Liberal Comedians Keep Democrats Dumbed Down

“Southern Democrats became Republicans and Northern Republicans became Democrats.  That’s why Republicans are now the party that is against brown people and Democrats help minorities.”

Liberals live on lies and tell a thousand lies every day, which makes it impossible for anyone to keep up with them all to refute them.  Everything they have said about Trump has been proven a lie even when they claimed Trump lied.  Much of their accusations, like racism, sexism and molesting, all bounced off of him and landed in their laps as liberal Democrat after liberal Democrat has gone down in flames when it was revealed that it is they, not Trump, who are the racists and sexist molesters.  That makes it imperative that each of us grow a brain, develop a moral compass, and learn to separate fact from opinion, truth from fiction, and critically examine events with a logical mind rather than leap to conclusions based on erroneous evidence.  Liberals thrive on implication, innuendo, and assumptions via false premises and dysfunctional thinking.

Sixty years of life experience and listening to media propaganda have taught me to take the old adage, “Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you read,” and apply it to Democrats and Republicans.  Believe none of what Democrats say and only half of what Republicans say because half of them will ally with Democrats.  Nothing the Left says can be trusted, and even if it appears to be true, delving into the facts virtually always proves it to be a false conclusion usually based on their desire to shape opinion rather than present the facts so people can form their own.  That’s why, whenever a Democrat wanders off the plantation like Kanye West did by seeing the truth of Trump rather than listening to the propaganda, they wage a campaign of oppression to bring them back in line.

Rob Schneider chastises Alec Baldwin’s hateful SNL Trump impersonation

Have you heard the one about how stupid Republicans are?  Republicans are so stupid they think Democrats are honest.  Republicans are so stupid they think Democrats don’t try to guilt trip them with lies about being racists.  Republicans are so stupid they think Democrats know what they’re talking about.  Republicans are so stupid they believe Democrats want to make America a better nation rather than just dupe fools into making them all-powerful rulers.  Golly Republicans sure are stoopid!

Leftist comedians do nothing but express what the Left wants people to believe of Republicans by mocking them for all the do in order to fill people with utter contempt.  This is Alinskyism 101 – belittle the opposition, put them on the defensive, and teach people to scorn what is righteous.  Here’s a hint for Republicans.  NEVER LET YOUR ENEMY DEFINE YOU!  Do not defend yourself against the false premises of their lies, but that doesn’t mean do not counter-attack against them as liars.

This is what George W. Bush failed to do that resulted in the character assassination of his presidency, but it is what Donald Trump is doing that has resulted in Democrats exposing themselves as rabid America haters.  Liberals always try to smear Trump as a bully for slapping them down, but he only does so when they attack him with lies.  That doesn’t make him a bully (except in their immoral minds), that makes him a righteous champion of the truth.  It is never wrong to put a liar down.  This is why the Left never wants to have a debate.  They just want to mock so they can distract from their lies with unjust laughter.

John Oliver “exposes” Sinclair group, says southern Democrats now Republicans

In his “exposé” of the Sinclair Group as “rightwing propaganda media” (as if the leftist media isn’t founded on liberal propaganda and doesn’t now openly omit news but only their Republican-hating opinions), he proved his own bias to promote Democrat propaganda casting Republicans as the new racists.  This is a foundational principle of liberal ignorance.  They know one fact; the South is now majority Republican and the North is now majority Democrat, and from that one fact they leap to the conclusion that the good ol’ boys of the South what hates niggas switched to the party of Lincoln and the people who freed the slaves switched to the party of the Confederacy.

Just on the face of it this sounds stupid.  But when you examine the events of America’s history for the past two hundred and thirty years you uncover that this is the product of idiocy.  The party of slavery has not changed.  They wanted people in America to be slaves to the ruling elites, they wanted a king, and they want absolute power.  The only thing that changed is that they got mad when Republicans took their slaves away and fought a civil war.  Now that they have duped their former slaves and foreign invaders into slavery again as welfare voter slaves they thought they had the formula to seize absolute power.  But then along came Trump who threatens once again to take their slaves away and they are apoplectic with rage.

