Why isn’t Sessions Investigating Obama and Hillary?

Mueller is conducting the Democrat’s witch-hunt to slander Trump.  His plan is obviously to interview Trump and Comey, and then declare Trump to be lying and Comey to be truthful with no basis in fact except his opinion.  He believes he can use his “proof” for articles of impeachment.  Mueller is threatening a subpoena before a Grand Jury is he refuses.  If he tries that then he’d better have a crime, which collusion is not, and if he asks anything other than about Russia then he’s the one that needs to be hanged!  Democrats can only impeach Trump if they win the 2018 midterms through massive voter fraud by allowing foreigners and criminals to cast ballots in states they control.  It won’t matter to them that the President has done no wrong as they’ll just create a fictional crime and declare him guilty.  In the meantime, it has been over a year since Sessions was made Attorney General and he has yet to open an investigation into Obama and Hillary creating a phony document by which to obtain a FISA Warrant to illegally spy on Trump and his campaign.  Why has no one done anything about this?  This in itself is a crime!

Congressional Freedom Caucus threatens Rosenstein for not providing documents

Kimberley Strassel on How Trump Can End the Mueller Investigation

So why doesn’t Sessions investigate the phony FISA Warrant and spying on Trump by Obama and Hillary?  He is not recused from that!  Because the United States doesn’t persecute their political opponents?  HORSESH*T!  Democrats under Obamaism have been, and still are, persecuting Republicans for ten years now!  The United States is not a banana republic in which the latest dictator does away with his political opposition, but we are a nation of laws that does prosecute government corruption and treachery!  If Republicans do not hold Democrats to account, then who will?  Democrats?!?  Their voters clearly will not.  They endorse Clinton’s crimes to this day and fully supported Obama’s and Hillary’s crimes and anti-American treachery.  Their voters are America haters who want Democrats to be autocrats.  They are enlisting felons and foreign invaders to vote to overthrow American citizens!

We are witnessing one of two things; whether it is the death throes of the Democrat Party of slavery, socialism, and deceit, or the successful coup by leftists to overthrow Constitution.  This would not be “persecution,” but rooting out crimes and corruption in the Obama regime.  Why shouldn’t Republicans seek justice when Democrats are the ones persecuting them for winning?  The Left’s slanders do not fly!  This dossier and investigation fraud has been going on for well over a year moving from collusion to obstruction to sex.  It is a direct threat against the rightfully elected President of the United States who is achieving great things for America and threatening to undo all he has accomplished.  This is what Democrats stand for!  Americans are getting sick of Democrat’s anti-American hatemongering.  The question liberals never ask; if anyone changed their vote because of Comey‘s investigation reopening or due to Russian meddling or collusion?  Comey’s memos prove that he knew that Hillary’s fiction of Russian collusion was trash the first time he talked to Trump.  Also, Trump knew that Obama was wiretapping him when he moved out of Trump Tower.  So why has no investigation been opened or charges brought against the Democrat president who raped the constitution 1000 times worse the Nixon ever thought?  Trump needs to put the nails in the Democrat’s coffins!

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3 Responses to Why isn’t Sessions Investigating Obama and Hillary?

  1. Senior74 says:

    I don’t think we have republicans & democrats anymore, only those for or against UN Agenda 21 plan to make us part of a Communist one world gov., first signed onto by elder Bush in 1992 then pushed by every president since until Trump. That’s why Session’s is where he is at politically! Name change for agenda is UN Agenda 2030. I can tell it’s communist because one line is burned in my head “it isn’t equitable for some to buy & sell property & make a profit when not everyone can afford to”. Also found UN document from Office of disarmament affairs, gist of it says “we must confiscate weapons from civilians so we can finish implementing agenda 21”.


    • dustyk103 says:

      The government is definitely split between Americans and globalists, but I think it’s a mistake to say it’s not Republicans and Democrats. The Americans are all Republicans. The globalists are Democrats and RINOs. The country isn’t better off electing Democrats if they don’t like their Republicans, but in electing better Republicans. On the scales of agenda from Americanism on the right to globalism on the left the RINOs are in the middle. Electing Democrats just tips the scales toward the wrong pole no matte what.


  2. Roy says:

    I always thought Jeff Sessions to be one of very few honorable men in congress. Since becoming AG he’s demonstrated strength in promoting border security but complete incompetence and lack of strength in prosecuting evil doer’s like Hillary and obvious corrupt leaders in the FBI.
    Investigative reports of Sara Carter on Sean Hannity is all Sessions needs to put corrupt FBI, State Department heads in jail.

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