Trump empowers America battling Democrats and Republicans alike!

The liberal Democrat media condemned police for fighting leftist “peace activists.”  The “peaceful” Democrats were throwing rocks, bottles, and bags of dog poop at cops as well as attacking Trump supporters with baseball bats with nails in them.  This is what the Left calls righteous as they label themselves honest in their declaration that it is Trump, rather than themselves, that are taking America backward.

At the rally President Trump unchained America’s military and then gave a unity speech unlike any other that swept away Obamaism’s blame America first dogma.  That evening Trump rose to become Reaganesque!  But Republicans are fighting him harder than they ever fought Obama’s curtailing of American’s freedoms.  America is still living in the Obama economy until Republicans take action to undo the laws Obama Democrats imposed on America.  With that not happening, Democrats are laying Obamaism at the feet of President Trump declaring that he has failed to make America great.  Considering that Democrats had ten years to wreck this nation’s economy and Trump has had only six months in which to begin repairs that declaration is not just disingenuous, but outright ludicrous!

Nothing is more obvious than the fact that the Left wants to destroy America and remake this nation into their very own socialist banana republic toilet.  Obama was their hope for changing America from a free nation into their slave state.  He hobbled our military so they would die in combat with terrorists rather than kill the jihadis that now threaten the world.  Obama never gave a unity speech, but always gave ‘America is to blame’ speeches.  President Trump just gave two speeches in which he unleashed America’s military men from Democrat combat restraints, renewed America’s dedication to the defenders of freedom in the world, and then gave another speech about American unity that was straight from the soul of Ronaldus Magnus!

President Trump’s full speech on war in Afghanistan

President Trump, VP Pence, Sec. Carson, Rev. Graham, and MLK’s neice Dr. Alveda King at Unity Rally in Phoenix Aug, 22, 2017

Leftists in the Democrat media immediately demonized his words calling him unhinged, dangerous, a megalomaniac, hateful, racist, and dog whistling for a second civil war.  Leftists are like rapists who blame their victims for inciting them as they scapegoat Republicans for the results of their own destructive policies like ObamaCare and wealth confiscation, and they damn those who would undo the damage they have done.  This lunacy flies in the face of the fact that America is already engaged in a second civil war being waged by the Left that ranges from slandering the righteous to murders of police to assassinations of Republicans.  They think we don’t see that they fired the first shots of this second civil war at Ferguson that became their second Fort Sumter in which they initiated hostilities to defend their crimes against humanity.

Hannity montage of leftist’s meltdown over Trump’s unity

Tucker Carlson on Democrat “peace activists” destroying America

Republicans working with Democrats

It is an unfortunate fact of life that half of Republicans side with Democrats.  When Republicans seek praise from the liberal Democrat media for bashing Trump they are not serving the people who elected them, but serving the opposition party that is actively working against America.  They feed off of the ignorance and lack of morality of the common person.  As Samuel Clemens observed; common sense is not common, and neither is common decency.  The truth is hard to find amidst the lies which is why the Left traffics strictly in expounding the Big Lies until they become the truth.

“If you tell a lie big enough, often enough, eventually it becomes the truth.” – Adolf Hilter, ‘The Big Lie’

“A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” – Mark Twain/Samuel Clemens

The truth about the Left vs. Right is in black and white for those who make the effort to look beyond the headlines and media pundit propagandists of the two sides.  People today are so ignorant of what Democrats truly represent and how they have been fooled by the corrupt media, corrupt politicians, and their corrupt educational system to either not know or to misunderstand history.  That is why Democrats are now pulling down statues glorifying Democrats who fought for slavery and segregation – to hide the ugly truth of their ideology.

Dinesh D’Souza exposes the Big Lie of leftist ideology’s Nazi roots

Take the Poll

  • Which political party is the only group to advocate in favor of slavery in America; Republicans or Democrats?
  • Did Southern Democrats become Republicans and Northern Republicans become Democrats?
  • Does America have slavery today?

