tuned.

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  2. MarchePasSurMon says:

    But I am anxious to see how the left spins use of one’s thumbprint as a voter ID to be racist. Should be an interesting argument (TiC).

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