Obama’s Scandalous ‘Scandal-Free’ Presidency’s Mother of All Scandals

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” – Joseph Goebbels, Adolf Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda

Liberal media promotes Obama myth of being scandal free (first 45 seconds)

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Spying on Trump began in 2015

“Just because Obama is proud of his treasons doesn’t mean they weren’t scandals or atrocities committed against the American people.”

Obama’s legacy is not that of a scandal free administration, but one free of achievement as he managed America’s decline and the liberal media covered up everything he did that only FOX News and conservative radio exposed.  What Democrats said were all lies have all been proven to be fact.  The greatest scandal to come out of the regime of Barack Hussein Obama, the socialist Moslem dictator of the United States of Amerika who continues to declare that his entire presidency was devoid of scandal, isn’t even that he delusionally believes he can convince Americans, aside from his ignorant lemming base, that his was a transparent, scandal-free administration in history.  (His secrecy doesn’t even begin with passing ObamaCare before anyone could read it.)  It’s not even that he believes he can convince them that Trump’s administration is opaque and riddled with scandal – despite the open window of Twitter and the multitude of Democrat manufactured scandals.  Obama’s secret scandal that is being exposed bit by bit as patriots dig it out is the greatest in American history.

You would think that, in the Age of Information and the Internet, someone like him wouldn’t believe he could get away with saying his administration had zero scandals and Trump’s is nothing but scandals.  But even the information age hasn’t made people any smarter and half the people out there believe things that are not true.  You would think someone would be standing behind Obama whispering, “Just stop talking,” but no.  He opens his mouth and tells the lies and the lemmings lap them up.  Obama had no scandals, Trump is all scandals, guns cause violence, black criminals are locked up because police are racists, illegal immigrants make America’s economy better, Republicans are the KKK Nazis, and CO2 will end all life on the planet.  Lincoln was right.  You can fool some of the people all of the time and they’re called Democrats.  It takes the heart of a bigot to ignore the facts.

Intelligent People Rely on FACTS

Here’s a list of just the major scandals that took place under Obama’s rule, not to mention the dozens of smaller scandals.  But don’t be concerned because Obama says that his regime was scandal-free, and they don’t matter:

  • It doesn’t matter that his attorney general, Obama’s “Top Cop,” was the only AG in history to be held in Contempt of Congress refusing to disclose his records over selling guns to Mexican drug lords.
  • It doesn’t matter that his wannabe successor, Hillary Clinton, was discovered to have an unsecured server over which she transmitted vital state secrets with everyone including Obama.
  • It doesn’t matter that he and she allowed an American ambassador to be assassinated in Libya by deliberately refusing to send military aid while their compound was under attack.
  • It doesn’t matter that he and his fellow Democrats initiated actions to choke the life out of America’s economy with bills like Dodd-Frank.
  • It doesn’t matter that he shut down off-shore drilling and closed coal mines with a stroke of his pen to choke off America’s self-sufficient energy.
  • It doesn’t matter that he gave away trillions of future taxpayer dollars to his cronies on Wall Street.
  • It doesn’t matter that he had the IRS steal money from patriots while giving away taxpayer money to illegals and insurgents.
  • It doesn’t matter that he increased the importation of cheap labor as illegal welfare voter slaves.
  • It doesn’t matter that he gave away America’s wealth to her enemies by funding the Muslim Brotherhood to overthrow their governments and start ISIS to renew the Jihad to establish the One World Caliphate.
  • It doesn’t matter that he gave billions to Iran to develop nuclear weapons and allowed North Korea to test fly missiles over Japan.
  • It doesn’t matter that he gathered an army of fascists who conduct riots and assassinate police.
  • It doesn’t matter that his propaganda machine of liberal media so incenses people as to encourage psychopaths to conduct mass shootings in schools, at concerts, and at Republican congressmen.
  • It doesn’t matter that he is the only president in history who is deliberately trying to undermine and sabotage his successor both at home and abroad.