GOP working against Trump

Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell is saying Trump has expectations that are too high that Republicans will pass tax reform in his first year.  Ronald Reagan got tax reform through a Democratic-controlled congress in his first year!  Americans did not only reject Hillary’s democratic socialist totalitarianism, but they rejected Bush’s form of crony capitalist republicanism, and they utterly rejected Washington Establishment corruption!  As Republicans bow down to liberal lies and fascism they give away the power the people bestowed on them based on their campaign promises.  Few are following Trump to keep those promises.  Why isn’t there anyone in the Republican Party, or in the media for that matter, demanding of Obama that he condemn the violence of Antifa?  He won’t because they are his army, which is why he’s remaining silent and hidden.  Republicans should be screaming their condemnations from the rooftops.  Instead, half of the Republicans in the senate are being sniveling guttersnipes out abasing themselves before the Democrats.  These pathetic fools, instead of fighting the liberal lie charging them with racism, ally with the Democrats to condemn their own party’s base declaring that the TEA Party and KKK are one in the same!  These are the RINO Republicans that need to go!  They are expending far more effort to fight Trump than they ever did to fight Obama.  President Trump is actually trying to advance the agenda he put forth in his campaign, the very things for which the people voted!  Rather than assisting him, RINOs are standing shoulder to shoulder with Democrats to obstruct his efforts.  The Washington GOP has promised for eight years to undo the damage Democrats have wrought if only the people would give them the power.  Now they have it and instead of keeping their word they are joining the obstructionists.

The good people of America know that the leftist media smears of Trump and his supporters being racist is nothing but lies and propaganda.  The Left wants to shut down free speech on the Internet in the name of stopping hate speech.  But their definition of hate speech is not silencing Islamic jihadis or racists of any race.  They just want to shut down conservative Christians.  They say their definition of hate speech is not protected by the Constitution.  But hate speech is protected by the Constitution.  What is NOT protected is speech inciting violence.  Saying that you hate someone is not inciting violence.  Bigotry does not incite violence.  Democrats who say they want to assassinate the President or kill those who speak hate against them are the ones who are in violation of the law!  Leftists who are saying that Trump and Republicans are trying to start a new civil war are the people who want a civil war.  They want that war so they can justify trying to overthrow our government and establish their tyranny.

When it comes to leftist propaganda it is always founded on their false premises based on half-truths and presented through misinformation.  The Southern Poverty Center, a radical leftwing propaganda center, smears ALL conservatives as racists and ALL conservative media as hate speech.  They do not cast any leftist terrorist groups of any variety as haters.  Here is the list of leftist hate groups:

  • Socialists
  • Islamists
  • KKK
  • OWS
  • BLM
  • Antifa
  • Neo-Nazis
  • Communists
  • White Supremacists
  • Black Panthers
  • Nation of Islam
  • NOW
  • Abortionists
  • La Raza
  • MS-13
  • Islamic State
  • Al-Qaeda

Leftists are characterizing Trump’s epic unity speech as insane and incendiary.  They portray his supporters as bloodthirsty and hateful.  They claim he is mentally unstable and, a megalomaniac, and a tyrant.  If you are a morally rational person, listen to his rally and decide for yourself who is telling the truth.  If you believe that Republicans are racists and the party of slavery then there is little hope that your insanity can be cured.

Behind every Lie there is Truth

When Flag Burners Become Flag Wavers

White supremacy vs. black supremacy

In an act of blind rage, petty ignorance, and galactic stupidity, Democrats in Baltimore, under cover of darkness, destroyed the two hundred year old monument to America’s first undocumented Hispanic immigrant.  Yes, use their own lies against them.  Their hatred for Columbus is only a pretext for their hatred of America.

Smashing Christopher Columbus

Democrats are not just trying to erase their crime of slavery, they are trying to unmake America by deleting her heritage.  This is no different than the Islamic State in the Middle East destroying the history of the region.  Leftists always want to wipe away history so that the people will not learn from it and know that the Left is never right!

Behind every Lie there is Truth

When Flag Burners Become Flag Wavers

White supremacy vs. black supremacy

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  1. steve says:

    Don’t forget the OFA (organizing for action) – o’loser’s new hate makers.


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