America’s Immigration System is NOT Broken – Democrats Are!

Democrats violate Constitutional law to put citizens in danger and then campaign as if they were Republicans in favor of strong American law.  Giving people who are in the country illegally is not only open rebellion, but treason to the American citizen.  These Democrats must be arrested, and their massive voter fraud campaign crushed!  This is no joke!

Sanctuary states cannot be allowed to have elections allowing illegal aliens casting votes to overrule the rights of American citizens.  California et al are doing this to give their fascist Democrats power when the people would remove them.  This isn’t just illegal, it’s treason, and the federal government needs to step up and haul these people into to courts on their way to prison and replace them until the citizenry can elect their replacement.

Democrats giving illegals the vote in cities across the country

Democrat mentality over immigration is completely two-faced in that they want foreigners who are in the country illegally to vote in elections, yet they cry and moan in their delusional belief that Russia somehow voted illegally in the last election.  It’s sick and demented for them to condemn foreign interference in elections by their fantasy Russians while advocating for Mexicans and Moslems to cast votes in a country they hate.  But what do you expect of people who slander those who have faith in Christ yet believe they represent the godly?

Democrats lie about everything.  They smear Trump as evil and destructive, a chaotic tyrant tearing down the country, all while he is bringing back trillions of dollars and jobs that Democrats have forced overseas to escape their confiscatory taxes.  They always portray the righteous as evil, inept, and petty to hide the fact that conservative Christianity is what makes America great.  Their Hollywood cronies slip their propaganda into movies and television shows to warp gullible minds.  Democrats, like Oprah, Winfrey one of the Left’s cult heroes, stripped away Christianity from her latest movie.  When VP Pence declared that he prays to God and acts on answers he receives he was mocked by the likes of Joy Behar on The View as being mentally ill because “he thinks Jesus talks back to him.”  When Oprah said she prayed about whether she should run for president in 2020 and was waiting for an answer she was lauded by the Left.  This begs the question; to what god does she pray that the Left approves?  She didn’t mention Jesus.

Oprah strips Christianity out of movie adaptation of Christian story

Oprah and Colbert mock God on the Late Show

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Liberalism does not offer liberation, progressivism does not offer progress, and Democrats do not offer democracy.  The ideology of the Left is all designed to dupe the unwitting to submit themselves to authoritarian elitists.  What have Democrats ever offered Americans besides high taxes, debt, and dependency on them?  Where Obama measured success by how many more people got on welfare, Trump measures success by how many people get jobs.  Welfare is a dead-end path for deadbeats and parasites that doesn’t elevate anyone.  Democrats can never be honest about what they represent because if they told the people the truth then half of them would stop voting for them.  Only the half that truly hates America and wants to see it torn down would remain, and half of them are not, nor do they want to become, Americans.  But Democrat leaders will accept their votes if it puts them into positions of power where they can steal from the rich in the name of the gullible poor.  They protect and empower criminals because they are criminals.

The simple fact of life is that leftists corrupt everything.  So they campaign as conservatives saying they are for good jobs, strong borders, and safety, and then break all promises.  Why do people so want to be fooled?  They say they pray as they mock Christian prayer.  They say they are for righteousness but attack all things righteous such as Obama trying to extort nuns to pay for abortions and put men in girl’s bathrooms.  They take Christian symbols and twist their meaning into what they want.  They made the rainbow gay, they made the Cross burn, and now they are making peace sign armbands that represent their totalitarianism.  Democrats cannot be allowed to benefit from stuffing the ballot boxes with millions more fraudulent votes in elections.  It will take more than a lawsuit that will be tied up in court for the next ten years to stop this treachery.  This rebellion must be crushed before the midterms this year or America could fall under the iron jackbooted thugs of the Left once again.

Liberals are confused, nonsensical, and two-faced in all they do, which is not surprising when they elect the likes of blithering idiot Maxine Waters to represent them.  All she does is screech “impeach 45” when Trump has done no wrong, upheld the Constitution, is fulfilling all his campaign promises, and is making America great again.  Right and wrong does not matter to liberals, only their hate of Trump who is the opposite of Obama.  They are just rabid in their hatred of Republicans and insane in their derangement to destroy him because he does what no other Republican has done – stand fearlessly against the lies of the Left.  Most all Republicans cower before the lying liberal media and strive to appease them by compromising with Democrats.  Democrats have never been for a strong America, only strong Democrat elites.  Rush Limbaugh says compromising with evil is always a win for evil, and likewise compromising with people who are wrong just waters down what is right and makes the nation weak.

Liberal symbols are lies of their ideology

Realizing Democrats are Domestic Enemies Makes Them Comprehensible

California Democrats Ready to War Again to Keep Their Slaves

This is what passes for leadership among Democrats

Obama’s Islamic heritage

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