Republicans are for Immigrants, Democrats are for criminals

“No person is ‘illegal.’”

This is one of several stupid statements by liberals in their efforts to change the language to make invaders, who steal jobs from Americans making wages lower and are awarded by Democrats from taxpayer benefits when they do not pay taxes, legitimate.  They have tried to mock the term Illegal Alien as talking about extraterrestrials, and striven to change the language to make them legitimate, but undocumented immigrants rather than what they actually are – invading thieves intent on raiding and subverting America.  Immigrants that come to America rightfully obeying American law do so with a passport and a green card, get good jobs, and pay taxes.  Illegals are criminals who break American laws by sneaking into the country, taking jobs illegally for lower wages, and stealing taxpayer rights and benefits with the help of the Democrat Party.  Democrats love these welfare voter slaves they allow to vote in national elections in their states to override citizen’s votes.  So it is not illegal to be a person in liberal’s dysfunctional minds.  What they do is illegal.  What they are is criminals.  Immigration law isn’t broken.  It is Democrats who break immigration law.

These criminal invaders are not trying to become American citizens, to work with Americans, pay taxes, and contribute to this great nation.  They are thieves seeking a means by which to take from Americans everything from money, jobs, and rights.  Democrats are giving them voting rights to commit massive voter fraud in the states they control.  The media denies this at the same time they are showing videos of governors announcing they are doing this in their sanctuary states.  This not only makes those governors criminals, but traitors to America.  They are making their own immigration law in their state for the entire country.  There can be only one voice in this nation regarding immigration, not a multitude of petty dictators.

Immigrants are great.  They improve America.  They come to America to become Americans.  The president’s wife is an immigrant.  So when Democrats say he is against immigrants it takes a moron to agree with them.  When Democrats say they are for all immigrants, and then mock Melania Trump for her accent, they are demonstrating their two-faced mentality.  When Democrats say Trump is racist because he doesn’t want people invading the country illegally, Democrats prove their bigotry by belittling legal immigrants that don’t bow to their rulership.  They promote invaders who want to steal from Americans and overthrow this nation.  Liberals say they come here as refugees wanting to climb over Trump’s wall to appeal for help.  But they wave the flags, not of America, but of their homelands whom they represent in their desire, like La Raza, to conquer America.  Despite what Democrats claim, these people do not have any rights to come into the USA or to receive benefits, let alone steal jobs and votes from citizens.

Obama operatives in IRS defend giving refunds to illegals

Democrats slander Trump as a dishonorable man and chauvinist pig, yet it is they who are falling like dominoes as sex offenders, and who prove what two-faced liars they have always been by supporting and covering up for them for years.  As the media spins their lies from false premises, assumptions, and innuendo to create their fake news and false narratives, Americans with functioning brains are having their eyes opened to the truth – that Trump Republicans are pro-Americans making America great, while Democrats are the anti-Americans who are giving away Americans wealth to the thieves of the world who hate America.  Democrats say Republicans are racists because of their desire for border security keeping out “brown people.”  If Republicans ignore this lie, then Democrats say it must be true because they cannot defend it.  If Republicans rebuke this lie, then Democrats say it must be true because they protest too much.  What is true is that Democrats are stupid liars who can only silence stupid Republicans.  When confronted with the Democrat charge of racism saying, the only way for you to prove you are not racist is to let criminals steal from you, there is only one response that is honest, truthful, and irrefutable, and that is to tell them to GFY!

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1 Response to Republicans are for Immigrants, Democrats are for criminals

  1. Roy says:

    We’ve been ridiculing Political Correctness ever since the Clinton’s made it part of our language yet, it is used even by Republicans. Democrat’s and media are out to destroy our country yet, they keep getting reelected. Pelosi? Maxine Waters? Chuck Schumer? reelected time after time.
    President Trump is the best person to come our way since Reagan and tides are changing. Maybe even low information voters are sick of the B.S. dems are pushing. An illegal alien is an illegal just as a little person is still a midget and a low information voter is still just a gullible, ignorant, person.


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