Kanye West Hunted Down by Modern Slavers

Democrats are losing their slaves again and they are just as incensed today as they were in the 1850s.  The latest defector from the Democrat Plantation, Kanye West, is being hounded and hunted down by the house slaves of their Democrat Party masters.  West committed the liberal crime of praising a conservative Christian for achieving great things for America when he spoke well of President Trump.

Candace Owens and Kanye West blast Black Lives Matters for their slave mentality

Kanye West evolving to stand against Democrat Plantation

West recognizes Democrat Party propaganda is mental slavery

Did Kanye West grow a functioning brain and moral heart?  Leftists are incensed that West, who once damned President George W. Bush as hating black people because he believed their propaganda about Katrina, who praised Barack Obama and voted for him twice, and who did not vote in 2016 for Hillary, is now saying he loves President Donald Trump!  West is taking the slings and arrows of the Left for daring to take a stand with Candace Owens against the Democrat Plantation that he, too, is now calling “a prison for your mind.”  Conservatives have been striving to expose Democrat propaganda for decades, but Republicans are always too fearful of inciting the liberal media against them and being called racists.  By calling Republicans racist, Democrat have silenced most of them because propaganda has a strong influence on the weak-minded, especially those who are seeking public approval to win a popularity contest to obtain a seat in Congress.  Obama learned very early that they easiest way to win was to smear his opponent with lies and promise treats and free benefits to the masses, i.e. pandering through demagoguery.  But the rise of Donald Trump has pulled back the curtain to reveal the true nature of the Democrat Party as America haters inciting scorn for all things righteous, slandering any who speak out against them, and offering to be the government thieves stealing from the rich by establishing themselves as the socialist rulers of America.

West may have taken the Red Pill and opened his eyes to what Democrats have been doing to enslave their former slaves over the past century.  Democrats lured the descendants of their former slaves back to their plantation, except that now that plantation isn’t a manor home surrounded by cotton pickers, but a ghetto inhabited by voter slaves subsisting on welfare.  Democrats achieved this by encouraging black racism against whites, offering them table scraps on which to live rather than low paying jobs from which they can rise, and by sending their House N*ggers out to keep them in line when they strayed.  Leftists love to call black conservatives like Justice Clarence Thomas, Dr. Ben Carson, and CEO Herman Cain “House N*ggers” for working with white people.  But there is a difference between working with white people or working for a white boss, and working in service to white overlords.  It is Representatives like Elijah Cummings who was beaten by Democrats at Selma and then joined them to keep voters in line, Maxine Waters who expresses blithering idiot stupidity on a weekly basis screaming, “Impeach 45,” before Trump had even taken office, and Corey Booker whose anti-white racism is laughable in the face of his service to his ruling Democrat overlords.  Democrats teach ignorant young people that they are not the Democrats of the past, but that they are the ones who freed the slaves.

Democrats teach false history and encourage tribalism

Liberals don’t understand the first thing about tribalism that they are told is what Republicans are promoting, but which the Democrat Party practices in balkanizing American culture into victim groups.  Democrats have been enraged ever since Republicans took their slaves away.  Now liars on the Left convince ignorant fools that Democrats became Republicans based on the North and South switching their voting majorities.  All that happened was that enough Republicans moved out of the north in the 80s to get away from Democrat controlled unions for economic opportunities in the south, and that resulted in a change of the voting majorities of the states.  The “good ol’ boys” of the Democrat Party and KKK did not become Republicans.  They are still here in the South as the masters of the Democrat Plantation controlled by northern Democrats!  What they have done is lure blacks back onto their plantation via fraud rather than by force.  But liberals are too ignorant to see it and too closed minded to learn the truth.  Blacks are not Democrat slaves wearing chains around their ankles, but around their minds because they chose to do so.  Democrats pretended to be Santa Claus succeeded in luring them in a not so gilded cage.  Now as welfare voter slaves some are waking up to the fact that the Democrat Party has been using them as willing dupes to keep themselves in power.

Democrat’s insane hatred of Trump has exposed their true nature of keeping blacks oppressed and distressed by making them dependent on Democrats and blaming Republicans for their plight.  No Democrat controlled city has improved the lives of their black voters despite their promises for decades that Democrats have professed wanting to improve their lot.  Now Trump is showing Americans how to make America great for everyone and putting Democrats to shame.  As they lose the black vote, Democrats are resorting to enlisting the votes of felons by granting them pardons to vote.  They are also enabling foreign invaders to get IDs in their states that allow them to vote without proof of citizenship.  This is how Democrats behaved in the 19th century enlisting criminals and forcing foreign immigrants to vote for them.  (It is how Muhammad grew the ranks of Islam in his early years, and how the Jihad conquered foreign lands by freeing the slaves who converted to make them first class citizens over their masters, only to make them slaves of Islam.)  The Left has always appealed to the worst people and encouraged their greed and jealousy through revenge, or at least coerced their cooperation by threats and intimidation.  Once again America is engaged in a civil war between liberty loving Republicans and leftist socialist Democrats who want to establish a monarchy over America via fascism with themselves as the heads wearing the crown.

