Trump Triumphant as Republicans Flush Democrat Sewage

When Democrats “go high” they are only skimming the scum off the top layer of their sewer.  The Kavanaugh hearings have proven that being a Democrat means embracing the worst filth of disgusting humanity.  Manchin (D-WV) voted with Republicans and Murkowski (R-AK) voted against her own to stand with leftist smut.  It’s a surprise that Flake (R-AZ) and Collins (R-ME) didn’t join her, but then Collins actually made a powerful speech against Democrat’s political war of depravity and may be coming to see the light.

Justice Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Court by a 50-48 vote in the Senate.  This fine human being’s name has been dragged through the muck as badly as Justice Clarence Thomas’ was in ’91.  That Democrats are willing to convict the innocent even when proven guiltless is lower than the pond scum they adore.  There are no words to describe the lowliness of Democrats who would make false accusations, believe them without shame, and slander a person with the most heinous of allegations in demonic savagery.  No Democrat is fit to hold office in a civilized country let alone the greatest Christian nation in history like America.

After this those voting Democrat in November prove they are the dregs of humanity and the anti-civilized barbarians of the mob enslaved to the ideology of their elitist masters.  Leftists have gone from radical fools to warring mobs against the righteous in violation of the laws of man and God.  There is no doubt that while Democrats take their war into the streets that Republicans will take their war into the voting booths and crush the evil that has taken charge of the Democrat Party.  Democrats have become the party of criminals and foreign invaders out to destroy America and only patriots who love liberty stand in their way.  They have corrupted the laws and culture to make America unsafe in their efforts to transform the greatest nation into another socialist toilet.

Democrats announced that they will now wage a war of destruction on Kavanaugh and Trump and all Republicans to prove that Republicans are all rapist racist demons that should be killed off.  This is what a century of Democrat control has devolved the nation into and why Republicans must learn to fight them off rather than compromise.  The insanity of liberalism has infected half the people with the sickness of greed and the delusion of righteousness and only by courage and conviction will this nation overcome the evil by which it is beset.

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[Author’s Note: If you think Democrat’s exhibited the most vile, evil of humanity in this circus over Kavanaugh just wait until Trump puts Amy Coney Barrett in place of Ruth Buzzie Ginsburg.  They will go nukular! 😀  The leftist half of the country is ready to go to war to annihilate the righteous half, and they will find themselves a disorganized band of barbarian thugs against the superior arms and spirit of the civilized forces of humanity.  President Trump is teaching Republicans how to do battle with the deceivers and they had better be taking notes.  Republicans had better get in battle gear as Democrats enlist foreigners and felons to vote in an effort to overthrow the Electoral College and dominate the rest of the country by stuffing their ballot boxes with fraudulent votes.]

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1 Response to Trump Triumphant as Republicans Flush Democrat Sewage

  1. Roy says:

    No question in my mind that any other Republican president would have had judge Kavanaugh withdraw his name. Democrat’s are pure evil and Republican pundit’s and elected officials are, once again, advising Dem’s how to win by not being violent and not to display mob rule in the open. In other words be more deceitful like Barack, Hillary and the present FBI leadership.


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