Educating Young Liberals with Chicken Brains – The AOC Model

Democrats have indoctrinated an army of the ignorant.  Children visiting D.C. talking to Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) got a lesson in the true Democrat agenda.  They have been taught the Chicken Little tale that the world is going to start ending in twelve years unless we stop using fossil fuels!  When they confronted Sen. DiFi to sign on to AOC’s New Green Deal to save the planet, they were met with derision and contempt.  These poor younglings and their teachers don’t understand that the witless Chiquita Khrushchev is just a product of Democrat’s efforts to part fools from their money.

Cortez responded that Feinstein is a coward because she, being a young, ignorant fool, has sold her soul to Democrat lies.  This is what happens when uneducated greedy people take control – you get Democrats who are worse Democrats.  Democrats have always been the party of thugs, slavers, liars, control freaks, and tyrants.  AOC is the poster girl for all things leftist combining the utter stupidity of liberalism with the fascist authoritarian mentality of leftism.  When stupid people elect stupid people, you get the blind leading the blind over the cliff.

DiFi confronts AOC’s Green New Deal children

AOC won her congressional seat on the backs of 4% of registered voters in her district.  This is what happens when you don’t vote.  This is what happens in a democracy.  Incompetence breeds stupidity breeds greed breeds corruption.  Nowhere is this more evident than in AOC’s Green New Deal.  They teach this Chicken Little crap to our children.  Then, when the indoctrinated children form a group called “The Sunrise Movement” confront these scammers about using the money that they want to take from us to “save the planet,” they laugh in their faces.  This is just a precursor to what will happen when they convince young voters to support socialism.  Socialism is easy to vote your way into, but you have to shoot your way out of it.  #Venezuela-socialism

The Green New Deal

Feinstein would never admit to these children that Democrats are mis-educating them by instilling irrational fears in their hearts so they can dupe them into giving them their money.  Instead, she blames Republicans as “destroying the planet through their greed” telling them the bill “won’t pass the Senate” that is Republican controlled.  That’s such a blatant lie!  This bill wouldn’t pass the House because it would instantly destroy America’s economy!  She tells them she won her election and she’s in charge but won’t reveal that she taught them this Chicken Little stupidity as a farce to manipulate them.  Democrats won’t vote to cut their own economic throats.  Then they would have no businesses to shake down for more money.  They just want you to put your head in the noose while handing them your wallet.  Get a clue, people!

Oblivious AOC responds to DiFi’s dismissal

Chiquita Little can’t come up with coherent thoughts.  She rambles and throws in words about climate change like a teenager and thinks she sounds intelligent (like Jar-Jar Binks) coming up with a solution when this college mis-educated liberal doesn’t understand basic economics better than a fifth grader.  This is what happens when people become so apathetic that they don’t vote.  Any idiot with an agenda can draw a few fools to put them in power.  This is what happens when people who have never achieved anything, never directed anything, never oversaw anything, or never been responsible for anything are given power.  They immediately become corrupt dictators.  Just because she won a popularity contest on a few voters she thinks she can rule over all.  There are no adults in Congress among Democrats who will tell her she’s another dupe of their scam, so she won’t stop pushing for her insane Green New Deal.  AOC who’s the boss?

The American Opportunity Accounts Act

Corey “Sparktakus” Booker says he has solved poverty.  His plan is to take taxpayer money and invest it for every child born that they can claim when they turn 18 and use it to by cars and places to live.  This is genius to a dumbass.  What it is, is stealing from those who work to give to those who don’t.  Republicans have a better plan.  It’s called living the American Dream where you work for what you earn and spend it on what you want without government stealing it from you.

Every Democrat policy is designed to dupe the oblivious.  By undoing American prosperity Democrats hope to make Americans dependent on government as they were in the 1930s.  Democrats argue that America has the moral responsibility to allow South/Central American “refugees” to freely enter the country illegally just as Jews were allowed to immigrate to the U.S. from Germany in the 1930s and 40s.  Jews were fleeing genocide by Nazis, which is what Democrats say Republicans are, while those Hispanics that are fleeing are trying to escape socialism.  Except that’s what Democrats are striving to transform this country into adopting.  The left promotes infant sacrifice like Satanists and advocate for disarming citizens as their southern socialist neighbors did when they seized power.  Those Latinos that are caravanning to America are not coming as refugees, but as Latino-communists intent on violating American law to vote Democrats into power to impose socialism on Americans.

The Cohen Show Kicks Off the 2020 Campaign

UCLA students sign Nazi petition to put conservatives in concentration camps

Every Democrat dogmatic belief is founded in lies.  Liberals always misrepresent the facts in order to corrupt the truth.  Everything they say and do is to distract and detract from Trump’s accomplishments.  When President Trump said there were good people on both sides in Charlottesville he was talking about the peaceful protestors, not the racist criminals of BLM and neo-Nazis of the KKK that are both Democrat groups.  Just like when he asked Russia at a rally to find Hillary’s missing emails, he was telling a joke, not sending a request for them to spy on Americans.  That is now the basis of their collusion theory and it’s psychotic.  Talk about people wearing tinfoil hats!  The same is true of their dogma that he is separating children from immigrants.  The same is true of his Moslem ban, though the reality is that Moslems are immigrating to America to proselytize Sharia Islam.  Islam and the Constitution are opposites.  The Constitution is liberty while Islam is slavery.  Yet Democrats, who say they are against slavery, advocate for it because the truth is Democrats have always been for slavery from the Founding which is why they are trying to dupe people into voting for them to impose it.

Democrats have fooled millions by appealing to their mis-educated egos.  They declare in unison that “climate change is the greatest threat to human existence and American prosperity.”  They have so indoctrinated and deluded people to believe this scam by smearing Republicans as the greedy devoted to stealing their money.  This formula is perpetuated by so-called comedians who make ludicrous statements that liberals swallow hook, line, and sinker.  Bill Maher just declared that red state dwellers are lowly people suffering economically who want to be blue state people living in prosperity.  They think they are educated and enlightened.

Bill Maher: “The most affluent and educated people are clustered in just a few cities.  The blue part of America is having a big prosperity party while that big sea of red feels like their invitation got lost in the mail.  The “flyover states” have become the ‘passed over states.’  That’s why red state voters are so pissed off.  They don’t hate us.  They want to be us.”

Bill Maher confuses red state morality with Democrat prosperity

Texas has been prospering the whole eight years of Obama because the state never adopted Democrat policies.  Businesses have been thriving here.  We never went through a recession from which to recover.  Now blue states are feeling their oats and think that makes them special.  Yet they are the boobs who want to vote Democrats back into control and have Obamaites put their boot back on their economic throats by raising their taxes.  Red states don’t want to be blue states.  Why would we want to be corrupt, greedy fools under Democrat control?  Cities are where the worst crime and corruption and poverty in the nation reside.  We don’t want to be them.  We are pissed off because they are trying to make us them!

Socialism and their demands of; Medicare for all, reparations for slavery, free illegal immigration, prison reform for criminals, and high taxation for climate change, are all efforts by the greediest people in America to steal prosperity from working people.

In the final analysis, Democrats are working to corrupt our people, subvert our laws, and bankrupt this nation so they can blame Republicans in order to dupe the masses into voting themselves into slavery.

Hillary vs. AOC for Democrat’s souls

The right to keep and bear arms

Democrat men posing as women are stealing women’s awards

Democrats vote for infanticide

Islam sex slaves

Democrat Terrorists Create Phony Republican Racism to Justify Their Hate

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