Leftwing “Journalists” – Not Leftist Bias but Outright Activists

Liberal media is openly advocating for Democrats.  Because Americans are abandoning their web of lies, their bottom line is suffering.  Now they are begging congressional Democrats to subsidize them with taxpayer money.  What did I tell you?  Democrat hacks pretending to be journalists are going out of business.  That’s because they don’t report the news.  They characterize it.  They don’t report facts.  They try to shape opinion.  Is this surprising when 85% of the media has values that are opposite of Christian values?

I got sick of listening to the news back in the 80s when I heard Peter Jennings and Sam Donaldson characterize President Reagan every night as stupid, immoral, and hateful.  What I saw and heard from Ronald Reagan every day proved the exact opposite.  Now the same media is doing the exact same thing on steroids to President Trump, except they no longer have a monopoly.  They don’t have a Democrat bias.  They openly tell outright lies and cover up scandals for Democrats as their activists producing propaganda to warp people’s minds.

A Journalist acknowledges that most news is activist propaganda

When a “journalist’s” avowed goal is to “get Trump,” they are no longer a journalist.  They are leftwing media activists spewing propaganda that is fake news!  They conceal reports telling the truth that are harmful to their Democrats masters while promoting lies that promote them.  FOX News reports the news from both Republican’s and Democrat’s point of view, while the rest of the media presents their faux version of Republican pundits like Scarborough.  Whenever they have Republican guest on, they always lead with their false premises that the Republicans are not allowed to dispute as they should.

For those reasons the rest of the media’s ratings are going down the toilet while FOX is drawing more and more viewers.  So, what does the leftwing media do to survive in a free market?  They appeal to their democratic socialist dictators to prop them up by subsidizing their failing businesses with taxpayer dollars!  Do you understand that?  Leftwing media, because they cannot attract enough subscribers to finance their business, want the government to take money from citizens and give it to them!  These are the people who say they have the highest morals!

Leftists are liars, thieves, and cheats who corrupt America in the most devious ways.  AOC is glittering example of another blithering idiot, blind liberal leading the blind down the road to hell paved with her good intentions.  She’s too stupid to understand that climate change is not caused by man and will not destroy the world, but she’s ready to sacrifice America’s economy for her irrational fears.  She has a degree in economics from Boston U. but less understanding of economics than a fifth grader.

Democrats have elected Moslems into Congress who warp and twist the words of the righteous to declare them to be the lowest form of life.  They are openly endorsing and advocating for anti-white racism, anti-Christian bigotry, and open hatred for Jews.  For those who forget, Jesus is a Jew.  Who do Moslems see as the greatest of men?  What do you call a fifty-year-old man who has sex with a nine-year-old girl?  One and a half billion Moslems call him the Prophet of Allah.  Liberals say to criticize the evil of leftists and Democrats is only racism.  This is the sickness of the liberal mind.

I have no tolerance for leftists or any duplicitous politicians and their “gravitas.”  Don’t bother to tell me that your political opponents are “disingenuous” when they’re just a pack of freaking liars!  Don’t tell me that democrat policies are “not good” for America when they’re freaking destructive!  Don’t tell me you “disagree with your liberal ‘friends’” after they have spit in your face!  Don’t try to beg off being a “patriotic Democrat” because those are pure opposites.  Patriots don’t endorse killing babies in the womb, stealing from the rich, cursing white people, and lying about Republicans.  The honesty of President Trump is that he calls a spade a spade, a liar a liar, and a traitor a traitor.  The leftist haters constantly try to smear the righteous as being what leftists are – hateful, racist, two-faced.

Obama’s scandal ridden presidency of anti-American treachery hiding the fact that he worked for the benefit of America’s enemies is constantly called “scandal free,” “transparent,” and a benefit to America by the leftist media.  President Trump’s presidency actually is scandal free as all of the accusations against his people are baseless allegations coming from leftist activists.  His presidency actually is transparent as everything he thinks, he says on camera or on Twitter.  And everything he does actually benefits American citizens rather than benefiting Latino-communists or Islamo-nazis.  The only truth in media is in recognizing that it is the opposite of everything Democrat activists declare it to be.

Tucker Carlson rips Democrats a new black hole in their universe

Nicholas Sandmann sues Washington Post for defamatory coverage

The leftwing media and their fake news are truly the enemy of free people.

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