And don’t mention that under Obama there was a major jihadi terrorist and school shootings every year.  What matters is that Barack Hussein Obama, mmm, mmm, mm, says his presidency was without scandal, but that Trump’s presidency is nothing but scandals working with Russia, making illegal campaign contributions to pay off a porn star, and tyrannizing brown people – all fictions created by Democrats.  Liberals saying Obama humiliated Trump over scandals is like Kim Jong Un saying he will destroy America in nuclear fire.  Idiots cheered the cancellation of the meeting between Trump and Kim.  It’s silly for him to elevate this pot-bellied little dictator to speaking with the most powerful man in the world, but if it gets the little boy to give up his gun and stop believing he can threaten the big kids then good.  But if Honolulu gets vaporized to Democrat cheers at least it will be a bunch of liberal fools who die in the sewers believing that will save them.  And when it comes to Russia it was Hillary who was working with them.  Obama who loves communists and Islamo-Nazis and exercises fascism against American patriots, and that it is;

  • only liberal Democrat lemmings who believe that Russia helped Trump win the election.
  • only liberal Democrat lemmings believe Trump is the misogynist pig for which their fellow liberal Democrats are all being outed.
  • only liberal Democrat lemmings believe the booming economy Trump has created in just one year by eliminating all of Obama’s business choking legacy is because Obama was such a great leader.
  • only liberal Democrat lemmings believe that Trump Republicans are the founders of the KKK and that Democrats are for benefitting brown people.
  • only liberal Democrat lemmings believe that Donald Trump is an “admitted serial molester of women,” when that is a fiction created by Democrat propagandists saying the Access Hollywood recording is something it was not.

While all of the scandals Democrats have been heaping on Trump are trumped up falsehoods they created, all of Obama’s are scandal plagued presidency is on display – at least in the real media and not the Democrat propaganda media where ignorance is bliss.  But when the;

Mother of All Scandals; SPYGATE

breaks, and Obama’s people, whom he proudly and falsely declares have committed no crimes because they have not been prosecuted or gone to jail, they will be filling prison cells, along with Obama if justice is truly done, unless they can assassinate Trump before the axe falls.  Leftist liberal Democrats are trying to get in front of this scandal by saying they had “informants” in the Trump campaign, which is perfectly legal to have someone leaking information, and not a spy.  But they already admitted that they planted spies which is a high crime and for which they can all be prosecuted.  The fact that they are now back peddling like mad trying to say they were planted “for Trump’s protection” when they have been persecuting him and his associates for over a year, and gave no such “protection” to Hillary who received hundreds of millions of dollars from Russians, and supposed hacked the DNC, gives the lie to their claims.

Most revealing of their guilt is their immediate declarations that Obama certainly knew nothing about it!  ROTFLMAO!  The Moslem socialist Dictator and Community Agitator-in-Chief had minions committing grievous crimes under his administration without his knowledge?  That’s an admission of guilt that the order to surveille the opposition presidential candidate came from Barack Hussein Obama, the anti-American president that fools were duped into giving absolute power to manage the decline of Islam’s “Great Satan,” the United States.  He didn’t know about Russian interference when he talked about it and blew it off when he thought Hillary would win?  He didn’t know about the illegal FISA warrant that enabled his people to wiretap Trump?  He didn’t know about the spies they inserted into the campaign committing the greatest crime in U.S. history second only to the scam that Obama acted in America’s interests rather than Islam’s?

Obama’s legacy was built on a house of cards that President Donald J. Trump, Christian conservative American patriot, has blown apart.  Everything Obama touched turned to sh*t because it was all designed to destroy America, while everything Trump does is turning to gold.  Democrats are inciting irrational, violent, psychotic behavior in their liberal lemmings through their hateful propaganda.  Liberals can mock Trump all they want, but when all is said and done it is liberal fascist Democrats and their lemmings who will be the only ones left with egg on their faces and hate in their hearts.

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Donald J. Trump may go down in history as the greatest American president since Washington and the man who saved America from the subversive coup of Islam-Nazi socialist fascism known as Democrat liberalism.

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