Make America Great Again – Burn Stupid Snowflakes

If you tell a liberal “snowflake” you are for a border wall and he calls you a racist just reply, “I know you are, but what am I?”  BURN!

Why does this silly elementary insult work with liberalism?  Because Democrats are actually doing what they accuse Republicans of doing.  The party of slavery, the KKK, segregation, and racism accuses Republicans of being racists.  The party of labor union thuggery, big business monopoly, and corporate greed accuses Republicans of being the greedy rich taking advantage of the poor.  They say Trump’s tax cuts are for the rich and smear the benefits to the Middle Class, but extolled them as virtuous when Obama did the same thing in extending the Bush tax cuts!  Why do thieves never trust others?  Because they believe others have the same heart as they and will steal from them because that’s what they would do.  The primary character separation between the Left and the Right is that the righteous believe in being honest and so are not as suspicious as they should be of others, while leftists believe in deception and thus are overly suspicious of others believing they always lie.  People tend to project their feelings and motivations onto others and the Left and Right have opposite beliefs in how wealth is acquired.  The Right believes wealth is acquired through honest business practices and trade, while the Left believes wealth is acquired through scams and theft.  Thus the two see their opponent as being similar to themselves.  That’s why some Republicans sometimes foolishly support Democrats and think they can reach across the aisle to work with them.  That’s why the Democrats will never be honest because they don’t believe Republicans will ever be honest.  But Democrats also know they cannot be honest about what they actually intend for America because the people would recoil in horror at their agenda to make Americans into the serfs of the ruling class.  Democrats have been incensed ever since Republicans took their slaves away and the only way they have been able to reacquire them is through deception.  But Trump has forced them out in the open with his efforts to strip Democrats of their imported welfare voter slaves.

Twitter CEO and Other Stupid Leftists Want to Eliminate Conservatives

Trump doesn’t know how not to succeed in solving problems

Everything liberals think makes them “progressive” is actually backwards thinking.  Liberals today are a pathetic lot of immature children in adult bodies.  They want safe spaces where anything they deem offensive speech is muzzled.  The liberal fascists want to censor righteous opinion and good sense thinking so that their stupidity, immorality, and dysfunctional logic is not exposed.  The more hardcore among them take on the garb of Nazi fascists and throw fire bombs at conservative speakers in an effort to terrorize and silence them.  But we are the rational adults in the debate with emotionally irrational children.  We don’t want liberals to be silenced because we want people to hear what irrational thinking and illogical arguments sound like.  While they resort to name calling, mockery, and violence, we have the facts, the truth, and rational adult thinking on our side.

The problem with Millennial liberals is that they have not been educated.  They have been indoctrinated.  This is the vision of Karl Marx and Adolf Hitler – corrupt the minds of the youths so they grow up to be servants of the state.  Democrats are against tax reform, against a balanced budget, against a secure border, against stopping voter fraud, and against jobs.  They advocate for criminals, foreign invaders, and America haters who want to see the Constitution burned and democracy established.  If they were educated they would know that democracy always leads to socialist tyranny which is rulership by the elites.  Those who remain in the Democrat Party believing themselves to be patriotic Americans are as deluded as Catholics who believe advocating for abortion is righteous and according to the teachings of Christ.  Those who are working taxpayers are encouraging their leaders to take their money to give to deadbeats and thieves.  A taxpayer voting Democrat is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders.

Michelle Obama’s false narratives

Jay-Z laments white privilege

The real crime in America today is liberalism.  It has been exposed as the ideology of hateful lies.  Liberals are thoroughly confused by leftist propaganda believing that the election of Trump somehow exposed the dark underbelly of Republicans as the nation’s racists as if they were Democrats brought out of hiding.  What has been exposed is the racism of Democrats of the Obama variety that want to destroy white people.  They want to destroy conservative Christianity and will use Islamism to advance their atheism.  They would conduct a genocide if they could, but will settle for stealing power to make Republicans their slaves so they can then steal their wealth to make them all destitute.  Where Republicanism is about giving everyone equal opportunity to build wealth, liberalism uses wealth and power to destroy others rather than make everyone’s lives better.  Liberalism is an intellectual plague, a cancer of the mind that turns ignorant, foolish people away from rational thought, morality, and the truth.  They glom onto the spin of leftist media propaganda rather than exercise critical thought based on moral knowledge to reach a rational conclusion.  Your average leftist believes they shouldn’t even listen to the righteous in case their thinking is “corrupted.”  As I said, the righteous want people to hear how leftists think and then compare it openly to the rational, moral thinking of the Right so they will know the difference between right and wrong.  When people like Diamond & Silk are silenced by Facebook censors because their content of moral good sense is considered “unsafe” as if they are promoting terrorism the idiocy and iniquity of liberalism is demonstrated.  Leftists are infusing their dysfunctional thinking of what they believe conservatism to be into tv scripts in their efforts to make people think the lies they tell are true.  Liberals do not understand that good and bad, legal and illegal, fair and unfair, and right and wrong are not all identically synonymous.  Liberalism is not to be followed, compromised with, or given credit for anything it does because even their charity is given by stealing other people’s money.  It is to be learned from to understand what is wrong with the ideological thought process of leftism.  Leftists promote slavery over liberty by duping the ignorant and indoctrinating the gullible into believing the snake oil they sell is a cure-all for what ails them.  What ails them is lack of understanding of how the world works and that there are people who want to take advantage of their naiveté to steal from them.  Their façade of goodness obscures the reality of their corruption.  Millennials, like all preceding generations, must be taught that old wisdom isn’t obsolete, but invaluable, and to recognize wolves in sheep’s clothing so as not to fall for every scam designed to dupe simpletons.  Everything they believe is backwards from what is righteous and beneficial.  Liberals are taught contempt for authority, knowledge, and achievement.  They believe cops who protect the people from criminals are corrupt racist pigs, that soldiers who protect America’s liberty and save people around the world from the most evil regimes and natural disasters are baby killers, that those who can – do, while those who can’t – teach, that millionaires become rich by stealing from the poor, and that government serves best by ruling over the masses.  They must be taught to read beyond the headlines to find the truth in a story and not just follow the propaganda.  They must be taught to understand that people invading the country to take jobs, benefits, and citizen’s rights are no different than strangers invading your home and the government commanding you to make them part of your family.  Democrats need a permanent underclass of dependents to replace voters who learn responsibility and self-sufficiency.  These ten articles poste at the end contain a wealth of wisdom from which to begin learning how the Left has corrupted this nation and what must be done to reverse their backwards progress.  Progressives are not advancing toward the future, but regressing into the past where the masses are ruled by elitists rather than free to be the best they can be.  Liberals must learn not to fall for the flowery words of leftists who promise them the Sun, the Moon, and the stars, who speak of righteousness and fairness and prosperity while promoting immorality and oppression, who  promote fear and hate and bigotry pretending to be self-righteous in their hypocrisy, but to pay attention to their deeds in which their lies are exposed.  What is an educated liberal called?  A conservative.

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