Angry Democrat Mobs, Foreign Invaders, and – Republican bombs?

Save Democrats!  Government service is dangerous for Democrats.  Vote Republican and help save Democrats from being targeted by Republican bombers.  You have to be an idiot to believe leftist ploys, but liberals fall for them time after time.  Deceivers and their dupes believe in Republican mobs.  ALL mobs, ALL rioters, ALL mass shooters, ALL police murderers, ALL presidential assassins have always been radical leftist Democrats.  Try as they might to blame Republicans and the TEA Party, leftists come up proven liars.  They are saying this is an attack on free speech.  Horse puckey!  It is Democrats who want to shut down free speech and they do it through political correctness, declaring righteous speech “hate speech,” and through violence.  Republicans want Democrats to speak because we know the best weapon to use against the left is the truth.  We want people to hear Obama lie claiming he made the economy great, so we can expose him, and we pity the fools who believe him.

Rush condemns all bombers, mobs, and invaders

What events do Democrats have to point at to say Republicans are violent?  Charlottesville, where a neo-Nazi KKK, i.e. radical militant Democrat, ran over a Black Lives Matter protester, i.e. radical militant Democrat?  Trump rallies where people punched Antifa attackers after they were assaulted?  Pelosi had a group accost her at a restaurant in Miami.  Does anyone know if they were actually Republicans or was it just a setup out of Mein Kampf?  Now bombs show up at the post offices of George Soros, the Obamas and Clintons, Holder, Biden, Brennan at CNN (who works at MSNBC), and De Niro, none of whom are on ballots but are just mouth pieces and money for Democrats.  None of these “bombs” has gone off and those that have been examined so far have been found to be hoaxes with digital timers.

And who do they blame?  They blame Trump, of course!  They blame all Republicans.  What violence has Trump called for from his followers?  What Republicans go to protests in masks carrying weapons with which to attack peaceful Democrats?  This has all the earmarks of a false flag.  It has been Democrats, radical leftists, and America hating socialists who have been promoting violence and slandering Republicans.  It is they who have been conducting riots, mass shootings, and assassinations.  It is they who have been wishing for Trump’s assassination going so far as to depict it in their fiction.

Trump blasts the leftwing media for their slanderous fake news reporting that it has been he, not Democrats, calling for violence.  Show us one instance of Trump calling on his followers to attack Democrats!  He has told people to defend themselves, but only Democrats have promoted incivility to the point of murder.  How do Democrats believe that, since their usual deceptions and slanders are not working, exhorting violence will attract supporters to their cause?  This is a sickness that has become a cancer in America.

Trump condemns fake news for ginning up hate blaming him

Illegal aliens sneak into America to become Democrat’s slaves either working on the cheap or being parasites as welfare voter slaves.  Endorsing this is not what decent human beings do who claim they want to help the poor and oppressed.  So, what is the excuse of liberals for supporting this?  They want to make these foreign invaders, who want to leech off of American taxpayers and tear down the American nation, into voters!  Republicans have every reason to fight back against the left.  We are doing so by exposing their lies and voting to remove them from power.  It is they who sent ricin to Donald Trump, Jr., who shot Sen. Steve Scalise, and who battered Sen. Rand Paul, who assassinate police, and who riot in the streets.  Democrats are losing at the polls and becoming dangerously insane.

This “bomber” is either a leftist hoax or the act of a nutjob.  Either way, the leftwing media blames Trump and all Republicans!  When you blame a group for the actions of one or blame an entire population for the actions of a few that is called bigotry, and that is the heart of leftism.  This is a vain attempt to gin up the hate of the left even more against Republicans to incite their dupes to rush into voting booths.  Democrats are going to find that hate doesn’t inspire Americans.  Their haters do not make up enough of the population to make the difference and they are going to be swept aside by the red tsunami of American patriots who are disgusted and fed up with their violent, hateful rhetoric and actions.  Leftists create these false flags in order to try to subdue the righteous by casting blame on them.  We do not accept blame for leftist lies and never apologize for being right!

Obama Nuked Economy in 2008 wants Credit for Trump’s Boom

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Invasion USA – Building the Great Wall of America

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2 Responses to Angry Democrat Mobs, Foreign Invaders, and – Republican bombs?

  1. Roy says:

    Democrat’s will fight to the death to gain power over people and regain the status of themselves ‘being the ruling class’. At the same time they will do anything to see this country flooded with illegals, crashing our borders with violence.
    Through any means necessary, Obama and his Democrat Party will never cease trying to make their total transformation of this country a reality. America, please wake up before Nov. 6th.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dottie Najera says:

    Agree 100%


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