They thought they could keep the fools duped through their liberal clowns like Maher, Colbert, Kimmel, and Oliver, but what they teach their dupes is being exposed to be false premises of ignorant leftism.  Their hope is to slander Trump as a racist and convince fools that they are working for their benefit by duping them through their ignorance.  The people who wanted to reign as kings over the slaves have not changed their nature, only their tactics.  Trump has made a number of mistakes in trusting Obama appointees and has been bitten every time.  Even when their own wander off the reservation as Kanye West did in expressing his admiration for all the good that Trump has accomplished that resulted in the Democrat slavers ganging up to hunt him down and force him back onto the Democrat Plantation.

Kanye West Hunted Down by Modern Slavers

Attend –

Oliver had a supposed history professor, a man who looks like a black version of a toothless southern redneck, explain how “complicated” political racism is in America.  Yes, Democrats gave America slavery, the KKK, and Jim Crow laws, but it’s more “complicated” than that because, you see, after the 1960s Democrats became Republicans and Republicans became Democrats.  So now Democrats fight for minority’s rights while Republicans are the racists.  What is the proof of this?  That since the 1980s the South now votes Republicans while the North votes Democrat.

If all you know is that one fact, then it’s understandable how you can be misled by deceivers taking advantage of your ignorance.  That is why education is of paramount importance.  The Left’s “facts” ignore all the facts of what happened in the 1980s that changed the Demographic makeup of America.  That was the presidency and economic revival of Ronaldus Magnus.  The man who single-handedly undid the destruction of the Carter years is slandered by the Left exactly as Donald the Trumpster is today by Obamaites for doing the same thing.

That Reagan’s economic revival took place mostly in the South is because they didn’t have Democrat unions undermining their economies and governments for decades.  That’s because southerners hated northern unions run by mob bosses who funneled money to corrupt politicians.  Their only fallacy was that they thought it was the Republicans who were the corrupt politicians, and some were, at least the ones that worked with Democrats.  So when the Reagan tax reform kicked in and businesses could thrive, many Republicans moved to the South where labor laws were not under the restriction of government shakedowns and they could thrive.  Thus, as Republicans left the North to occupy the South the demographics of the nation changed leaving Democrat in charge in the North, while the good ol’ boys were displaced in the South.  The result has been great confusion on the part of ignorant liberals.

Democrats “facts” are designed for those ignorant of all the facts

Candace Owens crushes Black Lives Matter

Another set of corresponding facts that leftists deliberately obfuscate and ignore is how Democrats have deceived and deluded blacks to put themselves back under thrall to the Democrat Plantation.  Martin Luther King, Jr. recognized this as its effects from the New Deal that supplanted black fathers and increased out of wedlock births among blacks by three-fold from 8% in 1925 to 25% in 1965.  They assassinated this Republican upstart and took advantage of Republican’s passage of Civil Rights laws to further dupe blacks into putting themselves more in servitude to Democrats as welfare voter slaves.  Now their out of wedlock birthrate is 75% and their abortion rate is 50% of the nation.

Likewise, they have been encouraged to glorify criminals and idolize the gangster lifestyle resulting in many being imprisoned because this causes them to make up 50% of the violent criminals.  They are encouraged to riot and assassinate police by leftists who declare that they are being persecuted, not because they are criminals, but because they are black and all cops are “racist pigs.”  These dysfunctional traits and false premises were escalated under Obama, a Moslem socialist radical who fooled seventy million people into believing he is everything he is not.  He spent eight years lying about his intentions and actions while doing the exact opposite, such as saying he is for Christians, but persecuting Christians to put them out of business, put men in women’s bathrooms, and try to force the church to adopt gay marriage and abortion.

