AOC Gives Amazon and NYC the Socialist Shaft

Using utterly backwards liberal logic, Chiquita Khrushchev torpedoed Amazon’s bid to move a headquarters into NYC in the ditzy belief that New York was going to pay Amazon $3 billion for the move.  Now she thinks that she and her witless democratic socialist idiot friends have $3 billion to spend on social justice programs.

Amazon was on the verge of moving a headquarters to New York City and bringing the city $30 billion in tax revenue in the next ten years along with 25,000 taxpaying jobs with a full range of income opportunities for New Yorkers.  Mayor De Blasio agreed to give Amazon a ten percent tax cut over ten years as incentive.  This witless wonder, AOC, believed the city was going to pay them $3 billion dollars rather than going to make $27 billion in tax revenue over ten years.

This is akin to the lead article in that describes liberal’s mentality in handling money.  They think that if they buy a $100 item at 20% off that they made $20 that they could spend rather than having spent $80.  Their logic is backwards when it comes to finances.  The problem with democratic socialists is that they believe profit is theft rather than growth.  They think businessmen make profits by stealing from their customers and pocket that money.  AOC, like all liberals, don’t have the first clue of how business actually works.

AOC thinks she did a great service to New Yorkers

Here’s the reality for the bug-eyed bimbo who only lacks the blonde hair:

  • The city was not going to subsidize those jobs.
  • 25,000 New Yorkers will not have good paying jobs with Amazon for the next ten years.
  • New York City has just lost $27 billion in revenue.
  • There is not going to be $3 billion of “saved money” for any of her socialist programs.

This is how Democrats think.  They believe government pays for jobs.  They don’t comprehend that businessmen are the ones who create jobs.  They don’t understand that employees are not workers in a socialist encampment where everybody gets paid the same for whatever they contribute.  People earn better money when they have more education and more experience that they bring to a job.  A janitor who only knows how to push a broom does not have the value of a doctor who had eight years of education and twenty years performing surgery.

Democratic socialists believe Bezos has stolen billions of dollars from poor people and is only trying to steal more.  They don’t see businessmen as enabling people to get good jobs, develop skills, and improve their lives.  They think government taking money from those people and giving it to those who don’t work is benevolent charity being fair.  The problem with leftists is that they understand better how thuggery works to take money than they do of how trade works to make money.

Socialists destroy business

Socialists fight business because they see business as ruining their neighborhoods

What sounds like good logic to liberals is founded in their false premises and misunderstandings of what business is and how it works.  They complain that a business like Amazon would make the poor poorer and give the good jobs to people they bring in from outside where they live.  They say it would make their cost of living increase to drive the poor away.  This is the problem with socialist governments like California that drives the poor people out of the rich areas while expecting them to commute in for low-paying jobs.  They make a good point except that it is their Democrats who are the ones creating these conditions with their high taxes, not any of their hated Republicans.

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6 Responses to AOC Gives Amazon and NYC the Socialist Shaft

  1. Arthur DiMatteo says:

    How exactly can 25,000 jobs produce $30 billion dollars in taxes over the course of ten years? You are engaging in some seriously fuzzy math. Do you even spend any time thinking about the things you write?


    • dustyk103 says:

      omg, Arthur, you think I, or anyone else, is saying that 25,000 jobs would produce $30 billion dollars in tax revenue? You need to spend a little more time thinking about what you assert.


  2. Arthur DiMatteo says:

    So then where is the $30 billion in taxes supposed to have come from?


    • dustyk103 says:

      Amazon HQ. Amazon’s business of selling products. Amazon makes billions of dollars in business transactions every year. Amazon. Perhaps you’ve heard of them? Amazon is not a few suits in an office. Amazon is not Jeff Bezos. Amazon is not an empty corporate thingy devoid of people. Amazon is tens of thousands of employees working to produce, sell, and deliver millions of products and that generates an income from which the government gets taxes. And not just the federal government, but state and local governments get taxes from businesses. That $3B a year is only what the state and city will be getting. But the federal government will get its share no matter where Amazon is headquartered to do business within the United States. The problem with liberalism is that liberals know ZERO about how a business works. Liberals need to be put out on the street without a job and without welfare and forced to learn how to run a business rather than learning how to steal from people who do work!


  3. Arthur DiMatteo says:

    I would still like to see how you got those crazy numbers. Did you get the link I sent you? Why can’t I see my last response, are you hiding it?


    • dustyk103 says:

      Your comments are open to all. You didn’t send a link. Why are you asking me for “crazy numbers?” Ask De Blasio. He’s the one who said Amazon would generate $30B in tax revenue for the city/state.


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