Why are Republicans Conceding to Democrats?

The duplicity of Democrats, stupidity of liberals, and compromise of Republicans is what is driving this witch trial to convict Kavanaugh on the words of Democrat sociopaths.  The Kavanaugh hearings have revealed that not only are Democrats deeply morally flawed but that they are actively perpetrating the worst of evils on humanity.  They started with monkey protests against Kavanaugh that have morphed into an endless cacophony of phony morality charges.  They declare that Republicans are the evil ones for not ejecting Kavanaugh on the basis of their false allegations and self-righteous indignation as they parade one violator of the 9th Commandment after another before the public.

This goes hand-in-hand with their destroying the lives of Trump supporters through their Russian investigation witch hunt.  They are charging people with crimes they either didn’t commit or that happened decades ago beyond statutes of limitations.  The question is; why is Trump allowing these crimes against the Constitution and humanity to continue and why are Republicans aiding and abetting them?  Do they not understand that they are encouraging Democrats to be more extreme degenerates?  Or is it their intent in order to expose the extreme derangement of liberals as if that hasn’t been obvious for the last four years?  You cannot convince people like liberals who keep their heads in the sand to avoid the facts to change their minds in their insistence of thinking stupidly.  You cannot fix stupid, but you can vote it out of power.

Democrat’s slanderous smears of Republicans are blowing back in their faces

The liberal sickness of false allegations continues

Democrats keep moving the goal post

“Thou shalt NOT bear false witness against thy neighbors.” God’s 9th Commandment

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel actually took to the Senate floor to finally call “bullsh*t” on Democrat’s interminable smearing of Kavanaugh.  His speech made Americans proud and shook Democrats to their core.  But actions speak louder than words.  Why he delayed so long is not a mystery, but it is extremely aggravating.

How are Republicans going to ask voters to support them to keep the majority when they have the majority yet will not exercise rightful authority to get a good conservative man confirmed to the Supreme Court?  Are Republicans are failing to stand against liberal Democrat smears and slanders as the left wages war on America because of RINOs who work with Democrats?  What would Republicans do with a larger majority so long as they have RINOs like Flake who would rather work with Democrats against Trump?  Do they think that if they lose and let Democrats take power again that voters will get angry enough to support Republicans more stridently?

What kind of backwards liberal sh*t-for-brains thinking is that?  That’s like believing if your sports team would just lose more games then more people will buy season tickets.  People don’t follow losers.  Losers are not heroes.  Underdogs are only heroes because they stand against adversity and overcome it.  No one is ever positively motivated by losing!  As Democrats are proving, losing doesn’t breed better people, it breeds determination to beat better people.  If they want to play underdog then they need to follow the Trump model and stand against all the smears and slanders being thrown at them, not concede to them.

That Democrats are committing the crimes of slander and persecution are without question.  What is questionable is why are Republicans permitting this?  I am personally so angered and frustrated by this that, though I will vote for Republicans against Democrats in every election, I will not donate my money to Republicans who do not stand proud, loud, and strong for American law, ethics, and values.  Not another dollar until Kavanaugh is confirmed!

Republicans must use their power to defeat Democrat machinations

It is not enough to just have power if you are unwilling to wield it.  President Trump didn’t become a man of great success and begin accomplishing great things for America by yielding to the opposition.  Success breeds winners.  Losers breed sympathy.  What good is sympathy for the suffering when it is their own weakness that makes them victims?  Losers doesn’t become winners by feeling sorry for themselves.  Conservatives do not want Republicans who believe it is beneficial to lose to Democrats.  We want those losers and their Democrat buddies ousted and buried on the right side of history.

This brings about the question, what is being “on the right side of history?”  This is a stupid paradigm put forth by Barack Obama that he likened to being on the moral side.  When Genghis Khan conquered three empires he was not on the moral side.  He was just on the winning side.  When Hitler conquered Europe he was not on the moral side.  That America destroyed him put him and his hateful socialist ideology on the wrong side of history.  But for ten years they were on the right side of history while they were conquering to impose their socialism on the West.

Liberals are taught that the victors write the history.  Anyone who has read Islamic history of their wars of conquest over Europeans and read European history knows that, just because the victor rules over the conquered doesn’t make them right, nor does it silence the righteous.  War doesn’t determine who’s right.  War only determines who’s left.  The Soviets used their victory over the Nazis to impose their own socialist tyranny on Eastern Europe.  They say it was to “protect themselves from American imperialism.”  Democrats may be able to dupe people into giving them the reigns of power, but Americans have never allowed their government to conquer others.  America has only liberated countries from socialist oppression.

But liberals have no knowledge of history.  They think the world revolves around them.  That they lack a moral compass is proven in how they bear false witness and hail it as their righteousness.  Democrats are waging war on the right by any foul means possible.  Only in liberalism does the end justify the means.  What they never consider is that the means shape the end, and they are shaping America’s justice system to reflect their own corruption.  In their twisted ideology they believe teaching people to embrace their depravity will make them right and that opposing them is what makes the righteous immoral.

