Democrat’s Plot Revealed How They Plan to Overthrow Trump

Leave it to “America’s Truth Detector and Doctor of Democracy,” Rush Limbaugh, to unravel exactly how Democrats and their Swamp Rat RINO allies believe they can enact a successful coup to oust President Trump from office.  Mueller’s phony Russian collusion investigation, combined with the pretentious punishment of lefty sex transgressors, has pulled back the curtain on how Democrats believe they can oust Donald Trump through entrapment.

The Swamp wants to overturn the election based on a lie

The strategy by which the liberal fascists of the socialist Left would reach the end game of their plot to overthrow the elected President of the United States has been deduced by the redoubtable intellect and moral clarity of Rush Limbaugh.  Democrats have been in mortal agony since their attempted transformation of America into a socialist toilet under Obama, which was to be completed by Hillary establishing socialized medicine single-payer, thus bringing America under their control to fold into the One World Global Government, got derailed and run over by the Trump Train.  Their plan is simplicity itself;

  • Declare the election illegitimate and unlawfully stolen from Hillary
  • Investigate Trump through a special prosecutor with no limits
  • Entrap Trump supporters in process crimes while investigating a fairy tale
  • Concurrently, persecute a few media monkeys for sexual transgressions
  • Find anything in Trump’s business record with which to dupe liberal boobs
  • Ally with NeverTrumper conservative charlatans
  • Depress Republican midterm vote through harassment of imagined guilt
  • Execute enough voter fraud to win the House and Senate with RINO help
  • Impeach Trump on the grounds of minor “crimes” and “immorality”
  • Install Hillary by congressional acclaim to rule America
  • Undo all Trump has done to undo Obamaism and make America small again

The only flaw in this plan is that it will only appeal to the ignorant, but that applies to the majority of the people.  It has become evident that the Swamp Rats will do anything to get rid of Trump and stop him from breaking up their power.  They would rather have Democrats in control of Congress as Sen. Flake (R-AZ) just proved by donating to the Democrat running against Judge Roy Moore for the Alabama senate seat claiming he’s doing it “for country over party.”

Republican anti-Trump Sen. Flake supports Democrat for Alabama senate

Swamp Rats may go so far as to torpedo their own re-election campaigns at the last moment to give their seats to their Democrat buddies.  They may lose their positions, but they’ll expect to be well compensated by their swamp rat cohorts in corruption.  It could work.  If it does then how would Democrats and RINOs deal with the fallout of angry patriots who will rise up against the Washington establishment of congressional swamp rats imposing their ruler over the president of the people’s choice?  This is one of the reasons Obama had striven to degrade America’s military power, drive patriots out, and import foreign mercenaries to take their place.  Much as they would like, Democrats cannot rely on their criminals and the snowflakes of their base to stand between them and well-armed patriots of the militia.  Those who use their power to corrupt the election and impeach Trump for crashing their party will find themselves lined up against the wall and buried in their swamp.

America’s last line of defense

In the course of investigating the phony Russian collusion charge, Mueller hopes to instigate a number of mistakes by the targets of his witch hunt that is charging people with unrelated crimes in order to bring charges of obstruction of justice against Trump.  With this they hope to undermine his support and, combined with their superficial “cleansing” of their sexual transgressors, believe they can convince enough Republicans to join with the NeverTrumpers to remove the billionaire philanderer from the White House.  To actually accomplish this, however, requires them winning control of the House and Senate in 2018, which they believe they can do by slandering Republicans as the party of immorality and paint themselves as the white knights of the realm.

Were it not for the simple fact that half the country recognizes that Democrats are the party of corruption and perversion this would be simple.  But even if they could pull off enough voter fraud, intimidation, and slander to wrest control of Congress away from Republicans, they would still need significant Republican support to impeach Trump out of office and install Hillary.  What they fail to realize is that such a coup would result in an uprising by the gun-toting party who would descend on Washington to deliver justice and flush the swamp’s corruption down the crapper.

Brian Ross poops the bed, Behar eats crow because of Flynn’s entrapment

Entrapment is illegal for a reason.  Investigators cannot use trickery to convince their subjects to commit a crime.  But the truly devious know how to manipulate someone into saying one thing which they make mean something else.  That is what the FBI has done to Gen. Mike Flynn, who thought he was cooperating with their investigation only to find they used his words against him to create a lie, got the Scooter Libby treatment.  When Mueller revealed that Flynn had pled guilty to giving the FBI false or incorrect or conflicting statements about Trump contacting the Russians, leftist media pundit Brian Ross immediately declared Trump had violated the law and was guilty of a conspiracy to steal the election.  His premature ejaculation resulted in his having to retract his announcement a few hours later when the whole truth was revealed and Trump’s contacts with the Russian perfectly legitimate.  Joy Behar squealed with delight on “The View” at his news only to have to eat crow shortly after.  Liberals got on the air to denounce Ross’ bumbling as foolishly giving Republicans some red meat by mistake to use to call them fake news as if that’s the only lie they have ever told.  ALL THEIR NEWS IS FAKE!  Their ENTIRE Russian collusion story has been FAKE from the START and WE ALL KNOW IT!  They are not putting anything over on any those of us who support Trump and know all the facts from both sides!  Only liberal loons have believed any of this fairy tale and they have become so delusional that even so-called journalists like Ross have become so deluded that they now believe their own lies!  Thanks to him some companies in the Stock Market tanked on Friday at the news and some poor fools lost fortunes because they believed yet another Democrat lie.  Rush Limbaugh saw through the lie instantly!

Behar rejoices at Ross report of Trump talking to Russians

Behar relives election night 2016

This is why it is eminently wise to believe none of what Democrats say, only half of what Republican say (because half of them are swamp rats, too), and ALL of what Rush Limbaugh says because he is virtually never wrong!  Rush is so right and true that he actually predicted all of this a year ago just a few days after Trump’s election.  His understanding of liberalism and swamp rat mentality, scheming, and corruption are such that he can foresee exactly what they will think and do.  No wonder he calls himself “America’s Truth Detector and Doctor of Democracy.”  He even referred to the book, “Animal Farm,” which was the story of how Stalin overthrew Trotsky, Lenin’s pick of successor, to seize rulership of Russia to their ultimate detriment.  Hillary would repeat Stalin’s ouster of the legitimately elected leader of America and establish herself as swamp selected ruler over the people to fulfill the globalist dreams of Obamaites.  The America haters of the Democrat Party stand ready to overthrow the Constitution and establish the ruling elites in power.  The Big Lie of the Democrat Party has always been that they are all for the ruling rich just as they have always been the party of slavery, of elitist masters ruling over the masses.  Only the ignorant who know nothing more of Republicans and Democrats than they learned from Little Orphan Annie believe Democrats are striving to make life better for their workers.

Democrats are calling Trump’s minor tax cuts “Armageddon” for the poor.  They deliberately mask the good that will come of letting businesses keep money to create jobs by slandering every effort by Trump or obscuring them when they happen to cloud the airwaves with bogus news like Brian Ross’ boondoggle.  The more leftists can smear and slander Trump with fake news, distract from his achievements with fake news, elevate liberal fascist Democrats with fake news, while concealing their true Nazism through their fake news calling patriots Nazis, then the more ignorant people will believe the leftist media fake news propaganda machine.  Shout the truth from the rooftops and don’t let the Left steal America from the people who love her.  The entire Democrat plot will face plant with the increase of Republicans in Congress in 2018.

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