Obama said he was fighting terrorism, but silenced those who spoke against Islamist jihadi terrorists and funded the insurrection of the Muslim Brotherhood to overthrow Middle Eastern governments.  He said he was fighting ISIS while waging a random bombing campaign that missed their targets.  He said he was for economic growth while shutting down coal mining and other businesses via executive fiat and bogus EPA and IRS regulations.  He said he was for affordable healthcare for all and economic growth that he squashed by raising massive taxes on the middle class.  He said he wanted to stop illegal immigration and turned away millions at the border, but had ICE agents release them all into the USA rather than actually turn them away.  Now he advocates for them to take the vote away from American citizens and leftists claim Democrats don’t commit voter fraud.

From the horse’s mouth – Obama encourages invading foreigner’s voter fraud

How Democrats have changed under Trump

Everything the Democrat media teaches, all that liberal teachers do, anything that leftist politicians say is designed to do only one thing – warp the minds of their listeners to blame all the problems they create for themselves on the righteous.  NPR even produced a “documentary” of how Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin sabotaged McCain’s presidential hopes.  They went on to profess that Limbaugh and Palin turned the Republican Party into anti-black racist haters to found the TEA Party movement as the neo-Nazi KKK.  NPR said it so it must be true.  More like they pulled a meme out of their posteriors where their infantile brains cooked it up so they could create a lie and sell it to their dupes who are too ignorant to think beyond the headlines.

NPR blames Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin for TEA Party as Racist Haters

“Global warming is the fever.  Mankind is the virus.”

Only complete lack of understanding of science while arrogantly believing they know science enables liberals to agree with a conclusion that has nothing to do with science.

“Tax cuts cause federal deficits.”

The entire federal debt is a product of Democrat spending above and beyond tax revenue.  Reagan didn’t increase the debt by his tax cuts, but increased revenue that Democrats squandered.  Bush didn’t increase debt by his tax cuts, but Obama squandered America’s wealth with his deficits giving away American prosperity to her enemies.

“We mock what we do not understand.”

This is the lowlier side of human nature.  When someone doesn’t understand something it is easier to mock it than to acknowledge one’s own ignorance.  It is the dumb person’s method of saving face and it applies across the board to all class clowns and liberal comedians.

Democrats declare cities/states they control as “sanctuaries” for invaders because “they’re Americans, too, then say they have no sanctuary cities because they’re against the law.  They give illegal immigrants voting rights then claim they are not committing voter fraud.  They call for the outlawing of guns and then say they don’t want to take citizen’s guns away.  Democrats are warring against American citizens to disarm them as all previous socialist regimes in history have done and give power to elites with the help of foreign enemies to overthrow them.  The result will be that citizens become subjects under the rule of the elites with only criminals able to resist their tyranny.  It puts the people between a rock and a hard place and the only ones with hammers are those who would dominate the people.  This is especially true when Democrats, who want citizens disarmed and police neutered unless they are acting as tyrant’s thugs, are giving convicted felons the rights to vote and legally buy guns.  They are arming criminals and allowing them to vote against the laws that protect the people and have the Democrat’s blessings to commit violent crimes once again.  So this is what Democrats are today – the party of criminals and invading foreigners intent on overthrowing the righteous citizens of America.

Mayor Cuomo gives felons rights to vote for Democrats and buy guns

What hope for humanity?

A friend of mine says he dreams of the world of Star Trek in which all people are united in intellectual harmony with no one wanting.  Wouldn’t we all!  But the problem with this dream is that it requires unity.  Even at its heights the United States has never been unified.  During the Revolution there were colonists who wanted to remain subjects of the king.  During WWII there were Americans who wanted Hitler to rule the world.  The problem with this fantasy is human nature.  It doesn’t matter if any group of people form a united Utopia because in the next generation will be born some who grow up refusing to be part of it.  Greed and envy cannot be bred out of the human psyche.  The way socialists have always formed their Utopia is by forcing all people to comply through brainwashing and force.  This is how Islam makes everyone equal, but at the expense of all the people being civilized.

