The ‘Madness’ of Trump

President Trump will not tolerate the dictates of the petty thug in North Korea.  This is causing some Republicans to join with Democrats in condemning his blatant defiance of Korean threats.  And they are calling him the “unstable” one.

The wimps of the GOP say Kim must be treated with kid gloves as he threatens to incinerate Guam, Japan, South Korea, Hawaii, and all of America.  The men of the GOP say it’s time to eliminate this thug from the face of the Earth, while the wimps are joining the chorus of Democrats screaming, “NO!”  Liberal Democrats are always referring to the president they assassinated for not being communist enough, JFK, for staring down the Russians in 1962.  They say how manly, presidential, and powerful he was for not backing down to Soviet threats and making the Russians remove their missiles from Cuba.  But when a President like Ronald Reagan, or George W. Bush, and now Donald Trump whacks evil in the head, Democrats go crazy declaring that the president is insane – because he’s a Republican facing down leftist regimes.  Democrats do not like it when their side is smacked in the face for trying to intimidate the free people of the world.

Cuban Missile Crisis vs. Korean Missile Crisis

Every president has had to deal with military crises since WWII:

  • Truman – Korean War
  • Eisenhower – Soviet conquest of Eastern Europe
  • Kennedy – the Cuban missile crisis
  • Johnson – Vietnam escalation
  • Nixon – Vietnam withdrawal
  • Ford – Turkish invasion of Cyprus
  • Carter – Iranian revolution
  • Reagan – Lebanon peacekeeping disaster
  • Bush I – Gulf War
  • Clinton – Kosovo
  • Bush II – Iran
  • Obama – Syria

Some have shined, but most have flopped.  Korea was a stalemate with China that kept a mad dog regime active these sixty-four years.  Eisenhower could do nothing to save Eastern Europe from Soviet conquest without taking the nation into WWIII.  Kennedy faced down Soviet aggression in Cuba by relinquishing NATO defenses in Turkey.  Johnson squandered American military might and youth in Vietnam from which Nixon withdrew resulting in America’s first defeat.  Carter gave Iran to the Islamist jihadi.  Reagan failed to keep the peace in Lebanon and withdrew.  Clinton assisted Moslems during the breakup of Yugoslavia to distract from his violations of national security by having sex with an intern in the Oval Office and lying about it under oath.  Bush retaliated for 9-11 by invading and ousting Saddam Hussein and then putting down the jihadi rebellion in Iraq.  Obama smeared these achievements and then gave Iraq away to the Muslim Brotherhood, armed them to oust the government of Syria, and put the Middle East into complete turmoil by assisting them in renewing the Jihad to re-establish the Caliphate, even to the point of allowing them to kill America’s ambassador to Libya.

Clinton and Obama opened the door to the mad dog regime of North Korea and the fanatic Islamists of Iran to obtain nuclear weapons.  Allowing these third world toilets to have nuclear bombs is like giving guns to children with which to threaten older kids.  Trump has drawn a line to which he, unlike Obama, will adhere.  He has already established a relationship with China and Russia so that if Kim launches missiles at U.S. territory then they will stand back and watch America annihilate their rabid dog simply because he has become a danger to all.  Democrats, their RINO allies, and NeverTrumper frauds are all wringing their hands of a big nuclear exchange.  Their fears degenerate into their belief that Trump is the unstable of the two.  Their continuing willingness to submit to a psychotic thug as they did with Hitler in the 1930s will only result in the war they fear.  Whenever a Republican is in charge the Democrats want him to fail and would rather see America destroyed than have a Republican achieve victory.

Yet it was Ronaldus Magnus who faced down the Soviet threat and caused the collapse of the Iron Curtain.  It was both the Bush presidents who won their wars.  Aside from Kennedy, who was a military man and more conservative than Democrats could stand to the point they assassinated him, Democrats have all been wimps ready to submit to appease the evil dictators of the world.  Thank God America did not yield to the votes of those who hate America and want to see her collapse.  Imagine if Al Gore had stolen the presidency in 2000 and faced the 9-11 attack?  America would not have gone to war, but would have succumbed and “studied” how America made the Moslems made at us, and then decided on how best to appease them.  Hillary would be doing the same right now.  The communists recognize they are dealing with a strong leader and will not stand against him as they did against previous strong Republicans to their detriment.

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