Save Yourself from Mueller Mayhem

The Mueller Report is coming out and there will be no intelligent voice on the news for the next week.  Rabid leftists will be screaming about there being no further indictments and rightwing pundits will be laughing at them.  The report will not be empty as Rush Limbaugh explained.  Mueller cannot end on a whimper, so he will undoubtedly implicate President Trump in something by alluding to Russian collusion.  He will use the indictments of Trump people and cries of obstruction for calling his probe a witch-hunt to create the false premise that Donald Trump is guilty of something.

No matter.  Democrats will still indulge themselves in a full-blown campaign to overthrow the president.  When it comes to vapid leftist followers like Bill Maher, they’ve already convicted Trump as a traitor.  They happily ignore the fact that it was Obama who financed the Muslim Brotherhood with American taxpayer dollars to create ISIS and give billions to Iran.  Democrats were stupid enough to elect a Moslem socialist to be leader of the free world and turned a blind eye to all he did to take down America.  This is what America hatred breeds and it is all born of leftism.  Take a break from the insanity and read my blog to learn things instead.


Investigate Trump’s finances?  Investigate Congress’ finances!

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Stonewalling Trump – Obama Shutdown Offshore Drilling and Coal Mining


The Feminazi Rat Pack on Cover of Rolling Stone

Democrat Terrorists Create Phony Republican Racism to Justify Their Hate

How Liberals are like Children

These are just some of the latest articles I’ve written that reveals the face of leftwing liberal fascism that has taken hold of young people’s minds here in America.  They said it could never happen here, but thanks to indoctrination practices in American schools mis-educating our young, Millennials are being duped into believing they are fighting evil when they are embracing it.  The practice of Nazism in America by the left has liberals as completely duped as the brain-washing techniques of Islam.

America’s only hope in overcoming this is to overcome the Democrat voter fraud machine that is now using “provisional ballots” as legitimate ballots in order to steal the election claiming that minority votes are not being counted.  If minorities are turned away at the polls, it’s only because some Democrat pollsters have already cast ballots for them.  America must take control of its government or the government will control America and this great nation will fall into darkness.  That recovery requires teaching our children at home so they have defenses against the indoctrination they will face in schools until the red menace can be exorcised from our culture.

The Socialist Inquisition

Democrats have STOLEN the Moral High Ground

Left vs. Right – Democrat’s War on America

Articles about the Mueller report release:

Obama-Clinton Inspired Witch Hunt Ends; No Russian Collusion No New Indictments

Blumenthal: ‘Indictments in the President’s Future’

Media Using Mueller to Cover Up Hillary’s Crimes

The “Investigation” Was a Conspiracy to Oust Trump

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