The Socialist Inquisition

The Democratic Nazi Communist Party is fully embracing the horrors of socialism to remake America into Venezuela.  If they can bankrupt America, they can create a nation of dependents who will cry for salvation and Democrats will declare themselves the saviors.  They persecute Republicans in the same ways that leftists have always done.  The Spanish Inquisition during the Middle Ages was when the left corrupted the Catholic Church to hunt down and persecute anyone who would not submit to the Pope.  They persecuted heathens, Moslems, Jews, and Christians alike.  They learned to do this from hundreds of years under Islamic persecution.  That leftist principle of two-faced self-righteous hypocrisy to fool the ignorant and oppress the righteous exists to this day.  It is in the form of the Socialist Inquisition to destroy Christianity just like its predecessors did in Communist Russia, Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, and Moslem Spain before the Reconquista, WWII, and the Cold War ended their attempts at domination.  The Socialist Inquisition of today doesn’t go after Islam because they share the same tenets and goals – destroy the Christian West.

Liberal Fascists Import Latino-Communists and Islamo-Nazis

Pelosi goes full communist – “pay difference between CEOs and employees is ‘sinful’”

Kamala Harris vows to eliminate private healthcare

Tip of the iceberg – Texas 95,000 non-residents on voter rolls

New York Democrats vote to fund illegal alien’s college education

Sarsour calls on Moslems not to assimilate by to wage Jihad

Democrats doing away with the Christian God

Communist Democrats think the American economy doesn’t work right because everyone isn’t a millionaire.  This promise of giving the Sun, the Moon, and the stars to everyone is right out of the Obama playbook.  When Buffet lamented his tax rates, he was only kidding.  He wasn’t using some “loophole” no one realized was there.  He had his Democrat servants whose campaigns he financed pass legislation to give him that tax rate.  If Democrats regain power, they will eliminate healthcare plans and reinstate the ObamaCare Mandate on taxpayers while they enjoy Cadillac healthcare paid for by taxpayers.  New York even voted to fund illegal alien’s college with taxpayer money.  What about American citizens?  They think Democrats will give them freebies, but they are going to be the ones who pay for it.  The rich can’t provide for everyone.  Socialism always leads to everyone being poor except the ruling elites.

Democrats are dupes believing so many false facts.  They think that school is free from K-12 when it is their parents who are paying taxes for their education.  They think that Medicare is provided for free to the elderly when retirees paid for it from the taxation of their paychecks for the entire lives.  Liberals don’t know how anything works.  They have been duped into believing that socialism can make everyone prosper, that it is benevolent, that Nazism is rightwing, that Trump worked with Russia, and that climate change is caused by CO2.  This kind of belief in fictions are for stupid people.  Democrats rely on ignorance, stupidity, gullibility, and hate to dupe their flock.  They have millions of illegal voters on the rolls and plan on giving illegal aliens the vote in all states.

Latinos are not coming to America for jobs.  Like the socialist Islamo-nazis, these are socialist Latino-communists coming to help Democrat socialist-fascists conquer the USA.  Democrat smears are only meant to distract and divide the people.  They say foolish things such as “the need to speak with experts on border security” when that is exactly what President Trump has been doing.  They say there needs to be more than just a concrete wall when that is exactly what President Trump has been doing.  Their intent is to distract and delay any action to protect and secure America until they are back in power to put America back under their boot.

Kamala Harris the next Barack Obama announced her presidential run saying,

“We are here because the American Dream and our American democracy are under attack and on the line like never before. And we are here at this moment in time because we must answer a fundamental question: Who are we? Who are we as Americans? So, let’s answer that question to the world and each other right here and right now. America, we are better than this.”

Just like Obama she is all style and no substance.  America is under attack by leftist socialist Democrats.  Abortion killing babies and death panels killing the old are their sacraments.  Stealing wealth is their ideology.  That conservative Christians are to blame for the suffering they inflict on themselves is their dogma.  The Democrat Dream is to feed the greed.  Democrats expect to get everything for free and they expect their political party to steal from the rich to give it to them, and they justify themselves by believing as they’ve been told that the rich stole from it from them.  Their idea of the American Dream is becoming rich without having to work for it.  The actual American Dream is to be able to prosper from your own labor without a corrupt government stealing it from you.  Democrats have become the government that Americans fled and fought a war to abolish.  In 21st century America the Democrats have become the Fascists, Nazis, and Communists of the left working to dupe and rule over a nation of fools.

Leftism is the state of denial in the country of deception.  Just as they blame all gun owners for criminals using guns to commit murder, they blame all Christians for the leftist Inquisition of the corrupted Medieval church.  But when they claim that the genocidal socialist states of the 20th century “weren’t real socialists” they have no real concealment when those countries all followed socialist ideology to the letter.  All they have is the lie that dupes ignorant people.  It’s like Moslems claiming jihadis are not Islamic when it is written in the Koran by Muhammad that he gave instructions to all Moslems to be jihadis.  Deny, deceive, destroy is the leftist credo.  All those socialist states had socialism in their name also had republican in their names.  The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.  The People’s Republic of China.  The German Democratic Republic of East Germany.

Liberals are easily confused by words they don’t understand because they don’t learn from history.  How are they going to understand a policy when they can’t figure out what the words mean?  They think being liberal today is the same as the Founders being liberals.  The Founders were attempting to liberate America from the tyranny of the king who wanted to conserve his power.  Today it is Christians striving to conserve America while the left seeks to liberate the country from Christianity so they can reimpose tyranny.  It’s not rocket science.  It’s just words that confuse liberals.

Rush and conservative Christians warned everyone against Obama

[Author’s Note: In sixty years I have learned to believe none of what Democrats say and only half of what Republicans say.  We were all duped by Jeff Sessions’ claiming to be full on conservative.  But once he got into the AG office, he sabotaged Trump.  Yet now he’s gone and here we are two years into Trump’s administration and Mueller still reigns supreme as the Gestapo Robespierre and no one is investigating the real crimes of Obama and Hillary.  I’m beginning to wonder whether Trump is being sandbagged, or if it may be that he is also a wolf in sheep’s clothing rooting out the staunchest Christian conservatives for the coming Democrat revolution to rule America?  It’s a stretch, but if he doesn’t actually go after the crimes of Obama and Hillary and Democrats retake the White House to institute all of their agenda then that’s the only conclusion to which I can come.  President Trump has been an awesome fighter for conservative Christian principles.  Why would he let America slip away?  But ObamaCare, although defanged, is still in force and can be reversed.  The wall is not getting built.  And Obama and Hillary are running free.  All Christian conservative Republicans should call on the President to go after the leaders of the Democrats who are the lords of corruption in America before they defraud the next election to seize power again.]

Roger Stone invaded, explains Pelosi’s plan to make Hillary president

Responding to socialist denials

American Gestapo – Mueller Takes Down Another Trump Supporter

The State of the Union is; Unstable, Volatile, Degenerating

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  1. Bob says:

    If 44% of millennials want to live under socialism let the dumb fuks go to Venezuela or Cuba.


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