How did Democrats convince their former slaves to be their slaves again?

  • First become Santa Claus and offer to provide everything for them under the New Deal that was actually a raw deal.
  • Promised them free living.
  • Promised them free healthcare.
  • Taught them to be racists against white people.
  • Taught them to reject Christianity.
  • Taught them to reject working.
  • Taught them to abuse women resulting in today 75% out of wedlock births
  • Then Taught them to blame Republicans for all their ills.
  • Used Civil Rights to create the welfare plantation.
  • Taught them to embrace socialism for government to steal for them.
  • Taught them to embrace Islam to justify destroying others.
  • Taught them to embrace crime by glorifying gangsters.
  • Then Taught them that Republicans are racists for shooting them and locking them up when they commit crimes, and wanting to take away their welfare so they can’t be deadbeat thieves.
  • All the while inspired them to exterminate themselves by abandoning education and morality
    • Encouraged them to have abortions
    • Incited them to join gangs to commit crimes
    • Motivated them to do drugs

Black culture as it is today – encouraging racism against whites, promoting deadbeats, and glorifying criminals – is not what Americans want to see proliferate in the country.  This culture that supports Democrats is at odds with their masters over their importation of cheap labor to replace them in the voting booths.  America will not become great by advancing the cause of hate, sloth, jealousy, and greed.  The Left profits from sowing discontent.  They are the negative pole in politics while the Right is the positive pole.  People can either promote their own welfare by taking from others as Democrats or lifting each other up as Republicans do.  When Democrats lift one another, it is always to violence and more hate.  The Left promotes ignorance, rewriting history, and warping the morality of the young.  They have done this by removing God and Christ from the public forum and forcing indoctrination in schools through radical leftists rather than educating.  Blacks are encouraged to despise white teachers, (those who cannot do, teach, is a leftist mantra), do drugs, drop out of school, scorn working for whitey, make idols of gangsters by glorifying criminals as if they were Robin Hood (who actually did not steal from the rich, but fought an oppressive government), and justify their victimhood with lies elevating their lowly status with empty promises to make their lives better.

People only make their lives better by working with others to mutual benefit.  Only thieves prosper by taking from others and they will never achieve anything except making the lives of others as miserable as their own.  Until they learn that following Democrats is walking the road paved with good intentions and empty promises on their way to Hell, black America will continue to divide against the country in which the Republican half has been welcoming them and be kept in thrall by the Left.  None of them realize that Lincoln was not a Democrat and that the South didn’t become a majority Republican because blacks were denied the vote.  They are barely aware of Jim Crow laws and falsely believe they are being oppressed, that cops are racists, and that prisons are built to house them unjustly.  Until they open their eyes that they are making themselves victims choosing a life of crime and oppression they will not advance in America.  Kanye West is speaking the truth and he is being demonized for it as all truth speakers are damned by the Left.  That’s why they hate FOX News and Rush Limbaugh & Co. for exposing their lies, and why they must brainwash their lemmings to keep them from listening to or understanding the truth.

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[Author’s Note:  I am no fan of Kanye West.  Rap is crap and is just a symptom of how black culture has turned to sh*t under Democrats.  They glorify gangsters and then accuse the police of being racist oppressors for shooting criminals.  They treat their women as hoes and b*tches rather than as sweethearts and wives.  They are turning away from the morality of Christianity to the hateful slavery of Islam.  In Islam the men are slaves to the Imams, women are slaves to the men, and infidels are slaves to all.  This death cult is being taught in prisons to convert the worst of people to jihadis out to destroy the Christian West.  It is no wonder that socialists so easily ally with them when they are ideologically the same.  Kanye West’s eyes have been opened, but does he have the strength of will and the goodness of character to learn that the Left is the foundation of evil in the world, that Democrats are leftists who want to rule over the masses, and that defeating them and turning America back to her Christian roots, teaching morality and actual history to our young, is the only way to make America great again.]

Blacks invaded and enslaved Europeans long before Europeans enslaved Africans

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