As always, those who take the wrong side of humanity believe they are on the right side of history because they have the power to destroy those who would create a better world.  They do it with a clear conscience by fooling themselves that they are the righteous.  One has to wonder how they justify their ideology in their minds that they are for life and liberty when their socialist ideology teaches them to be hateful bigots, embrace slavery, sacrifice babies, and persecute good people?

This is how evil undermines the righteous – by making them believe that the only way to prove they are good is by allowing evil to rule.  How do people of either side of this argument not see the immorality in this?  Jesus did not say to embrace evil.  He did not say to invite Satan into the church to pray over His altar.  He did not say that the way to be good is by allowing evil to rule.  Christ preached to sinners, the corrupt, and the immoral.  He did not embrace thieves, rapists, and murderers!

Teach liberals how their dysfunctional thinking is going to destroy their own lives before they destroy America for the rest of us.  The leftist ideology of guilty until proven innocent flies in the face of the righteousness of the American Constitution and cannot be permitted to stand lest America fall!

Righteous Wrath vs. Evil Indignation

Democrats are saying Kavanaugh is displaying “poor temperament” to be a Supreme Court Justice.  Raging against Democrat’s extreme slanders demonizing him and attacking his children is not “intemperate.”  It is righteous wrath!  It is Democrats who are indignant over his rebukes of their perpetration of evil that is intemperate.

After six FBI investigations and months of a hearing to investigate Kavanaugh’s background, Democrats are calling for more over their erroneous belief they will find something by which to disqualify Trump’s nomination.  They say Kavanaugh is guilty unless you were there to witness his innocence.  Is that the stupidity of backwards liberal thinking or what?  Were they there to witness his guilt rather than just assuming it?

Liberal makes the stupid argument – “Were you there?” {min 18:42-23:48}

Liberals mock conservative’s righteous wrath, but then are indignant when we scoff at their faux outrage.  They scorn conservative’s evidence of their Democrat son, Ellison, committing violence against women, then declare that Kavanaugh is guilty if you weren’t there to prove him innocent.  Dragging accusers and accused through the muck is exemplified in the treatment of Kavanaugh vs. Ellison.

Republicans demanding a background check on Kavanaugh’s accusers as their lies fall apart is righteous, while Democrat’s suppression of the proofs of Ellison’s physical abuse of his women is the opposite.  There is nothing righteous in the actions of Democrats to obstruct Kavanaugh’s appointment.  No more investigations are needed to make this into another eternal Russian-collusion witch-hunting farce.

It is infuriating that Democrats are committing these crimes and aggravating that Republicans like Flake are assisting them, which makes it frustrating that other Republicans like Grassley are enabling them rather than fighting them.  It’s no wonder that voters become apathetic when Washington is so completely dysfunctional that idiots and fools allow traitors and saboteurs to talk about “bipartisanship” when there is none in D.C.  There is only the Democrat’s way of destroying America or being persecuted.

What Americans need are Republicans who will never work with Democrats toward the decline of America, but who work against them in everything.  In two and a half centuries, Democrats have not produced one positive thing for America that wasn’t created by Republicans and corrupted by Democrats.  Why do people vote Democrat?  Three reasons; one, they want to rule over other Americans, two, they hate America, and three, they are ignorant dupes.

If a candidate doesn’t do what he says he will do, then vote him/her out in the primaries and elect better Republicans who will not compromise their values just to get along with deceitful evildoers.  Don’t just listen to what candidates say.  Pay close attention to what they do.  The duplicity of Democrats is compounded by the willful ignorance of liberals.

This is exponentially exasperated by the complicity of RINOs and the naïveté of Republicans.  RINOs like Flake must be made to suffer more than just being voted out of office as they use their time in office to sabotage Republicans.  Congressmen who do not do as their voters direct must not profit with a congressional pension for their crimes.

Matt Damon Two-Faced Liberalism and Leftist’s Duplicitous Argument

{Video opening segment 0:40-5:37 – Matt Damon’s two-faced liberalism}

Democrats are unworthy of holding high office because of their smut.  They are not exposing Republicans as immoral people through their self-righteous hypocrisy.  They are only exposing themselves as two-faced deceivers.  May God open the eyes and ears of moral people to take a stand against Democrats and their RINO allies to only vote for good conservative Christians to lead our nation back to greatness.  As each Democrat slander collapses another is brought up in its place.  It’s time for Republicans to stop stupidly responding to their cry of “wolf” and let them be devoured!

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1 Response to Why are Republicans Conceding to Democrats?

  1. Brick says:

    Republicans haven’t given into any Dem. What needs to happen is the deep state powers be removed to avoid corruption into an investigation in Democrats’ coercion and conspiring to create and cover up their identity politics.

    Many Dems & supporters should be locked up for corruption from Soros to Pelosi and down to Feinstein, Schumer and 80% of the Congress Dem reps.


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