The Media War with Trump

The mask of objectivity is off to reveal the true face of the hateful mainstream leftwing media as the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party.

The Democrat media is making it blatantly obvious that they are no longer making any pretense at reporting the story, but are actively trying to create the story with their “Trump is mentally unbalanced” narrative.  Leftist media pundits are actively portraying Trump as juvenile, unbalanced, a deranged megalomaniac, and are whining that what Trump is saying about them is going to incite people to kill them.  Meanwhile, the people the liberal media have been inciting for months to assassinate President Trump are already shooting Republicans.  The media complains about the lack of Trump’s civility in retaliating against them while they are not only smearing him with lie upon lie, but advocating for his demise.  They call Trump a pig for his rude remarks about women saying he is unfit to hold office, but give Bill Clinton applause to this day for his serial molesting of numerous women while governor and president.  When they say that Trump is a misogynistic pig and they are the noble defenders of the dignity of women it is comical.  How many times have they denigrated conservative women, called Sarah Palin a moron, Condoleeza Rice a slave, and Kellyanne Conway a traitor to her gender?  They call Melania a whore and Ivanka an incestuous slut and believe they somehow hold the moral high ground?  They say they will protect the poor from having their health insurance and doctors taken away by Republicans.  Where were they when ObamaCare took them away?  When he strikes back through Twitter they cry foul saying they are protected by the 1st Amendment.  Since when is freedom of speech a protection for liars?  Where in the Constitution does it guarantee a right to insurrection against a president who actually abides by the Constitution, unlike Obama who violated it repeatedly!  Liberal’s dysfunctional thinking leads them to believe they are morally superior when they are clearly inferior.  Here’s a clue; before you claim to have the moral high ground you’d better have more than a soapbox to stand on.


Leftists are appealing to their followers for someone to assassinate President Trump.  This is always the way of leftists when their power is threatened.  Remember your history.  The Athenians under Spartan control murdered Socrates because he taught his students to think for themselves and question oppressive authority.  Thinking, as we all know, results in acquiring information and knowledge is power.  An educated populace is always a threat to the Left, which is why their ideology always calls for the indoctrination and brainwashing of the young along with the “re-education” of the adults.  Remember that the Democrats murdered Lincoln because he took their slaves away, and the Communists murdered Kennedy because he began to undo their confiscatory taxes designed to steal from those among the rich who wouldn’t submit to their extortion.  They tried to assassinate Reagan, fantasized about assassinating Bush, and now they dream of assassinating Trump.  As part of the public opinion they are attempting to foster, they have made it plain that their goal is to promote the idea of a coup to overthrow Trump Republicans and install a Democrat dictator.  When Trump fights back they feel threatened with possible violent counterattacks by the public, as well they should since the people who elected Trump are the ones they are betraying.  News isn’t news anymore, it’s propaganda.

Death of Argumentum ad Hominem

The maturity levels at MSNBC and CNN hit new lows as the Left becomes hysterical revealing their true nature.  Calling Trump a deranged child, while exhibiting all their hatred in childish rage, the Media War with Trump unveiled their mask of objectivity to reveal them as the propagandists of the Democrat Party:

CNN reporter goes off on Sarah Sanders

MSNBC gets vile

MSNBC wants to beat up Trump in the school yard

CNN top reporter throws a tantrum

Fake News Islamophobia attack

Leftist reporters have not reported a single positive or impartial story about President Trump since his inauguration.  They claim to be fair and unbiased and to have given Trump positive coverage, but those of us who remember know that they began mocking him from the moment he came down the escalator to announce his candidacy.  What they despise most about him is that he fights back, and that is what bullies never tolerate.  Their indulgence in assassination porn and continuous childish behavior indicates the degree to which the Left, who declare Trump to be mentally unstable, is having their own mental melt down.  Their efforts to declare Trump mentally unfit to serve is proof of their own emotional dysfunction proving liberalism is a mental illness, from the greed and envy of their followers to the anger and pride of their leaders.  All they reveal is that they are consumed by hate.  Like all emotionally bereft and malicious bullies, when you point out their failings it doesn’t make them reassess if they are right or wrong, it just makes them behave worse.  The only way bullies ever change is if they are utterly defeated.

Democrats Violate the Constitution and Human Rights

D is for Democrat – Distract, Divide, Delude, and Destroy

Russian Collusion is Democrat’s Birther Movement

No Common Ground between Republicans and Democrats

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1 Response to The Media War with Trump

  1. Eileen says:

    I noticed that the President started trolling Senate Republicans. IMO, this is his latest move against the establishment. The Democrats don’t have the votes for impeachment unless a few Republicans go along with it. The House Freedom Caucus is NOT a sure thing for Paul Ryan so he may feel he doesn’t have the votes. That said, the Senate is the judge and jury so he has to give Mitch Mcconnell a reason to avoid pressure to bring it up. Trolling Senate Republicans may be the answer as it worked for the House Republicans. Of course, the House Democrats did themselves no favors by their failure to condemn the Scalise assassination.

    Meanwhile the media is applying pressure to the Secy of State T. Rex and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross to get them one of them to support their efforts to invoke the 25th Amendment. If the President 3-D chess move against the Senate Republicans work and neither T.Rex nor Wilbur Ross cave in, they will have to do what is very risky – JFK. This time, though, it may be harder to pull off as there are some very knowledgeable Intelligence agencies that are very supportive of
    the President. I do not buy the Alt Media or MSM narrative that none of the Intelligence agencies support him. Even among the Big Three, there are enough loyal agents that to claim that 100% of those agencies are anti-Trump is a lie (source: Infowars).

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