Sessions Needs to Investigate the Investigators

Why isn’t Attorney General Jeff Sessions doing his job?  Democrats violate immigration law, Mueller conducts a witch-hunt, and leftists persecute Christians and conservative businesses, and how does Sessions respond?  When will the man who was so eager to be on the Trump Train to become AG stand up for American law?

AG Jeff Sessions continues to invoke his recusal from the Mueller investigation of the Trump campaign even though that investigation has proven to be a red herring.  He says he is disallowed from investigating the campaign in which he took part, but he is NOT disallowed from investigating the investigators who have been conducting a witch-hunt rather than investigating any crime.  Democrats keep telling their liberal dupes that if they can’t find Trump guilty of collusion then they can impeach him for Obstruction of Justice.  But you can’t charge someone with obstruction of investigating a non-existent crime.  Mueller was not given a crime to investigate, nor was he given any parameters, which violates the rights of everyone he is investigating.  Instead of investigating any evidence of Trump working with Putin or of Russians actually affecting the election they have been violating the 4th Amendment rights of everyone in the Trump campaign putting up a smoke screen for the real crime of Obama and Hillary spying on Trump.  The real investigation that Trump needs to initiate is into Democrats conducting felony spying on his campaign in violation of campaign law through the FISA court and he needs to do so with his supporters, not Hillary’s.  Mueller’s team is packed with Clintonistas, and any investigation into her and Obama needs to be packed with Trumpsters.  All this has nothing to do with the campaign in which Sessions was involved so why hasn’t he taken bold aggressive action?  Is he actually one of the best shysters of Hydra to infiltrate S.H.I.E.L.D.?  It’s not that hard to talk like a conservative.  Democrats do it every time they campaign.  But actions speak louder than words.

“It’s not who we are underneath, but what we do that defines us.” – Rachel Dawes, Batman Begins

Truer words were never spoken.  It doesn’t matter what we say we believe when our actions are the opposite.  Who believes Obama is a Christian when he attacked the Christian Church over abortion and the gay agenda, but then turned around and empowered the Muslim Brotherhood’s renewal of the Jihad?  Corruption, voter fraud, unlawful sanctions, and illegal actions are all hallmarks of the Democrat Party.  Communists have interfered in America elections since Teddy Roosevelt, but they don’t have the ability to commit voter fraud like Democrats have by allowing dead people, multiple votes by fraudsters, and illegal immigrants to cast votes.  The only viable way to stop voter fraud is to have people pay for their voter ID including photo, thumbprint, and confirmation of address.  The Left would scream this is racism and unfair to the poor.  But this is a republic, not a democracy.  You don’t get to vote for whatever corruption you want just because you expel CO2.  Only legitimate, responsible citizens should be voting for how government spends taxpayer money, not deadbeats who only seek to profit by the Democrat takers stealing from the makers.  Liberals do not exercise good sense.  The galactic stupidity of liberals is proven by kids who call cops “fascist pigs” and want them off their campus where they supposedly have 20% of women being raped and are actually targets of mass murderers.

Democrats have been openly violating America law for years from Obama’s issuing dictates with his phone and his pen to Democrat mayors violating immigration law by forewarning criminals of ICE raids endangering America’s law enforcement personnel.  Until Democrats are held accountable for their crimes they will only get worse.  Mueller is violating the rights of everyone in his open witch-hunt, and these liberal judges that have been putting Christians out of business for not yielding to leftist’s demands that they sacrifice their moral beliefs on the pretext that they are discriminating is the worst kind of corruption.  How would animal lovers who ran a photography business feel if they were asked to photograph a slaughterhouse and sued out of business when they refused?  The left’s abuse of discrimination laws is as vast as their corruption of all things and they cannot be allowed to have the power to make their twisted interpretations of righteousness be permitted to warp our nation.

Rep. Nunes exposes Obama’s FISA warrant spying on Trump

Sessions begins baby steps in investigating FISA spying on Trump

The Lie Heard Round the World

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