Trump’s Lawyer Cohen Drops “Truth” Bomb

Democrats would have people believe that the Trump attorney whose office was raided by Mueller dropped a truth bomb claiming that Donald senior knew in advance of Donald junior’s meeting with the Russian honeypot during the campaign, which he has repeatedly denied.  But once again, like Wile E. Coyote, this truth bomb is blowing up on their heads as their slanders of Trump is being recognized by intelligent people who see the real truth.   That truth is; who is the more likely to be telling the truth – the man who is fulfilling all his campaign promises while being slandered and smeared hourly by the leftwing media, or the man with a gun to his head?

Mueller has turned to examining Trump’s tweets for something he can use to claim obstruction.  He sent Cohen’s information to a New York DA rather than keep it for himself to use against Trump, so how could anyone think this has anything that can be used to convict Trump?  Cohen is being charged with crimes and threatened with going to prison forever.  What wouldn’t he say to avoid that?  The fact that it is merely his story is completely lost on liberals who believe everything the leftwing media tells them to believe.

Mueller’s Russian investigation has never been anything more than a cover-up of Hillary’s and Obama’s crimes and that fact has become glaringly obvious to anyone with a functioning brain.  The drive-by media’s cacophony of Trump hate has been a distraction from his greatness as the economic boom he has fostered, along with his diplomatic successes, are always portrayed as failures and the achievements of others.  For example;

Trump engaged in a trade war with the EU, China, Canada, and Mexico demanding they eliminate all tariffs or he would impose American tariffs.  They refused, he imposed tariffs, and the EU has already come to him.  The leftwing media reported this as, “Trump caves to EU agreeing to remove all tariffs.”  They don’t mention that the EU removed all their tariffs.  They don’t report the truth that Trump has already won the trade war with Europe, and that Canada, Mexico, and China falling are just a matter of time.  Instead, when economic growth is reported to be over 4% that they said was impossible, they say nothing Trump does can be sustained, but is the result of one off events.

They did the same thing to Reagan.  He made Democrats in Congress lower taxes to give the American economic engine a running start, and they claimed he just gave tax cuts to the rich.  They claimed he made unemployment worse and changed how it was determined to create that façade.  They say they had to balloon the deficit to make the economy work.  The fairy tales Democrats created was believed by liberals, and Obama proved what an utter and complete lie and deception that was as he raised taxes, and stole more taxes in deficits, to give Wall Street trillions of dollars and the economy tanked!

Everything the Left says and does is proven a lie again and again.  Everything they report is proven false again and again.  How many times do you have to fool a liberal before he realizes he’s a dupe?

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