He, as so many liberals are taught, believes that religion is the bane of civilization.  But it is Christianity that teaches morality that has made America the most advanced civilization in the world.  And it is socialism that strives to put everyone under the boot of government that has caused America’s decline.  Those countries that some believe are more advanced than America are either in the throes of creating their own declines with the infusion of Islamism, or using socialism to advance the favored few of the rulers over the masses as in Chinese communism.  The Left does not strive to take religion away from the masses, but only to make their rulers the deities of the people.  This paganism does not make the world a better more enlightened place, but a darker place in which people turn against God and to themselves as gods.  Leftists believe God to be a figment of the imagination of simple minds.

But what is it when men are made gods?  Christianity teaches that morality is a higher calling to live up to the standards of a divine power, while humanism teaches people that they are just products of evolution who are only responsible to live up to their own morality as they see it.  These are the people who, when they teach your children that they are not divine but only the product of apes, are then surprised when they behave like animals.  Their solution is to blame those who teach that man is divine as fostering envy in those who do not live up to their highest nature.  They fail to understand that no one lives up to the divine nature of man, that all men have selfish hearts that they must be taught and strive to overcome, that is in the best interests of the people to reject their animal nature rather than to embrace it.  This is done not by the religious dogma of leftists to force goodness on people according to their interpretation, but by living up to righteousness as taught by enlightened men.  The problem is in how easily corrupted are the minds of those who are ignorant that do not understand morality.

Liberals are meant to not learn by design.  That’s why America’s education system has deteriorated so badly in the last fifty years.  Leftists have turned school from education to indoctrination and young minds full of mush are easily befuddled.  That’s why they want to lower the voting age to 16, but take guns out of the hands of anyone till they are 21.  Anyone who is too immature to handle a gun is certainly too immature to handle the vote!  But it won’t matter if liberal Democrats are able to corrupt the vote by having foreigners overthrow citizens.

As people become educated and the Left’s deranged hatred reveals them for who they actually are they are losing their voter base.  Only through fraud can they hope to regain power and once again exercise their agenda to destroy the Constitution and remake America into their own socialist toilet.  In the electorate the Left are supporting taking apart America while Republicans are fighting to save the nation and the center, the people the Left loves to fool, but can’t fool all the time, are swinging wildly wondering who to believe.  The center is where people go when it starts to dawn on them that the Democrats have been duping them, but they don’t know yet which Republicans they can trust.  The vaunted and valued “centrists” that leftists love are not the people who think the most deeply about politics, but are the people who pay the least attention to what is happening.  That doesn’t make them the wisest of us.  It makes them the most oblivious.

Two Americas: Americanism or Socialism, Right vs. Left

Liberals Imagine Christian Conservatives to be Neo-Nazi KKK

Wag the Donkey – How Democrats are Criminalizing Trump Republicans

[Author’s Note: I realize most people do not know nearly as much as I do because they are busy with their lives and jobs while I’m just loaded with free time to pursue whatever I want.  I listen to the news and study history and am what would be known as a soldier/scholar Christian conservative libertarian, which puts me beyond 100% of liberal professors and 90% of conservatives.  This is evident in the fact that most of them do not understand the events that resulted in the national debt becoming an abyss, the South becoming Republicans, gas prices rising at the end of Bush’s second term, the market crash that resulted in Obama’s election and the betrayal he wrought.  I know the answers to all of these that you will certainly never here in the lamestream media, but which they will mock in order to discourage people from learning the truth.  I know them not only because I studied them, but because I also lived through them and witnessed what was happening from Carter to Trump and learned more because I dug behind the headlines.  The Left tries to chalk it all up to racism, but even an elementary understanding of the facts, of history, just like an elementary understanding of the science of global warming, reveals that everything liberals teach is a fraud and their agenda a lie.  Their goal is dumbing down Americans until they lack the intelligence to save their own liberty.  That is the only way that liberal Democrats can truly take control of the country and establish themselves as the monarchy of imperial power that they have always craved.]

Global warming alarmists horrified at global cooling

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